‘Resurrection: Ertugrul’; A critical analysis


By Asad Askari

Emotions are a dominant part of the human psyche. They play a significant role in our decision making, and in shaping our mindset. There are people with strong emotional capabilities and then there are emotional fools. Rest lies in the middle, who often wander between the emotional phases and juggle their perspectives and judgments. However, this is still a normal human tendency that every human on the Earth possesses and advances accordingly.

The problem is not the people and their emotional capabilities, but those who manipulate them. This is altogether a different set of humankind. These people, or at times a group of people, go all the way to do it at the expense of humanity, in the name of values, honour, religion, ideology, country, etc. In contemporary times, it is mostly being done for lost pride and lost dominance.

There are techniques to do it at a personal level and tools for the mass level. The visual medium is the most popular and effective among them.

There is a series in re-running around the world after having crossed the language barriers from Turkish to English to Urdu to even several European languages, named Diliris: Ertugrul in its native language and Resurrection: Ertugrul in English.  In the Indian subcontinent, it is called Ertugrul Ghazi. Ghazi is a word of Arabic origin which means a person who struggles in the path of the religion. The series portrays a Turkish tribesman’s journey from being a common nomad fighter to an instrumental element in establishing the great Ottoman Empire.

The show that is accepted and cherished as a historical drama is heavily based on fiction, imagination, and daydreaming. It looks like that fact doesn’t matter much for the show’s creators. Mehmet Bozdag, the creator of the show says, “There is very little information about the period we are presenting — not exceeding 4-5 pages. Even the names are different in every source. The  first work written about the establishment of the Ottoman State was about 100-150 years later. There is no certainty in this historical data… we are shaping a story by dreaming.” He believes, “…History has a soul”.

History has a very little of Ertugrul. His patronage is also a debatable subject, as there are two names as the claimant; Suleyman Shah and Gunduz Alp. Ahmed Cevdet Pasha (1822-1895) and several other historians back Suleyman Shah based on 15th-century historian Asikpasazade’s version, which became the official one. On the other hand, Enveri’s Dustur-name (1465) vouches for Gunduz Alp. Also, the discovery of a coin that has the name of Osman I as ‘Osman bin Ertugrul bin Gunduz Alp’ raises questions. [P. 35, Ottoman History: Misperceptions and Truths, Amhed Akgunduz-Said Ozturk].

Despite its lack of accuracy, the fan following it has garnered, is resolved to take it as actual history. A load of the web-savvy is going crazy for its cast and characters all over the social media. Parents are naming their newborns Erturgul. His statue has recently been erected in Lahore and there are demands by the locals to name a square after him. Above all, a large section of the Muslim population around the globe is taking it as the revival movement of lost Islamic pride. People are praising and thanking Turkey for making them aware of their history while there is near to no-history in it.

Looking at the impact of the series, it is easily understandable that it has served its agenda. The Muslim world, after the unveiling of Saudi Arabian hypocrisy towards Islam under American tutelage, is left with a vacuum for the leadership. Erdogan sees this as an opportunity. He is presenting himself as the new leader wearing the mask of Turkish pride. He wants to lock the chance. His regular visits to the sets and filming locations confirm his interest in the series. There are reports of Mehmet Bozdag’s connection with Erdogan’s fundamentalist party, APK, also. The series demanded a lot in the making, so much so that the stunt team from Hollywood was employed to bring in the perfection. The production of Game of Thrones– like 150 episodes running roughly two hours originally for five seasons spanning over five years, must have incurred big-budget requirements. Erdogan is certainly serving the cause of Islam.

While Erdogan longs for the revival of the Caliphate, he wants the Muslim world to forget about his long friendship with America and Israel. Turkey has the Israeli embassy on its land. Both the countries have enjoyed good diplomatic, economic, and trade relations and have hosted each other’s officials. Erdogan himself has been on an official visit to Israel in 2015. He has threatened to break off his ties after the US’s recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital but still has not materialized it. Still, he is living the nostalgia of 600 years of Turkish Caliphate over the Muslim world. Turkey is also a NATO member, not to forget. It seems to be a deliberate effort to paint Turkey’s image after developments in world politics, this decade.

The maker of this mammoth show has claimed that the series is an answer to Islamophobia. It presents Islam with the true essence, maintaining its values and sanctity. However, the series indirectly serves an infamous fact that Islam was spread with the sword. The wars and religious struggles under Prophets Muhammad’s (PBUH) supervision presents a very different picture of war ethics. He strictly prohibited even harm to plants and livestock in the battle-field, let alone unarmed and fleeing soldiers. The caliphs and kings who gained the power in the name of Islam, ignored its teachings and essance, nonetheless.

No Muslim ruler was free from hypocrisy and unethical tactics to secure their territory and there should be no pride in it.

In a parallel world, some Islamic organizations have issued Fatwas (religious order) against the series on the grounds of modesty and demeaning shari’ah. Egypt’s Dar al-Ifta al-Misriyyah (one of the Middle East’s oldest and most influential bodies responsible for issuing fatwas, or religious edicts) claims Erdogan has sinister plans to influence the Arab world and eventually conquer them, thus, should be banned.
A Pakistan based religious organization, Jamia Binnori, claims, “The series contains messages of love that are unethical for Muslims and people don’t necessarily need to know about”.
Indonesia based Indian hardliner, Zakir Naik, says, “There are women without hijaab in the series, there is music in it, there are certain things in the series which go against a Muslim’s aqeed’ah, therefore, it is not fully permissible in Islam.” He deems it forbidden, further saying, “There are no kissing scenes or lovemaking scenes in the series like those Bollywood or Hollywood films, the bigger harams, but yes, there are certain things which make it Haraam. Therefore, someone who is not watching Ertugrul, I will say not to watch it because it is Haraam.”

Saudi Arabia has launched its counter drama series ‘Mamalik el-Nar’ translated as ‘Kingdoms of Fire’. The show aims at uncovering the hypocrisy and cruelty of the Ottoman Empire towards the Arabs. They have gone a step further roping-in Hannibal Rising fame Hollywood director Peter Webber.  Saudi Arabia can not stand Turkey having an upper hand so easily. They hold an old grudge against Ottomans, for they were the one to usurp Ottomans from the Arabian Gulf. Along with Saudi Arabia entering the production of propaganda series, the game is going to get interesting. They have already been playing with the emotions of Muslims in the name of the Holy Kaaba and Mosque of the Prophet. Their wrongdoings were ignored and went unchecked by the majority of Muslims simply because the ruler is labeled as ‘Custodian of Two Holy Mosques’, no matter how they have been serving the anti-Islamic forces all along. 

These series neither should be taken as a history class nor be banned from viewing. The audience should understand that history must be seen as a grey area. Its characters can not be painted in black or white. The world needs peace, and no revival movement can guarantee that. Series or movies like Resurrection: Ertugrul must be taken for entertainment purposes only.

Meanwhile, the series has been estimated to hit around $1 billion in revenue by 2023 and a sequel, ‘Kurulus: Osman’ or ‘Founder: Osman’ (based on Ertugrul’s son Osman, the founder of the Ottoman empire) has already started airing.


140 thoughts on “‘Resurrection: Ertugrul’; A critical analysis

    1. Bro , I accept that this series is not 100 percent real but it is then also better then other movies and series in which muslims are shown as terrorists and women are shown in way that they dont have freedom and face cruelty of man
      This series could be fake but it shows not all but some ethics of Islam like justice ,kindness and freedom of woman.I also not support fiction in historical searies but today this has become a need as most of historical dras are fictional nowadays.
      As for Israel and joining NATO turkey was forced to support Israel because of its 100 year treaty and it joined NATO so that it can be safe against Russia.
      These fatwas are being released against this show because they fear that they will loose their states if public will a single Islamic nation.especially kings of Saudi fear that the most and that’s why they have banned it at the first place.

