Raffia Arshad becomes Britain’s first hijab-wearing judge


By Muslim Mirror Web Desk

Raffia Arshad became the first hijab wearing judge in the UK as she received her letter of appointment last week. “It’s taken a while to get here but I’m so pleased. It’s not just a personal achievement. It’s a huge achievement for anyone from a diverse background” she said.

Judge Arshad, who was the first in her family to go to university, said she had “broken that stereotype” of what most people imagine judges look like and encouraged others, no matter what profession, to “aim high”.

“Don’t worry about what you look like, don’t worry about not fitting into the mould, break that mould and achieve what you need to,” she said in an interview with the BBC.

In another interview with Metro UK, she said “It’s definitely bigger than me. I know this is not about me. It’s important for all women, not just Muslim women, but it is particularly important for Muslim women.”

Arshad is a mother of three and she has practiced family law for more than 17 years. She said she was “indebted” to her husband “who has supported me immensely” and given her “space to pursue my passion”.

She is an expert in Islamic law. She believes the judiciary in the UK “is still not diverse enough”..


23 thoughts on “Raffia Arshad becomes Britain’s first hijab-wearing judge

    1. Islam is the pinnacle of civilization and Morality. It’s the most advanced Religion. And that’s the reason why ancestors of Indian Muslims accepted Islam, when they realized that it is the divine Truth, The Real Sanatan Dharm. Social backwardness of Muslims is not because of Islam but because of failing to comply with Islam.

      1. Where is Morality? treating women as 2nd class & animals as third class citizens? Killing innocent human beings through terrorist activities? Haha…
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        1. Saying a bunch of things doesn’t prove anything. With regards to women being treated as second class citizens, I really don’t understand why free, highly educated and intelligent young women from Western world choose to become Muslims and be treated treated as second class citizens!? It doesn’t make sense to my highly rational and INTELLECTUAL brain. Might be you have some other otherworldly brain to understand that conversion of western women to Islam. Of all the converts in West, 2/3 rd are women. Why!? Now don’t tell me it’s because of marriage as that is a complete bullshit. There are tons of interviews of these highly educated Wester women on internet giving logical and rational and Spiritual reasons for Their accepting Islam.
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  1. Why is women leadership being promoted in the Muslim world and Muslim community is serious question to be considered? Why is it that apparently Hijab-ed women are shown to be role model Leaders for Muslims? There’s definitely some mischief in it. Anyways, the Hijab wore by many of these Hijabi models is against the standard of Hijab needed. These apparently Hijab-ed women are trying to corrupt the correct understanding of Hijab in Islam. Muslim scholars should rise to the occasion and call this attempt to muddle the true meaning and conditions of Hijab. Otherwise, we’ll be seeing Apparently Hijab-ed women completely changing the meaning the Hijab Such that there would be no difference between a apparently Hijab-ed woman and a bikini wearing woman

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    1. If a woman dresses in such a way that ignites undesirable passions in men, then that’s highly problematic and unwholesome to society, as we are seeing all over the “enlightened” world.

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