Ram is not a God in the original Ramayan, he is only a prince : Justice Markandey Katju



By Muslim Mirror Staff

New Delhi : Justice Markandey Katju who uses social media to express his bold views came out with another claim about the biggest ‘God’ of Hindus.

In his latest Facebook post the former judge of Supreme Court writes  ‘Ram is not a god in the original Ramayan in Sanskrit by Valmiki. He is only a prince (and later a king) but no god. He becomes a god 2000 years later in Tulsidas’ Ramcharitmanas.

‘I cannot comment on Ramayans in other languages e.g. Kambar Ramayan since I have not read them. Will some Tamilian kindly enlighten me about Kambar Ramayar ? Is Rama a god there or only a prince or king?’  he added.

Mr Katju who was also the Chairman of Press Council of India is known for his bold  and wild  statements in social media.

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  1. Don’t inflame Hindus. Then somebody will say something about Islam and their reverends. Why make it a top news in your portal even if a Hindu has it. Why are Muslims trying to make India another Myanmar for themselves?

      • Ok No Myanmar for you. Chal 1947 or Gujarat 2002 toh Banega.. Khush.

        It is a matter of time. Even Burmese Muslims thought that Buddhists are not into violence..as you say ..NO DUM today no Muslim in Myanmar dare to say Azadi or give Azan in a mosque. All India needs a strong leader like Auu Sui or your Jinnah WHO CALLED FOR DIRECT ACTION AGAINST HINDUS. Do not be complacent.. watch youtube videos of Muslim who Migrated to Pakistan in 1947 as to what to them
        Your God Hafiz Saeed lost 36 family members as per wikipedia. Read Police Action in Hydrabad by Indian Army in 1948, 2,00000 two lakhs Muslim were Killed…it is all in wikipedia..You glorify Aurengzeb..when you were even not there but read moden History. Don’t be delusional…Kafirs Retaliate. All Muslim underworld bosses who used to rule Mumbai in 1980s were killed like street stray dogs in few weeks and rest permanently vanished.

        Kafirs Retaliate…

    • Mr. Hindustani

      I can understand your pain. In our Holy & divine Quran clearly opposed to use offensive words and things to other religion.
      But keep it in your mind that the statement delivered by Justice Markandey Katju. Why he said what is his faith we all need to ask him and on what bases he said and where the reference is, we should ask him.
      Any way I do not want to take your much time if my words are wrong, you please ignore it in the last I would like to go through by our Prophets Life history and Holy Quran. So will clear your doubts about


      Islam. Its not my intention to make you Muslim, But my intention to clarify the things spreading by Media against Islam.

    • Yes you are right these people make up stories about relating evrthing to Islam.. Bullshit ask them have they read Quran..???

      Once you read Quran you will never touch that book again

    • Then why all hindus polluting india like water pollution,air pollutiom, global warming etc.. And Hindus are praying to stones as God 😂😂..and your gods krishna, rama, siva,mata devi 🙃🙃 all are Gods 😅😅..There is no ONE GOD..
      and you will says why all muslims are doning in terrorists 😂..They are not muslims, if they are real Muslims they will fight in war place

  2. Muslims have absolutely no rights to comment on a book they don’t understand.Mr.Katju is a scholar and a former judge of the supreme court who carries quite a lot of weight in his scholarship.For Muslims Maryada Purshottam Ram may have been a prophet of God and thus must be respected by All. Justice Katju’s finding should be taken to the mainstream media for a debate.

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