Ram is not God,  just a human being : Justice Katju

Justice Markandey Katju
MM staff

Dehradun: In yet another controversial statement former Chief Justice Markandey Katju refused to consider Ram as God during a program in Dehradun. At the same time, he also objected to the cow being called as ‘mother’.

Markandey Katju said that Ram was not a God but an ordinary man. While expressing objections to the cow as mother, Katju said that the cow is also an animal like a horse and a dog. “Those who call the cow as mother, have heads filled of dung.”

Justice Markandey Katju is the former Chairman of Press Council of India (PCI). Prior to his appointment as Chairman of PCI he served as a Judge at the Supreme Court of India. Before being elevated as a judge to the Supreme Court, he had earlier served as the Chief Justice of  Delhi and Madras High Court and as acting Chief Justice of Allahabad High Court.

Terming Ram Temple issue as a theatric to garner votes in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections,  Katju said “Ram temple is not an issue. Actually people are just being distracted.”


  1. Can he say such things against islam? Will this News site then carry such statements.

    If does not believe in RAM then millions and millions Hindus in India and abroad believe. What is he trying to prove or say. What right he has to hurt feelings of Hindus.

    Just imagine if he had such statement against RAM in Islamic Countries like Saudi Arabia or even in Indonesia.

    Indian Democracy is very pitiful which allows anybody to sat anything.

    Just Imagine if a Muslim had said same thing.

    Why is Muslimmirror giving importance to these kinds of provocative statements.

  2. People have double standards. They get upset when their religion is attacked but they continue attacking religion of others. RSS papers and TV channels bought by BJP discuss lot of shit. And communalists relish it. Do they ask them why they publish it? Twisted dwarfed communal minds.


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