        1. Is unfortunate that web during those times Muslims pulled one another from climbing thier ladder of success and today too it’s the same …even if the historical facts may not be in the drama Ertugrul and his clan was known for bravery n provided one of the best rule in the world so what’s the fuss about. Why can’t we appreciate one another and back one another …

          1. I TOTALLY SUPPORT Mohamad Bozdac… keep it up….. indeed who is making a big fuss are not doing anything except commenting negatively about what their brother are doing… a good constructive comments should be coupled with good suggestions etc etc

          1. I am a travel agent. I just want to say that I am sure the sho does not depict history. However seeing some of the custom weather tru or false has spike a curiosity in my wanting to travel to learn more and appreciate diverse differences and to better understand the struggles and triumphs.

        1. Agreed. There writing skills would be better demonstrated writing about 911 and truth about gulf wars and alot western propaganda and agenda driven history. These writers are the hypocrites.

          1. Salaams!
            According to a Professor in Ottoman history the facts are 90% correct. This is a show with Islamic modesty, women are covered, there are no lewd scenes, Islamic chivalry is demonstrated in the opening scene what more do these writers want? I haven’t heard a peep out of them when plywood or Pakistani mo movies depict all types of bad scenes about Muslims having incestuous relationships in Muslim homes. Has this author written or reviewed any of those obscene series depicting Pakistani and I Duas muslims?
            “Envy eats at the heart of man”

      1. I agree with your view. The drama is based on history……it is not a 100 percent historical facts that we all know. So what is the fuss? Lets enjoy and get inspired by this drama. We all need some inspiration regardless of source!

        1. This is a good idea. I’m from Uzb and l also watched this film. And l like it. It shows a good Islamic habits and life. Every man should watch like these Islamic serias.

          1. I love watching these series. Its inspiring… the Wahabi Saudis are just sour grapes and jealous

      2. While the whole world is competing with nudity and obscenity in the name of entertainment, the Resurrection is the one and only exception. It depicts a clear pattern of Muslim culture. The recitation of scripture and frequent utterance of morale is inspiring and motivating for self-actualization. Though many people from the same ground want to see Islamic culture being isolated from the sophisticated world, it is not the way to present the ingenuity of modesty and excellency of Islamic culture . I appreciate the effort of all players and stakeholders in order to present such a captivating show to the Muslim world.

      3. I really enjoy watching the series and am fascinated by the history of the Turks . Being from the sub-continent, i feel that the Turks (especially from Central Asia, their place of origin) and Mongols (Mughals) have had a very close relationship with Indian history and i feel that the Indian subcontinent shares a common heritage with Central Asia (including Eastern and Central Anatolia), non-coastal and Interior Iran, Caucasus , Northwest China and Tibet. It is because of this shared heritage (South / Central Asian heritage) that we guys from the sub-continent like watching the movie and not because of any religious propaganda. I think collectively grouping all things Eastern (except the far east) as “Indian” or “Islamic” does tremendous disservice to the complex ethnic cultural mix that characterizes this part of the world. There are Arabs, North Africans, Albanians, Bosnians, Turks /Central asians / Indian sub-continentals / South East Asia , Africans etc who follow the Islamic faith but who may share more culturally with their regional bretheren than their religious bretheren. The Afghans, Uzbeks etc would possibly feel closer to India than Saudi Arabia , Iraq , Jordan or Syria. I think this whole clubbing together of peoples as “‘Islamic” is a western idea. Ertugrul’s fight is primarily against the “West” and not Christianity per se and it was primarily a Turkish renaissance. The only issue is that the character of Ertugrul has been potrayed as larger than life and semi-divine character and does not the vulnerabilities and human foibles of not only Ertugrul but the Turks as a whole. The potrayal of Mongols is also somewhat one dimensional. Other than that, it is a wonderful journey into the past and into Turkish / Turkic history

        1. I also feel that the fights against the Mongols have not been potrayed accurately. The foremost and most potent arm of the Mongol forces was their Cavalry and there have been no cavalry battles / charges depicted in the series. Most of it seems to be 1-1 hand to hand fighting and the use of archers seems to be rare. Also ,the mongol foot soldiers have been shown as constantly inferior to the Turks (Possibly because they were not Mongol / Turkic etc but possibly were recruited from amongst those captured (such as the Chinese , Arab etc). Also, sword thrusts against the Mongol foot soldiers invariably draw blood. What happened to their famed leather armor ??

          1. But, with due respect , I would like to correct here that mongols are not mughals as mentioned by you in your comment. Perhaps you got confused with the english subtitles. They wrongly mentioned ‘moghul’ in their english subtitles for mongols. However they corrected their mistake in later seasons and has mentioned ‘mongols’ not moghuls.

      4. I saw all seasons episode. I loved it and waiting for further release of further season. Resurrection Ertugrul is much much better than any movies or serial. I loved the group Ertugrul, Turgot, Bhimshi and Gundoz.


      6. Completely agree with your perspective.
        Although there is much less historical script about Ertugrul it reflects the true Islamic concept. Before moving to criticize this drama we must have to judge the other media production operating in Muslim countries. The majority of our youth are addict to it.

    2. This Is the best drama to remind Muslims, there true history. Why u getting upset Mr asad?? U only want to show Muslims in bad light, terrorism forms only???

  1. Awesome bhai, Agree with you, His history was recorded through oral traditions. Most of the Turks were not a writing culture but an oral culture due to nomadic traditions. Only until the Turks became more settled is when they took up writing.

  2. These Saudis affiliated tribes are feeling insecure because it teaches values of Islam, patience and prophet’s name is taken with great respect.
    This is a most absorbing series to watch all the characters have done a good job.

  3. App ki soch pe afsos hai kya holiwood ki films m haqeqat se kuch ziyada nahi dekhty Turkey Israel se taluqat hone k bawajod awaz tu uthata hai waise hi sub ne apne app ko aqly kul man Liya hai aik hit show k bare m likh k app b hit hona chaty hain aik maa hony k naty m zaroor chahoon gi mere bache ye drama dekhin kyunk app ne un k liye kuch nahi banaya ya tu wo indian ya english movies hi dekh sakty hain is liye positive rahein ok

  4. I find it interesting to watch but ultimately it has turned out to be regular TV serial with sentiments and emotions. As long a villian is alive it continues until his part is full, then he goes another comes in to keep the audience glued to it to know what happens next. It’s dangerous to those who take the story seriously creating a hero status to the star Ertugrul, thus making his statues around Muslim world. It also propagates hatred to Christianity and could only encourage militants to the cause of Islam. Will it do any good to those who cannot understand that it’s only a fiction. As it’s tagged with religion it would be more dangerous than watching spiderman or superman. If Saudi Arabia is creating another series, then Is it not people are misguided with fiction. A fodder for the majority of people who are easily carried away with heroes than reality. Why not make something that is real, but it cannot attract and bring in revenues. Thus donot connect historical names with fiction, if someone wants to create fictional stories.

    1. Aapke soch pe Afsos ho raha hai bhai. Aap is series ke bare me itna research kiye kyun ke Turki ka hai Indian nai. Yaad hoga jb Padmavat aaya tha to Ranveer Singh ka character to bht pasand aaya hoga aapko kyun ke wo Indian film tha aur bollywood ka bhi. Usme Muslim Character ko kitna saaf sutra diya tha ispe to aapne koi coment nai kiya. Aur aaj jisko dekh ke Musalman apne din ko yaad karne lage hai to bura lag raha hai. Bhale hi kuch log bs aise hi dekh rahe honge par kuch log bht seriously bhi dekh rahe hai.

