Russian President Putin quotes Holy Quran in appeal for peace in Yemen

Russian President Vladimir Putin

By Muslim Mirror Desk

To remind Muslims the lesson of unity and shun animosity Russian President Vladimir Putin has urged Muslims to end war in Yemen by quoting verses from Holy Quran.

 Quoting verses from Surah al-Imran Putin urged Muslims to an end the war in Yemen that has been waged there for years by a coalition of Muslim countries led by Saudi Arabia.

According to RT, speaking in Ankara on Monday alongside Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani, Putin introduced a particular line from the Muslim holy book, known as the Surah al-Imran.

“And remember the favor of Allah upon you – when you were enemies and He brought your hearts together and you became, by His favor, brothers,” the Russian president quoted.

Putin also referenced another Koranic teaching, about how violence is only legitimate in self-defense, to semi-jokingly suggest that Saudi Arabia should buy Russian air defense systems, as Iran and Turkey have already done.

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  1. Writing is on the wall.Naa samjhogay to mith jaaogay hindustan waalo.Tumhaari daastaan bhi nahi rahegi daastanon my.Dear Muslim brothers democracy is the worst shirk of modern times. We should abandon this comedy circus and concentrate on Aaqirath.Otherwise we will be wiped out.Democracy is the worst tyranny of majoritarianism over minorityism.We can never expect justice from this system designed to make rich richer and poor poorer. ALLAH IS MAALIKAL MULK He gives ruler ship and he takes away ruler ship depending on his will. We will get rulers based on our aamaal We Muslims must shun this democracy forever and must refrain from electoral politics. Banking system which is the worst oppressor in this world, stop taking loans on interest bcoz if we indulge in riba than Allah and his prophet is waging war on us. And if Allah has planned for our destruction than who can save us. Remember our holy prophet(pbuh) has cursed all 4 who indulge in riba.By taking the curse of our holy prophet (pbuh) can we succeed in this world. Concentrate on striving to strengthen our emaan aamaal and do daawah than the circumstances will change .If not than even if shaik abdul qaader jeelani r a and shiek nizamuddin auliya r a descend over the world and if ruler ship is offered to them and they rule over our country, even than the circumstances of Muslim community will not change. Because of our lusts for the worldly comforts and luxuries.


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