Samjhauta Express blast acquittal : A travesty of justice

Narendra Modi withSwami Aseemanand

By Abu Asim

The years of drama finally ended in disappointment and the court acquitted all the accused of the Samjhauta Express train blasts that occurred in 2007. As many as 68 people had died in the blasts occurred in the train to Pakistan in  Rajastan.

Similarly, several people had died in 2007 Mecca Masjid blasts and subsequent fire by the cops standing outside the mosque. The same RSS members Aseemanand and others, who were involved in the Samjhauta Express bomb explosions, were also responsible for these blasts and also Ajmer Dargah bombing, but were got scot-free by the court.

Similarly, the people responsible for Sohrabuddin fake encounter were also let off. And the Supreme Court acquitted (released on bail) the convict of  2002 Gujarat riots including Bajrang Dal leader Babu Bajrangi who had on camera boasted how he and his people killed and raped the Muslims.

By acquittal of these people, it appears like the explosion of bombs at Muslim religious places and deaths in riots were just coincidences. And the charge that the RSS members like Swami Aseemanand and others were involved in these killings is simply a figment of imagination.

The question arises, who planted the bombs and who carried out these terrorist attacks?  After every terrorist attack, even a half-lettered police constable can immediately name the members of Pakistan-based organisations like Lashkare Taiba and Jaishe Muhammed involved in the crime. Even he reels out the names of the family members of the terrorists, their house number etc. Then why our security agencies like CBI, NIA and IB have been unable to find the real culprit of the blasts even after a decaded?. How the culprits of JNU student Najeeb’s disappearance were never caught?

Coffins containing dead bodies of Samjhauta express train explosion victims are lined up. (Source: Express archive)

Speaking the truth, as the bomb blasts were a big conspiracy and the acquittal of the accused of these blasts is a bigger conspiracy. By the courts’ judgments it is loud and clear that no law of the land can touch the Hindus if they kill Muslims.

Rather, the present establishment at the Centre abhors seeing not only Hindu bomb blast accused behind bars but also rioters, killers, kidnappers and rapists languishing in jails.

The government’s message to them is that they should forget the sufferings of prison, where they spent some time for a while because of the mistake of some stupid policemen, as a bad dream.

Why not? Their comrade and fellow Chowkidar, who had presided over the genocide of Muslims in Gujarat, rules the country.

Before becoming the head of the national government, he had also gone through a lot of mental agonies.  He was charged with instigating violence as the Chief Minister of Gujarat. Even Uncle Sam banned his entry into his country.

But time changed. As soon as he donned the mantle of Prime Minister, thanks to excellent media management, all stains vanished as if he had washed his blood-stained hands with Surf Excel.

Those who were still unimpressed and pointed fingers to his gory past, to make them fall in line, he started Swachh Bharat Abhiyan. With that single stroke, he kept these stupid fellows busy cleaning dirty roads and streets, and thus spruced up the bloodied image of this former RSS paracharak.

Not only that, Uncle Sam gave him red-carpet welcome in the US; then President Obama happily attended the Republic Day celebration sitting next to him.

The biggest evidence of his generosity is that those who had been sent to jails on the direction of the Supreme Court on the charges of rioting, murder, kidnapping and rape, particularly in Gujarat, are being let off.

With capturing the top post of the country, first, he got his right hand, who was the prime accused in the Sorabuddin and Ishrat Jahan fake encounter cases and also in the communal pogrom in Gujarat, cleared from every charge and made him president of the ruling party.

The same CBI and other security agencies which had been hounding the mass killers, kidnappers and murderers of Sohrabuddin, are now behaving like pet dogs and wagging their tails without any provocation.

Moreover, the Supreme Court has been maintaining a studied silence and has forgotten its judicial activism.  Rather, these incidents of giving bail to Gujarat riots convicts Babu Bajrangi and several others and acquittal of the bomb blast accused by NIA courts indicates the direct link between the judges and the organizations these culprits belong to.

For instance, last year the NIA Special Judge Justice K Ravinder Reddy resigned hours after acquitting all the Mecca Masjid blast accused, including Hindutva preacher Aseemanand. On that occasion, he expressed keenness to join the BJP, describing it as a ‘patriotic party’. Banners welcoming him into the party were put up at the BJP’s Telangana State unit office in Hyderabad.

Justice K Ravinder Reddy who acquitted all Mecca Masjid blast accused, including Hindutva preacher Aseemanand can been seen with Amit Shah

Though he changed his mind and later withdrew his resignation, one can imagine what kind of judgment he would have been giving in the cases like bomb blasts in which Hindu terrorist are said to be involved.

As far as the question of the role of cheerleaders, I mean the media, is concerned, their mouths are already gagged by wads of notes since the last parliamentary elections, how can they speak against him!

Interestingly, our countrymen who were outraged over the release of 26/11 Mumbai attack prime accused Hafiz Sayeed by the Pakistan government, were not there to lodge a protest against the summary acquittal of most of the accused in Gujarat riots and Mecca Masjid blasts.

Therefore, nobody is asking how so many accused are being let off? When these people were not involved and why the security agencies are not doing their best to nab those people responsible for such heinous crimes?

In fact, by these mass acquittals, the security agencies and the courts are giving an impression to the people as if nothing had happened.  And if something might have happened, people should not get disturbed and forget about them as they have diligently developed the habit of forgetting thousands of massacres and communal riots occurred in the country.




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