      Aap bhi wahi Yahudiyo ke nakse kadam pe chal rahe hai usi ka saath de rahe hai ke ye show nai sahi hai Muslim ke liye. Par jolog Game of Throne jaise wahiyat series dekhte hai agar wo ye series dekh ke Islam ke bare kuch janta hai to kya burai hai.

      Aapne Dr. Zakir Nayak ka name liya tha unhone bhi yahi kaha tha ke no log tv movies dekhne ke aadi hai jo bina movie dekhe nai rah sakte hai to aap delhe ye series jyada haram se acha hai ke kam haram dekhe.

      Kisi aur ka chodiye mai apna batata hu mai bhi movies aur web series ka deewana tha. Mere frnds ne suggest kiya Ertugrul Gazi dekhne mai ne mana kar diya kyun ke mujhe boring sa lag raha tha poster dekh ke. Fir ek din man aaya chalo delh lete hai ek do episode to fir aisa hua ke maine 14 days me hi pura season 1 complete kar diya joke 74 episodes ka tha. Uske baad se maine movies aur web series delhna chor diya aur songs bhi dlt kar diya apne mbl se. Ab batao aap iske kuch achai ke jagah burai kyun nikalne me lage ho bhai. Jo saas bahu ke serial dekhti hai hamari maa behne unko ye dekha ke hmlog kuch acha raste pe nai la sakte kya.

      Sochiyega bhai ke ye dekhna sahi hai ya Wahi serial, web series, aur Salman Aur Shah Rukh ka movies jisme Muslim hoke non-muslim character nibhate hai. Sochiyega bhai.

    2. The dirilis ertugal daram is base on only fact story which happened in the fast in 12 hundred century this drama show the life of ERTUGAL and his faith and hard working and mercy to all religions people not only islam who ever do wrong even if he is muslim or non muslim ertugal was kill them he not only kill cristian but He also kill in his tribes people who was not in right path .

    3. you are the only one that make sense. The ertugrul serail is full of inhumanıty, vulgarity, murder, cruelty and torture. The worst thing is that all kinds of hearthless and merciless butchery in the serial are done in the name of Allah. The serial should be banned because it promotes murder and justifes it by using tha name of Allah. No christian film maker or any other propagandist or mind and behavior manager can not degrade, disfame, discredit and vilify, Muslim religion like the Ertugrul serial. I do not understand how most people can say good things about the serial: It is enough to check what Ertuğrul and his men do and what kind of justification they provide for what they do. They kill and justify it by claiming that they do it for the glory of Allah and for the holly cause (of conquest and establishing Allah’s system in the world)

    4. I found Resurrection Erturgal on Netflix this fall while regular television series have been stalled due to Covid 19. I have found the series engaging in its characters, storylines and plots. So much so that others around me who intially gave me a hard time about watching a series that was all subtitled have been drawn into the show.

      I am a North American based Christian, and totally disagree with the fact that the show is propagating hatred against Christians. I fact, a number of the major protagonist figures in the show have been Muslim (the Muslim governor and Kordoglu in season 1, Emir Saddetin in seasons 2,3,4, Gumstegin, Atolyon, & Gonacule in season 2, Ural in season 3, Bahdar in season 4) all of which were putting greed, ambition and self actualization before concern for others. I found this series representing Islam as a religion based on morals, justice and acceptance. The title character has been represented as “larger than life”, and his accompanying Alps as more skilled than all the other fighters. But the title characters insistance on equal treatment for all, including in religious practice depicts acceptance not persecution.

      I’ll admit that I am a person who looks things up if I don’t understand them, so I have been doing a lot of internet searches in the course of watching this program. Thus I’ve realized that although they have taken some names from historical record this is fictional. However I learned a lot about the Ottoman Empire that I previously didn’t know. I also researched some items that didn’t appear quite accurate in their depiction, ie: the Mongol armies, which were known as a Calvary based army. However, I have found it welcoming to see a depiction of Islamic society where women are respected and well treated. I can’t speak to the correctness of the Islamic practices as depicted

  5. The writer is a bigot. All Islamophobes are scared. Dr. Zakir Naik said positive things about the series and the writer portrayed it as negative, which proves he is a hypocrite. Since when Islamophobes like Jaamia Binnoria and Dar al-ifta almissriyyah, they are both run by governmental secret agencies and most secular hates them with vengeance but because it suits them right now to mention them otherwise they will never take them in consideration. You are ok with all western history (his story) and even fiction but you have a problem with Ertugrul. You don’t have problem with British or Americans running the muslim world but you do have a problem with Erdogan ruling the Muslim world. What a bunch of bullshit.

    1. The problem is Muslims were divided then and still divided and it shows in postings of this article. I say to those who oppose Ertugrul are too narrow minded and finding more flaws than good in it. All histories are more fiction than truth…..also, all depends who write the history? Let’s enjoy the drama and get inspired by it.

    2. Where did Zakir Naik speak about positive things about that series. He clearly said it is haram to watch. I want proof Where did Zakir Naik say that
      If you want to know about the story read in Articles Not Dramas.

      1. Dr. Zakir Naik said it’s haraam but so is every other TV show and movie. I don’t know where the author said anything good about Ertugrul. But Dr. Zakir Naik did say it’s better than watching a Hollywood movie. I find it very hypocritical that many Muslims watch Hollywood and Bollywood dramas and movies but when there is a positive Muslim drama suddenly it’s haraam. There is no nudity or sex in Ertugrul. Men and women barely come into contact with each other on the show. Most women have their hair covered except for the non-Muslims in the show. There are only a few occasions where a Muslim woman is shown without her hair covered but it’s never in front of outside men. As far as history goes, it’s not supposed to be a history documentary. It’s historical fiction. Some parts are based in history like many of the characters were real people and some of the events are real (like there was real conflict between the Mongols and Turks and the Crusaders). But somethings are based in fiction for dramatic effect. Please apply your strict standards to all TV shows and movies. But you can’t watch Ertugrul then don’t criticize something you have never seen. It’s like me criticizing you without even knowing you. Dr. Zakir Naik has not even watched it and since I’m not a Muslim I enjoy watching it. It’s a lot better than watching dirty scenes from Hollywood or Bollywood.

      2. Here is the video of what Dr. Naik said about Ertugrul. Just look up Dr. Naik Ertugrul on YouTube and watch the whole thing where he says it’s less haraam or better than Hollywood.

        By the way, Facebook and YouTube and most things online are haraam.

  6. I strongly agree with the part of Erdogan’s hypocrisy and the relationship between Erdogan and the series. But this article attackes to the series unfairly. People don’t learn history from tv series, this show is not a documentary. I watch it to see the way of living our nomadic ancestors, how they survive, how they eat, how they fight etc. I read book when I want to learn the history. It is pointless to judge the series for not to be historically accurate. There is no tv series which is historically accurate. If there is it is called documentary.

    I also don’t agree with the part the series indirectly serves an infamous fact that Islam was spread with the sword. There are a lot of stages in the series that shows how Ertugrul was merciful to nonbelievers and poor people, Helps to poor people without discriminating them by their religion, purchasing and giving freedom to slaves.

  7. Stop please criticism on this tv show…
    This drama is not all reall but some is.
    We love it becoz it shows us about islam and the bravery of Muslim, how they fought for their rights.
    The one who criticize, i think he got jealous.

