Sayyid Ghalib Thangal elected 3rd time KKMCC president

Dr. Sayyid Ghalib Al-Mashoor Thangal

By Muslim Mirror News,

Kuwait City: Kerala Muslim Cultural Centre (KMCC), whose followers in GCC Countries include more than 250,000 has re-elected unanimously, Dr. Sayyid Ghalib Al-Mashoor Thangal as the President of Kuwait based KKMCC Kannur District Committee for the year 2014-2015.

Kuwait KMCC is a registered Socio-cultural Association with a non-profit status at Indian Embassy in Kuwait is considered to be one of the biggest member associations in Kuwait. KKMCC national committee Vice President P.V. Ibrahim controlled the election as Returning Officer/the Election commissioner.

Other office bearers include:


Jaffar Palakkod as General Secretary,

Anwar kawwayi as Treasurer

Abdullah Azhari, T.V. Abdul Aziz, as Vice Presidents.

Nasir Taliparamba, Shameed Mammakunnu, M. Shihabuddeen Irikoor as Joint Secretaries and Shafi Pariyaram as Auditor

The function was held at “KKMCC Central Committee Office in Abbasiyia under the auspices of KKMCC National Committee.

Various complimentary speeches were made by Vice Presidents: Farooq Hamadani and K.T.P. Abdul Rahman, Azeez Valiyakath. In addition to speeches delivered by Gafoor Vayanadu, Ismail Bevincha, Razak Padiyoor. T.V. Azeez delivered welcome speech. Vote of thanks expressed by Jafar Palakkod.
Dr. Sayyid Ghalib Al-Mashoor Thangal whose ancestors were originated from Arab Republic of Yemen & Saudi Arabia, hails from Malabar also is the “Advisory Council Member of the National Committee”.


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