RSS furious over international media’s comments on Modi


modimohan-ss-17-07-13By Abdul Bari Masoud, MM News,

New Delhi: The RSS has succeeded in manufacturing consent in Gujarat’s controversial chief minister Narandra Modi’s favour through ‘pliable’  upper-castes dominated Indian media, but the saffron outfit appeared hapless over the ‘truthful comment’ by international media on  his role in the 2002 Gujarat genocidal riots. Irked over it, the RSS has asked the global media to see things from Indian perspective before giving thumbs down to Modi. Precisely, Modi’s controversial role in the Gujarat pogrom is a matter of grave concern. The international media has raised apprehension that India would face danger if Modi becomes Prime Minister given his track records. Meanwhile, noted weekly, The Economist, which is read in international policy-makers circles, in its editorial has made it clear that it had never supported Modi. Modi as a PM will not be good for India, writes the Economist in its editorial. On the other hand, a journalist with noted magazine Quartz asked as to how India would cross the “moral line of no return” if Modi becomes PM. He further questioned:”Has India become so desperate for rapid economic growth… that she has forgotten basic humanity?

Despite international media’s harsh comments, Modi remained defiant as he   once again ruled out any apology for 2002 Gujarat pogrom using oft repeated refrain that he should be hanged in public if there is even a grain of truth in the allegations against him. This clearly shows his mindset.  It is a constitutional duty of a chief minister, who takes oath that he would protect its subjects without considering their religious or any other affiliation . Supposed, Modi may not be involved in the massacre of innocents but he certainly failed to protect them. Furthermore, if he is not involved in what happened during 2002 in his state as he claims, then why his cabinet colleague Maya Kondnai was sentenced to life term. This needs explanation from him.

Meanwhile BJP president Rajnath Singh’s attempt to adorn softer image – aptly considered as imitation of Atal Bihari Vajpayee – has not gone down well within the Sangh Parivar. Singh’s interaction with Muslim religious leaders in Lucknow and wearing skull cap has sparked a debate on two streams emerging in the party i.e. soft and hard. Singh has seemingly emerged as a leader with soft approach, precisely to be acceptable in the eyes of alliances.  For, in case the BJP fell short of numbers, the smaller parties may not find difficulty in aligning with a BJP headed by Singh as PM. There is resentment among several leaders but they all have kept mum due to electioneering. Notably, Modi has not pervasive acceptability in the BJP.  Samajwadi party chief Mualyam Singh Yadav’s revelation that several BJP leaders have “contacted” him to prevent Modi from becoming the prime minister. Addressing an election rally in Etawah on Thursday, Mulayam claimed that Modi would never become the prime minister “as several top BJP leaders were not in his favour”. His claim can be seen in the light of Rajnath Singh’s maneuverings as he has been harbouring prime ministerial ambition.


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