Red Fort is Hindu Lalkot, Christmas is Crishna-mas,Italy was a Hindu Country and Pope a Hindu Priest’: ltihas Shodh Sansthan



News Delhi , 13 Dec 2014 : Pampering with history or better we call it re-writing history  has been on top priority of RSS & Co . What is  being revealed today about Taj Mahal  and other Muslim historical monuments are no new revelations by the Hindutva groups, they have been working to rewrite history since their birth. According to their historians   the famous Taj Mahal was in actual fact ‘an ancient Hindu temple-palace complex commandeered for use as Mumtaz’s tomb’!

That ‘Delhi’s Red Fort is Hindu Lalkot’, that the Mughal metropolis Delhi was itself founded by the much earlier Hindu ‘Pandvas or King Anangpal of the 11 th century A.D.’ or ‘some other Hindu monarch’!!

So was the Red Fort in Agra. It was ‘a Hindu building … Fatehpur Sikri is a Hindu city … Townships like Ferozabad, Tughlakabad, Ahmedabad and Hyderabad have been falsely ascribed to this or that sultan though they are ancient Hindu townships’.

An inventory which must cover the whole millennium of Muslim rule in India would be naturally inexhaustible; therefore, suffice it to say that ‘all mediaeval historic buildings in India from Kashmir to Cape Comorin are one and all pre-Muslim Hindu buildings. They were only captured and usurped and put to Islamic use’.

If this appeared to be pretty ‘revolutionary history’, then hold your breath.

‘Ancient Italy was a Hindu country and the Pope, a Hindu priest.’

‘English is a dialect of Sanskrit.’

Ancient England too was ‘a Hindu country.’

‘The term Christmas is Crishna-mas, i.e. the month of Crishna, the Hindu incarnation at the time of the Mahabharata era. The word “mas” in Sanskrit means “month”.

‘Westminster Abbey in London is generally known as a church, as a building where English monarchs are crowned and as a place where Englishmen of distinction are buried, but its fourth and most astounding role which is unknown is that Westminster Abbey is also a very ancient Shiva temple since it continues to house an ancient sacred Hindu stone emblem since 1296 A.D.

‘What is of further and even greater importance is that a sacred Hindu stone continues to be in a way Great Britain’s royal deity almost exactly as Lord Shiva has been the Hindu rulers’ deity in India since time immemorial.’

All these ‘original’ findings were neatly researched and put together as long ago as 1973 by ‘Prof Amarnath, Member, Institute for Rewriting Indian History’, Delhi in his seminal title, ‘Some missing chapters of world history’ (ltihas Shodh Sansthan – Organisation for Purifying History, Mehrauli, New Delhi-30).

Courtesy : Impact International, London

15 thoughts on “Red Fort is Hindu Lalkot, Christmas is Crishna-mas,Italy was a Hindu Country and Pope a Hindu Priest’: ltihas Shodh Sansthan

    1. Pagla Keya na Bolta or Sagla kaya na Khata.
      Islam is the First & final Religion But satan is the propagator of Idolatory. World was Hindu ispired from the time of Cane the first son of Holy Prophet Adam. Because of Idolatory ALLAH SWT sent 124000
      But only Holy Mohammed MSAS was blessed by ALLAH SWT to render success & Competion of Islam.
      Thank you.

      1. Maybe because of this Islam has the most violent history and muslims openly eulogizes Mullah Omar and Osama and Maududi.

  1. Hahaha.. funny joke of the century.. rss comedy nights.. dats y dey r under muslims nd christians fr mre dan 1000 years.. aftr inventing all da grt technlgy in past.. include aeropln car tv genetc engr plstc surgnt..

  2. baap ka pata nahi or apna rishta chand se batate hai…

    inko khud nah pata inka mazhab kab paida hua every guy has different story….
    or makkari jhut or jihalat ki had par karna koi inse sikhe….
    dunia ki har cheez shiv temple hai

    1. Dear fahim,

      Could you please tell the era or history of Noah (AS), Yaaqoob (AS), Moosa (AS)

      If no then why question the belief of others

  3. RSS doing their last attempts to save their myth because people all over the world knows the truth and majority of people are accepting the truth by discarding the myth and ideology based on falsehood.

  4. Why does PMNM keep quiet worries me more! So sad that after the waste of so much “good money” (on election, campaign+) now they are burning it on these “preposterous” claims, brags, foolishness, and their leader and the rest of India is allowing it to continue. None of the BRIC leaders is allowing such activities.

  5. it is nt rewriting history rather it is Tampering history .auranzab is 17th was communal but RSS bagrangdal and other modern negative forces are pure.hahaha.I have a better advice fr these goons”burn urself alive and celebrate SAATI”

  6. The world is thinking about future plans, increasing economy, eradicating poverty, helping in education, jobs for youths, girls protection, better environment. Now I believe that because of these people our country will go back to tales and what happened in the past 900 years ago or maybe they will go back to the start of the world, who knows. Have you ever heard that this development is started and this development is completed and so many are getting benefit, i think its impossible for the future of India in this way.

  7. RSS & HINDUTVA TERRORIST are only surviving because of muslims & christians, if these groups stop all these communal & terrorism things then who will feed them & give crores of rupees to this terror organizations. Like that theirs organization will have to be close, so that they are communalizing the atmosphere.

  8. This is a beginning my friends. We have to face it till 2024 because Modi Government is going to rule for next ten years. I suggest all my friends who prepares for competitive examination kindly approach RSS office for new History Textbook.

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