  8. This series helps a common Muslim to understand the fact that in order to bring the total change viz ,social, cultural, political, religious in the society you will not be allowed to bring that easily ,You need to confront hypocrites, enemies in and outside the Authority of State first than to proceed for the ultimate aim Caliphate ,just like what we witnessed in past few years ,How Gallant fighters with pure faith in Allah sneak into the enemy lines of Iraqi and Syrian hypocritic Muslim leaders aided by great western powers and somehow managed to establish yet short but Big achievement of Caliphate…

  9. Every play has some fictional elements but this play is very close to reality… There are some people like you who feel anxiety about ertugrul ghazi because they are addicted to romantic and love stories and cannot bear with this honorable play

    1. What a biased report, as many have mentioned the question lies where are these hypocrite critic’s when Islamphobia is spread by Westerners and they play on both sides as if they are to help and take over the entire country depending on the resources, where you will Mr hypocrite reporter

  10. The people who are against this beautiful webseries would never oppose it until they found sunnism in this series. They found in this series the actual act of Islam and Sunni people practice it. They became afraid of being lier in front of their communities as they are opposing the real islam since long time. Like doing fatiha, huge respect for our beloved prophet Muhammad s.w. etc are important part of Islam. However the people who have been opposing this are also against this series as all these acts of islam are also shown in this series.

  11. Ertugrul Gazi fight was only for Justice to Humanity. He never fought for any religion or cast, hence he followed the path of Holly Quran to understand this you need to watch the series. What you have posted about Christians is absolutely wrong ,he fought only for Humanity and gave justice .

  12. Yeah there is very little information about Ertagul
    And his family but the writer wouldn’t be writing in air there would be some proofs on the basis of which Drama is based and for your knowledge
    The main events are 100 percent accurate and other events are based upon Stories told by generation to Another so you can say Series is 90 percent accurate.

  13. Jalne wale jalte hi rahenge.. jalne do. Article writer justified it at last. Would have got lesser money then expectation.

  14. The fiction characters Superman, spiderman and dozen of fake characters. The fiction series of christian kings beowolf etc.
    Santa clause,
    All these are acceptable in the west with the explanation that they create hope in our children.

    Then Ertugrul is much more than above, a true character, a hope, a fiction series to teach our children all the good values and all the bad values to look out for.

    1. A writer trying hard to depict the series in a negative way. Series like this in fact are tests that reveal the friend and the foe.

  15. When the world can watch Game of Thrones without objection, whats wrong with Ertugrul? Well before the start id each episode, it’s mentions inspired by our history but they didn’t say this is histroy. Well it’s like people have objection with anything Muslims does. Just like if an European kills people he is called as gunman but if a Muslim kills he is a terrorist. Look at the perspective of the so called critics. TO…… THEM

    1. I agree with you 100%. How hypothetical that people all over the world can watch filth like Game of Thrones and not say a word. What about the blasphemous movie Noah (with Russell Crowe). But people have a problem with Ertugrul. I don’t understand it. Like you said people have a problem with anything positive related to Muslims. But the saddest thing is that there are Muslims that say bad things yet watch Hollywood garbage. I’m not even Muslim. I married a Muslim so I tried to talk with my Muslim family about this show because I love it. But some of them never saw it and still say bad things about it.

  16. For me current Saudis are no longer our representatives they are involved in sharab and shabab they kill their own brethren…so for as ertugrul series is concerned itz based on Turkish history and they enjoy it…..just like Bollywood and Hollywood they made a drama series and I think there is nothing wrong in it.

  17. For me current Saudis are no longer our representatives they are involved in sharab and shabab they kill their own brethren…so for as ertugrul series is concerned itz based on Turkish history and they enjoy it…..just like Bollywood and Hollywood they made a drama series and I think there is nothing wrong in it.

  18. I don’t agree with you bro as in above comment kya bollywood ki film zada sachi hoti hai. Mana ye totally truth ni hai but ye totally fake bhi ni hai. Ya the concept is real and the aim of this drama is to unite the Muslims. Aap kisi kai aim per jaye kisi ne ye drama kisi buri niyat se ni likha

    1. The tv serial makers do not give a damn about anything other than the money and fane and power they get. wakee up to the realities of the prevailing world order

  19. This author is fully supported by anti-ismalic group of people. Carry on bro. Everyone is enough intellectual that they can differentiate about things and who is going to fool whom. Unfortunately, you wasted your time on this article. If you know they are taking advantage of this time and just doing for some political agenda and you already decoded their agenda. Try to stop them lol

  20. Asad Askari
    All I say you are a ignorant and those Mullah who give Fatwa against the Ertugrul Gazi are sheep of KSA / UAE , are you blind cannot see the message from the serious , shame on you change your name

  21. Dear asad if tehran is sponsoring you.. Then tell them they should make there own dramas to serve there purpose of middleeast dominanc as thr saying goes pass ker ya bardasht ker

  22. Dear Mr. Asad

    Please forgive my Pakistani brethren. They are naive for they did not understand your view.

    Dear brothers. The article is nothing against islam or the Erturgul series. The writer is only saying to accept the series as fiction and not reality. “Yeh Erturgul ki sachi kahani nahin hai”.

    No doubt it is better to watch Eturgul series than bollywood/hollywood. But it is still wrong, kyunkay is main islam kay akeeday kay khilaaf bohot si baatain/cheezain hain.

    In the end.. itna senti honay ki zaroorat nahin hai. Just enjoy the drama series. Kyunkay it is just a drama and nothing more.

  23. I saw first few episodes but all I saw was abrupt beheading…I am not joking there are many scenes of beheading, it was disturbing, it was neuseating…This was enough to stop watching it….didn’t need any other reason….

  24. Faltu Bollywood Hollywood movies dekhne see behtar hai k aise series dekhke air isme na koi valgularity hai na intimate scenes hai sir isme sahi bataya Gaya hai ki hamare Deen ko bachaane k liye kitni mushkilaat se hamare buzurgon me jungein ladi amn o amaan k liye.they have fought battle’s only for peace.jai hind

  25. This is the first serial of my life.Didn’t see any serial before this.💖💗💓💞❤💝💟💕♥️Ertugrul Gazi.♥️

  26. The writer is clearly pro-Iran. We don’t have any problems with Iranian dramas. If they can present us with good productions like Ertugrul, we will whole-heartedly welcome them as well inshaAllah.
    As far as Turkey’s relations with Israel are concerend, they were established by the founder Ata Turk. According to my knowledge, 40% of Turks are still secular. So, they don’t mind carrying on the legacy of Ata Turk. We can’t blame Turkey’s inclination towards Israel on Erdogan. It’s not in his hands.

  27. we don’t suprised with this article because we good know that hypocrite munafiqs snuggle between us!!! Mr. Author your and your puppet owners power will not be enough to affect clean muslim brothers and sisters soul!

  28. The fiction characters Superman, spiderman and dozen of fake characters. The fiction series of christian kings beowolf etc.
    Santa clause,
    All these are acceptable in the west with the explanation that they create hope in our children.

    Then Ertugrul is much more than above, a true character, a hope, a fiction series to teach our children all the good values and all the bad values to look out for.

    1. Whatever the armchair critics and hypocrites like the Saudi-America we love the ertugal series.And; atlease it remind us about our history and khilafah.Moreover; pray for the return of the caliphate.انشاء اللہ Ertugul series is the spleeping lion about to wakeup.

