Resolution moved in European Parliament denouncing CAA as “dangerously divisive”

European Parliament

By Muslim Mirror Web Desk

New Delhi, Jan 26: Taking a strong stand against controversial  CAA , the  lawmakers  of  European  Union have denounced  it as ‘discriminatory’ and decided to pass a resolution against the  “dangerously divisive” law in the European Parliament

A draft of five-page resolution will be tabled during the plenary session of the European Parliament starting in Brussels next week.

The resolution has denounced the Citizenship (Amendment) Act as “discriminatory” and “dangerously divisive” with the potential to create “the largest statelessness crisis in the world” even as the US too underscored the principle of equal protection under the law.

The 154 lawmakers belong to the ‘S&D Group’ – a progressive forum of MEPs from 26 EU countries, recognized as the second-largest political caucus in the European Parliament. They are committed to upholding social justice and democratic values such as Equality, Diversity and Fairness.

Significantly the draft resolution also refers pointedly to the United Nations Basic Principles on the Use of Force and Firearms by Law Enforcement Officials, to which India is also bound.

This is in the context of their observation that the adoption of the CAA “has sparked massive protests against its implementation, with 27 reported deaths, 175 injured and thousands arrested and reports that the Indian government has ordered internet shutdowns, imposed curfews and placed limits on public transportation to prevent peaceful protests”.

Moreover, “reports have emerged of hundreds of protesters being beaten, shot, and tortured, in particular in Uttar Pradesh”.

The draft resolution notes that on January 5, 2020, the campus of Jawaharlal Nehru University, where students were protesting against the CAA and the National Register of Citizens (NRC), was attacked by a masked mob that injured over 20 students and teachers from the University.


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