  29. By far one of the best series ever.
    I can confirm some scriptures. More Americans need to watch this series.

  30. The writer undoubtedly tried to show his utmost intellect regarding history, politics as well as critically analysing the series but sadly failed! There is no dought that the series was inspired by the true history of 13th century Turks. Their work 100 percent seemed like they did a lot of homework even though very few information they found about this Islamic hero (Ertuğrul). It showed the values of Islam so beautifully and most importantly it could successfuly bring the Muslims around the world under the same ground to a great extent. This can never lead to hatred for Christians as they showed how muslims should treat everyone equally according to Islam. The series showed how Christians and even mongols got reverted to Islam and became good muslims. This was no far from what actually happened in the real history. Furthermore, history evidenced that the Crusaders and Templers were cruel to not only the muslims but also were unjust to their own people.
    If the Turkish prime minister is giving effort to bring all muslims together under his power, I see no harm in it. At least the divided Muslim world may get a hope to stand against the anti-christs someday which the Arabs (KSA & UAE) failed to do since so many years. As for this series (Diliris: Ertuğrul), it is breaking records while the other series, being aired by Saudi Arabia, is hardly known by any foreign viewers!

    So far, Diliris: Ertuğrul is the best Muslim period drama I ever watched and I’m sure thousands of others would agree on this note.

  31. The writer has wasted his words and time we don’t know what the writer wants to convey.
    The producer has clearly mentioned word … Fiction .. so just watch and enjoy……

  32. Thank you everyone for the response. I found it amazing that you guys have a high spirit for the Islamic values.

    I don’t know if this article has communicated with you properly.
    Let me put it again, this article is a balanced study. The point is just that the viewers should not get carried away. Neither there is any need to idolise any charcter nor to issue fatwas on it.

    Keep it up and feel free to express your views. You’re welcome.

    By the way I am the author of this article.

  33. Dear People,

    I am happy that you have such high spirit for Islam. This article is a balanced study of the content and the background of the show.

    The point we shall neither idolise nor ban a character based on imagination and should watch it for entertainment purpose only.

    Please feel free to express your thoughts.

    By the way I am the author of this article.

  34. Well. what a whole drama in comments its self people .i don’t understand the writer of this article .. what’s his objective ? Bullcrap…Anyway i personally love it. it’s inspiring for once we stand tall and are not RULED BUT RULING.
    Even our prophet sws mention who ever rules constantinople will be great leader he wil be n what a great army will that be …they ruled fr 600yrs justly till early 1900 they split islamic state ..it shows munafiqs n hypocrites as they were in out prophets times you never new who was who.. it makes you appreciate what our prophet sws went through to establish islam …don’t bash me on this look it up though
    its a drama at the end of the day they have to add certain things in .but the cast were perfect choice for the characters well done turks rest world is jealous they didn’t think of it first .. may allah blessyou

  35. People have gained more from Ertugrul Islamically then any other medium. Mehmet Bozdag excellently how muslims actually should act. The lessons learnt is sadqa jariya for him.

  36. We need to understand that the Message this drama gives is very clear to the core.

    Even a single, true Muslim who has fear of Allah and Love of Prophet, and who is willing to fight for Oneness of State and Islam he shouldn’t have to wait for others..

    With today’s state of Islam It’s time for Resurrection of our souls , and Ertugrul from Pakistan is possible as well

    A Drama that refreshes our long forgotten religious values, a more Sunni as well Equally Shia. A soothing touch to our Beuatiful society tarnished by sectarianism.

    A forgotten Islamic hallmark combination of Sufism guiding those valiants and purehearts who are oppressed by tyranny and status quo. Its not history its everyone’s life storyline. Dont be taken away by these divisive comments.

    As a true Pakistani Muslim we should be aware of the enemies within and around

  37. Ok, lets assume its not history, even then it is at its best. It showed a true muslim hero . As it should be. Critics has no right to make it less lovable to the audience.

  38. It’s a drama and must be taken it as it is but it’s a history as well. Muslims are being kept busy by PUBG, porno and haram activities in social media. It’s a wake call to pick the jayenamaz and start building relationship with creator. It’s a call to say No to Haram relationships, and mend the characters with Prophet Muhammad SAW teaching nd Quran.
    Arabs are gone case, killing their brothers and lickers of European boots. Arabs are lost.

  39. I smell a Wahhabi/Salafi writer here. Those who don’t love Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) will always come up with stupid claims & providing Fatwas from those Islamic Institutions who do not follow Ahle Sunnah Wal Jamah, it doesn’t matter how old that institution is.

    2023 will be a hard time for Wahhabis of KSA. Because they Turks will rise again.

    Still wondering why 2023 ? Go and Google about lausanne agreement

  40. Instead of watching porn i rather prefer this series at least family can watch together so please don’t pull Rope too hard

  41. I have seen all 5 seasons and appreciate all series. It is better to see this type of Drama where we learn about Islamic heroes who have fought for Justice showing the true value of Islam. Insha Allah this will bring all the Muslims on one platform.

    1. You are so naive. Take a book to learn, books is for clever people, drama series to learn history is for naive people unable to open a book, and really easy to deceive.

  42. Nothing is historically accurate in this show. And it’s racist and hateful. For instance, christians are presented as devil eager of blood. I wonder if muslim would like the movies where muslims are considered as devils. Really, this show presents muslim under a very bad racist light.

  43. When you see killings (Sword fight, Gunfight, Sickle fight, etc.) in Hollywood, Bollywood and Tollywood), at that you feel fresh and vigorous watching those scenes and killings done in this Erutugal series make you nauseating and distributing.

  44. Corrections: Bollywood
    Indian movies and dramas depicting sinful acts by muslim families : has this author ever commented on those awful representations of Islam?

  45. Please don’t tell me that you are bashing Turkey for supporting the United States and Israel but at the same time you talk about Saudi Arabia. I wouldn’t want Saudi Arabia to represent the Muslim world. Saudi Arabia is friendly with the United States and Israel. Saudi people may be great, but the government isn’t. Most governments are not. But Saudi Arabia isn’t one to be pointing fingers. Is Saudi Arabia fighting for Muslims around the world? Is Saudi Arabia fighting for the Palestinians? Is Saudi Arabia fighting for the Muslims suffering in occupied Kashmir? Is Saudi Arabia doing anything to stand up against the United States and Israel? Turkey may be flawed but Saudi Arabia is not the perfect image of Islam. I am not Turkish nor am I from Saudi Arabia. I’m from evil America but I enjoy Ertugrul. I don’t feel any more love for Turkey now than I had before. I enjoy Ertugrul because it shows people fighting for justice. That’s what I’m missing. I’m tired of injustice. I’m sick of America and Israel and all the corrupt men and governments in the world. I’m sick of seeing Muslims being portrayed as hateful terrorists. I enjoy watching a show about strength balanced with compassion and justice. There is mercy displayed throughout the show. Love is shown which wins hearts and converts nonbelievers into Muslims, not the sword. Not one time in this show did someone become Muslim because of the sword or because they were forced. So I don’t know where you get your info that the show makes it clear Islam was spread by the sword. Do you mean they fought against evil? Yes! But when they conquered they never forced their religion on anyone. That is a historical fact. Maybe it’s not “historically” related to Ertugrul but I did research on different conquests of the Ottoman Empire or other Muslim empires which said people of all faiths were welcomed. So even if there is not much historical info about Ertugrul’s life, they drew inspiration from other later parts of history. So maybe it’s not as made up as you make it out to be. But not one single “historical” or “religious” movie/tv show is 100% accurate. Even when there is plenty of factual information known, Hollywood loves to change it. But bash Ertugrul and enjoy the Zionist-controlled Hollywood garbage that hates Muslims and Islam. Glorify Game of Thrones!!!

    1. Well said and I wish that everyone perceives life and it’s surroundings the way you have stated it. This is a series on Ertugrul who without a doubt has carved his name in the history and will be remembered for a long time. The anti muslim brigade will dwell on the negativity and the pro-muslims will mount on the positive aspects of his life. But nevertheless the team behind this series needs to be appreciated for bringing out this series with a lot of drama and emotions to capture the audience attention which is the only tool for a mass message. Before this series how many people knew Ertugrul or how many will watch a documentary on him, very minimal number, indeed. The message in the series is important than who is behind it and what are their ambitions.

    2. You are 100% correct . In every single word you wrote . I love Ertuğrul series . Starting to watch second time 🙂 . Real Islam religion and real respect for women is presented here. Even if is only 5% true , it’s still great show . I’m Bosnian Muslim currently located in USA

  46. I totally agree with the author in that there is no historical basis for this series and Erdogan is essentially a delusional Ghazi! However, ive seen the entire series and simply loved it. It makes for a great story and Islam is not cast in a denigrating way like it usually is in Hollywood.

    1. The author exaggerated things to make it seem like Ertugrul is a complete fantasy like Game of Thrones (people, places, and events all fiction with no historical basis).
      First of all, no one claims that Ertugrul is 100% historically accurate. Most historical FICTION is a mixture of truth with fiction. Sometimes the truth is often very small compared to reality. I have yet to see one historically based movie or TV show that stays 100% true. But to say there are absolutely no historical facts in Ertugrul is also an exaggeration. Osman was the founder of the Ottoman Empire and he had to have a father. This series is not based on some fictional person that never existed. So it is partially historically accurate that the series is about the father of Osman who really existed. That’s the first historical truth. The exact details of Osman’s father are mostly based in Ottoman traditions and exaggerated truths because little is known about him. However, there are those that believe Suleyman Shah was Ertugrul’s father and his mother was Hayme Ana. So that’s another part that is based in reality. It is also said that Ertugrul really killed Kopek and was Uc Bey of the Sultanate Rum. The places and locations in Ertugrul are 100% real not fake like Game of Thrones and other fantasies. There were conflicts between the Mongols, Crusaders, and the Ottoman Empire so that is historically accurate. The Seljuk, Ayyubid, and Ottoman Empires really existed. Many of the people in Ertugrul really existed like the Sultans of the different Empires. Also, Noyan and Ibn Arabia were real people in history. Also, much of what is known about Ertugrul was recorded from the Ottoman tradition. Most likely what is known is not 100% false. It has some truths mixed with exaggerations. So we can’t dismiss everything just because today’s historians can’t verify it 100%. Many historians want to say things recorded in the Bible and the Quran never actually happened. They don’t believe God created everything or about the flood. Many dispute some of the prophets even existed and say Jesus was just made up. Some even suggest the Muslim prophet never existed. So sorry if I don’t buy everything “historians” say. Many want to deny the existence for their own agendas. They want to deny God’s existence, make people question the accuracy of the Quran, and take away anything good that may have come from the Ottoman Empire. While many things may not have happened exactly the way things are shown in Ertugrul it is based on some truth. For instance, there is historical evidence for the Lavon Affair where Jews pretended to be Muslim and carry out a terrorist attack. There is plenty of other historically proven accounts of things like this taking place. So Jews and Christians and Muslims have been known to deceive and manipulate things for their benefit. It’s also not inaccurate to say that Muslims driven by greed were used by their enemies to destroy the reputation of a country or Islam itself. So the politics in Ertugrul has some factual basis. While the details may be fiction the methods and plots and scheming is very similar to what we see throughout history up to today. So to say the series is completely based on delusions of Erdogan is false. It’s based on some truth with some Ottoman traditions about Ertugrul mixed in with the producer’s own drama added. Things written about Ertugrul was written by the Ottomans as early as a century later. I don’t think Erdogan is that old. So we can’t put the full blame on Erdogan. Also, this author is just imposing his own anti-Erdogan fantasies by putting all the blame on Erdogan while he was not a writer, producer, or actor apart of the show. I’m no Erdogan fan but I’m not going to blame him 100% for adding delusions to Ertugrul that seems to take a lot from what little we do know about that time. What basis does the author have to blame Erdogan for creating Ertugrul’s “delusions”?
      Since no one can say with 100% certainty what is truth and what is fiction about the life of Ertugrul I don’t mind if they made Ertugrul into some great hero. He can be an example of someone who fights for the oppressed with compassion even for his enemies and realizes that some of his biggest enemies are his “brothers”. That’s the problem. Muslims want to attack anything good and they hurt themselves. How many attack Hollywood for the lies they put out? What about the movie “Noah” that made God look cruel and Noah crazy? What about the Exdous movie about Moses played by a man (Christian Bale) that said very bad things about Moses? What about all the movies that make Muslims terrorist? Why don’t Muslims spend time tearing that down instead of ripping apart a TV series that makes Muslims look good? Get over whether it’s historically accurate or not. It would be very different if there was a lot of historical evidence of Ertugrul’s life and the producers changed everything. Since we don’t know we can’t say that things in Ertugrul did or did not happen. But as I have already pointed out there is a lot of historical things that are accurate (people, places, and some events). I’m sorry if Turkey or Erdogan hurt someone’s feelings. But after watching Ertugrul I feel no different towards Turkey or Erdogan. I feel different from Islam (in a positive way). I get encouraged to stand up for what’s right even if I have to stand alone like Ertugrul. It motivates me to be a better person. It does not make me a fan of Turkey or Erdogan. But there is nothing wrong with a Turkish drama taking pride in their history. Just like people in their own country have pride for their own country (except me).

      1. Nicole: Sister, I agree with you 100%. Thank you for taking the time to write this. Very thoughtful points. Sadly, the behavior of some Muslims who criticize the movie (or Turkey or Erdogan, etc.), are reminiscent of some of the characters in the series, who will tear down their Muslim brother due to their own greed, envy, sectarian prejudice, hatred of Islam and Muslims, or other ulterior motives. How ironic it is that one of the main points of this series is that such people are the greatest obstacle to the success of Muslims, and here you find them coming out of the woodwork to do the same in regards to the movie. To me, that makes the series so much more valuable and worth watching, because it is a reflection of the world we live in. Whether 1,000 years ago or the present time, the lessons are the same.

  47. We all know that the series is not based on 100% reality and yes it being promoted for propaganda but whats bad in that? Don’t we see fake heroism in Hollywood historical movies? Dont they twist historical events to propagate?

    Also its the first of kind effort by any Muslim country to produce such a content that can equally touch heart of muslim throughout the world so why not?

    I can’t understand that why Pakistani, Indian and Egyptian molvis always throwing fatwas on everything? Like muslims aren’t visiting porn sites and aren’t watching hollywood and bollywood sexy scenes and not listening explicit english songs. Only watching Ertugrul will harm the Islam in our Youth.

  48. I too watched this series. I did not see the monsters in Christianity. Or even anything racist. I know it is made up of some fiction. But it depicts a people who lived by their faith, their prayers and their integrity. So I read up on the Turks, and these characters. There is rules in every religion, and it is for us to uphold those rules. Every culture fought in wars to defend their beliefs. The God that is loved, in this series, is no different than any other. We all come from the same mother. I do not condemn a man for his worship of his God. It is not for me to judge. My God is a loving and forgiving God. If we prayer for the wisdom knowledge and understanding, before we make a decision, we could find the peace in the world. Everyone has their opinion, right or wrong. That series taught me to stay true to God, and believe he will find a way for those that are faithful. Peace is in the word of the faithful. Be blessed

  49. All I know is I like the series. All the comments are very deep, so I choice not to partake because I really cannot relate I am not into religions much, with that said

  50. Lessons from Ertugrul Ghazi’s Era
    By Abdul Majeed Bhatti
    The Turkish series Dirillis Ertugrul has shattered viewership records in Pakistan and is coveted by many in the Islamic world. The central theme of the drama is about the life of Ertugrul set in the 13th century who fights infidels and unifies Turks to lay the basis for his son Osman to establish the Ottoman state. The drama has caught the imagination of the Pakistani people to the point that some have erected monuments in Ertugrul’s honour, while others have published songs praising him.
    The small secular elite of Pakistan remains baffled by the success of Dirillis Ertugrul, and cannot fathom the shows appeal to millions of Pakistanis. Some have reacted strongly by calling for the strengthening of Pakistani nationalism. Others have suggested that more money must be poured into Pakistan’s entertainment industry, so that quality Pakistani dramas can compete with foreign ones. Yet the simple truth is that Dirillis Ertugrul has ignited the Islamic feelings of Pakistanis to binge watch the show and pay homage to the Ottoman Caliphate.
    Pakistanis no longer remain captivated by imported Hollywood and Bollywood productions. These productions are full of despicable Western values such as wrecked families, exploitation of women, individual narcissism, dereliction of responsibility, disrespect for elders, sexual promiscuity and debauchery. In contrast, Pakistanis are captivated by the pull of Islamic values, which consists of protecting the family unit, honouring women, longing for communal welfare, fulfilling pledges, respecting elders, and practicing morality rooted in Islam.
    Episodes of Dirillis Ertugrul routinely convey such messages and this resonates with its Pakistani viewership. Additionally, the show goes further by drawing a straight-line between infidel and believers, extolling jihad and punishing traitors. All of this has aroused in Pakistanis the desire to return to a state of dignity and honour enjoyed previous generations of Muslims.
    However, when Pakistanis view their country through the prism of these feelings they become extremely sensitive to prevalent Western ideas and solutions, but do nothing to remove them. Pakistanis know that democracy has divided them and subjugated them to Western domination. They long for a leader like Ertugrul, who will unify Balochi, Pakhtoon, Punjabi and Sindhi into a single polity, and liberate them from the shackles of Western colonialism, but simultaneously tolerate traitors amongst them who stand in the way of realizing their dream. Pakistanis lament the impact of western capitalist solutions on their lives and know that Islamic solutions will safeguard their property, wealth and livelihood but are prepared to give their Western imposed leaders more time in the vain hope that their lives will improve. Pakistanis yearn for the liberation of Kashmiris from despotic Hindus, and they crave for a leader like Ertugrul to perform Jihad, crush the Hindus and annex Kashmir. However, Pakistanis remain mute towards the stasis of their powerful army, which is more than capable of seizing Kashmir from the Hindus.
    By staying quiet and hoping for change, Pakistanis run the risk of living under Western domination for a long time. The Quran warns us about remaining inactive about changing our situation. “Allah will not change the circumstances of the people, unless the people change.” [TMQ: Al Raad: 11]. To ensure that the incitement of pure Islamic feeling by Dirillis Ertugrul leads to the restoration of Islamic rule, one needs to take a fresh look at Ertugrul’s era and draw important lessons for Pakistanis to implement in their political lives to produce the desired change.
    The historical context of the 13th century in which the drama is set has seven major actors: the Crusaders (European powers), the Byzantines (Romans), the Mongols representing the infidel colonialists and the fragmented Muslim powers—the Ayubids, the Saljuks and the Abbasids. The Turkish tribes escaping the tyranny of the Mongols in Central Asia and looking for a new homeland constitute the seventh actor. Against this background, the following points can be extracted and applied to our situation today.
    1. There is very little difference from the Muslim powers then and the Islamic countries of today. In the 13th century the Ayubids, the Saljuks and the Abbasids, came increasingly under influence of the Crusader kingdoms (Principality of Antioch, County of Edessa, County of Tripoli and Kingdom of Jerusalem) and the Mongols, until a point was reached that they became vassal states of the infidel powers. The situation then demanded liberation from the infidel colonialists and today the same ruling is applied. Pakistan is not an exception to this rule, as the country’s internal and foreign policy is controlled by America. Subsequently, it is incumbent on Pakistanis to liberate their country from the American Raj by working with the Pakistani army to accomplish this feat.

    2. The Crusaders restricted themselves to establishing four forward operating bases (FOBs) or four kingdoms in the Levant but never ventured deep into the heart of Al Sham. These kingdoms were close to the East Mediterranean sea and they received regular supplies from Europe. Additionally, some of these kingdoms received support from local Muslim powers and this aided the crusader kingdoms to cement their rule in Al-Sham. Today, the West has adopted similar tactics to recreate another foreign entity known as the Jewish state in Al-Sham. This entity is protected by the West and can only exist in collaboration with regional Muslim states such as Egypt, Jordan, Syria and other Islamic countries. Back in 13th century the Mamelukes used Egypt as a base to cut the supply lines to the crusader kingdoms, and subsequently proceeded to liberate the crusader influence from Al Sham.

    A similar action is required today, as the peace process is a false dawn that has consumed the ummah in a cheap struggle for 70 odd years. Pakistanis must resist all attempts by their rulers to normalize Pakistan’s relations with the Jewish state, and they must actively support the liberation of Palestine from the tyranny of the Jews. Furthermore, Pakistanis must expunge the America’s FOBs on Afghani and Pakistani territory established by Musharraf and his successors in connivance with the US.

    3. During the 5th Crusade (1217 to 1221) the Saljuks under Kaykaus I allied with crusaders against the Ayubids. Although the Ayubids won, the divisions of the Muslim world into numerous factions allowed the crusaders to stay in the region for another 50 years. Likewise, the same divisions allowed the Mongols under Gengis Khan to defeat Khwarazemia in 1221 and this weakened the Abbasid Caliphate.

    Our situation today, is very similar. The infidel powers joined hands with Islamic countries to destroy Iraq during successive Gulf wars. Over Syria, the infidel powers allied with Islamic countries to put an end to the Islamic opposition against Assad. As for Pakistan, the infidel powers colluded with sell out Muslims and India to dismember Pakistan into two, and later collaborated with a coalition of Muslim countries to invade and occupy Afghanistan under the auspices of ISAF. It is painfully obvious that the ummah has not learnt from its history to stand together as one against the infidel powers. Hence, Pakistanis must spearhead endeavours to break down artificial nation-state borders and unify the ummah under the shade of the Caliphate.

    4. Before Ertugrul and his son Osman could established the Ottoman state, they worked tirelessly to expose and punish the traitors amongst the Turkish tribes and amongst the Islamic powers. Pakistanis must reject traitors in their midst, especially those in the civilian and military leadership. It is a great sin to remain quiet about their crimes and their alliances with infidel powers.

    5. Ertugrul and his son Osman were able to exploit the weakened Byzantine forces, to take much of present day Turkey from the Eastern Roman Empire. The early Kayi tribe had a global vision and its leadership was acutely aware of the differences between the Infidel colonialists, and exploited these differences to establish their state on the ruins of the Eastern Roman Empire. Therefore, it is important for Pakistanis to recognize their own strength, develop a global view, and understand the strength and weakness of regional and global infidel powers.

    For instance, both America and China are dependent on Pakistan to establish their regional hegemony. America relies on Pakistan to secure Afghanistan by leaning on the Taliban leadership to enter into peace talks with Washington. Also the US is contingent on Pakistan’s support to foment or cool down the Kashmiris uprising to keep India firmly in America’s orbit. Meanwhile, China is reliant on Pakistan to counterbalance India, and prevent Islamic movements from using Afghanistan to destabilize Xinjiang. In addition, China requires Pakistani assistance to complete CPEC, so that valuable goods and raw materials (including crude oil) can be transported from Gwadar to Kashi thereby circumventing primacy of America’s navy in the Malacca straits.

    6. The crusaders ransacked Constantinople in 1204 and occupied it for 57 years. They committed unspeakable horrors and atrocities against fellow Christians. The Byzantines were able to take it back after the Mamelukes finished off the crusader kingdoms in the Levant. This also created bitter feelings between Europe and Constantinople, which Sultan Muhammad exploited 200 years later to liberate Constantinople. Likewise, there exists deep distrust between Europe and America, as well as between America and China that dates back to the opium wars of the 19th century. Rather than ally with either America or China as the current Pakistani leadership envisages, why cannot Pakistan employ its strength to exploit palpable tensions between the two infidel powers and establish supremacy for Islam.

    7. It is claimed that when Pakistan becomes a Caliphate, it will not be able to contend with the great powers. Did not the Mamelukes take on the Crusaders and the Mongols simultaneously (two great super powers of the 13th century)? Did not the Mamelukes unify the ranks of the Muslims in Al Sham and hastened the retreat of the Byzantine forces to their barracks? A nuclear Pakistan has more than enough capability to establish dominance for the Caliphate, but first Pakistanis must work hard to establish it.
    The ummah of the messenger of Allah (saw) has been blessed with many leaders like Ertugrul who sought only to establish the supremacy of Islam by foiling the evil plans of infidel powers. Aladdin Khalji ruler of the Delhi sultanate and a peer of Ertugrul defeated the Mongol hordes a record five times (1297-1306), and kept the Indian subcontinent firmly in the grasp of Islam. During Aurangzeb’s reign (1658-1707) the Mongol-Tibetan alliance was defeated in Ladakh Kashmir. Aurangzeb worked assiduously to bring the whole of India under Islamic rule, and the economy of the Mughal sultanate overtook China to become the world’s largest. And when the Mughal sultanate declined new heroes like Tipu Sultan rose to defend the honour of Islam against the British.
    Pakistanis have a rich tradition of Islamic heroes who have unequivocally shown how to defend the Islamic ummah in the sub-continent from the despotism of the infidel powers. The time has come for Pakistanis to stop dreaming and start walking in the footsteps Ertugrul, Aladdin, Aurangzeb and Tipu Sultan. It is now the turn of Pakistanis to break another record. The Muslim world has been without the Caliphate for 96 years, and Pakistanis have the unique opportunity to emulate the Sahaba by establishing the Rashidun Caliphate. Narrated by Imam Ahmed that the messenger of Allah said, “….and then there will be Caliphate upon the Prophetic method.” Pakistanis must priorities this duty above everything else even their own lives. “Oh you who have iman! what is the matter with you, that, when you are asked to go forth in the cause of Allah, you cling heavily to the earth? Do ye prefer the life of this world to the Hereafter? But little is the comfort of this life, as compared with the Hereafter.” [TMQ: Al Tawba: 38]. Those who strive and accomplish this task will be remembered in the heavens and earth till the day of judgement.

  51. I came upon the series couple of months ago and I find it “entertaining” – love all films showing the ” old days” ways of living – eastern or western (old west ). I know that the series is FAR from reality, only loselly based on historical characters, I LOVE the “three musketeers – Torgut, Bamsi & Dogan”. I am NOT crazy about Halime, who always looks like pouting little girl not getting her way. But I was sad to lose Aykiz.
    Also, the alps ambushers always seem to get ambushed ??? Nobody watching their backs ?? EVER ??? lol. And like when ever they chase a bad guy, they NEVER make it !?? Like the episode Laskaris – they park their horses right next to his but on the way back only his horse was there and Torgut just yells watching him ride away ?? other scenes like that in past episodes as well . I realize there is story line, but still, some obvious common sense should be applied.
    And of course, you got to laugh at the English translation grammar LOL.

    And YES, it is a muslim propaganda. But I ignore that and just enjoy it as long as I can bear the common sense “issues”.

  52. I live in the Philippines. We have co existed with Muslims since the beginning of time. I binged watched Ertugrul when I discovered it. It did not say it’s their history. It says “characters in this series are inspired by our history”, so, why the fuss? it’s clearly fiction with a touch of realism here and there.

    I was very happy to have found a film extolling the good characters of the Muslim people. Terrorists are misguided people and not necessarily Muslims…..Oh! Take it from me we also have Muslim terrorists here but when you say Mulims, it does not necessarily mean “TERRORIST”. We live peacefully here with Muslims.

    So, calm down people “Ertugrul” is a masterpiece! . Every actor is amazing. They did a good job! Just sit back, relax and enjoy!

    Now I have watched a movie with Muslim heroes not villains! Nicely done!

    By the way, I have seen 1 and a half episodes of Kurulus Osman and I don’t think I’ll continue watching. There is no cohesiveness among the actors and I think the lead actor does not fit the role.

  53. I ve seen all 5 seasons of Ertugrul and now following Kurulus osman.
    No idea how close it is to historical events but definitely a treat to watch. Me as a Muslim found it very helpful in Learning basics of Islamic teachings. In short it is a moral booster for a faithful Muslim. I highly recommend every one to see all episodes.

  54. i personally think it is halal if you dont copy what they do and haram if you do end doing it just watch and enjoy if you dont like it dont watch it simple.

  55. Salaams. It was the Ottomans who protected the masjid and the qabr (grave) of our beloved Nabi Muhammad SAW in a time where Arabs were (still are) corrupt, so where do they get off talking negatively about the Turks/Ottomans. They (Arabs) blatantly came out and said they’re allies to America (therefore allies to Israel who are murdering their Palestinian brothers and sisters. They still expect the world to believe Arabs are innocent?

  56. It’s a low budget soap opera set in medieval Turkey. It’s as slow As Molasses and the overacting is at times extreme.
    But I’ve watched 20 episodes and I can’t stop watching !
    The comparison to Game of thrones is just laughable.
    GOT was superb in every way with the budget of a feature film for each episode. Anyway, I don’t know what it is that keeps me interested in this cool, promising medieval drama. The music is awesome and the main characters are really riveting. Way to go Mehmet. If only you had the blockbuster budget.

  57. This ‘opinion ‘ published in your article is quite conveniently biased. Whether Erdogan has supported this series for personal gain or not is quite frankly irrelevant. Every other ‘Muslim’ leader in the world,with the except Imran Khan,has been incapable of even attempting to give back some honour to Muslims and Islam and have been serving their own selfish interests and even reducing the land of our beloved Prophet Muhammad PBUH and of our sacred sites to another sordid Western country. Ertugrul may not be historically accurate BUT it definitely has given millions of Muslims around the world a level of hope and reminder of how important solidarity is. At least Turkey has stepped up to the plate and taken that 1st step to help unite us,even if its through a somewhat fictional series. It is the easiest thing to do,to find fault and criticize but like millions of Muslims I choose to see the positives,so unless you are capable of beiug unbiased, keep your bullshit views to yourself!!!!!!

  58. Finally, someone said it! Ertugul is a fictional series and it needs to be viewed as such. I don’t mind the fans but everybody needs to be clear that there is very little that is true in the series.

    1. Completely Trash Article by the bigot who is the intellectual and mental SLAVE of his White Masters. Do you really think it’s fair and objective analysis? He makes so many fallacies and makes so many historical errors in the sorry and appalling article…
      The article is ILLOGICAL, IRRATIONAL, AHISTORICAL AND COMPLETE TRASH. Reading it is a waste of time

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