SC orders mediation to settle Ayodhya title dispute


New Delhi, March 8 : The Supreme Court on Friday ordered mediation to settle the Ram Janmabhoomi-Babri Masjid Ayodhya title dispute case by a three-member panel.

The panel will be headed by former Supreme Court judge Justice F.M.I. Kalifulla with Art of Living founder, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, and senior advocate Shriram Panchu as its members.

Ordering the mediation, the five-judge constitution bench of Chief Justice Ranjan Gogoi, Justice S.A. Bobde, Justice D.Y. Chandrachud, Justice Ashok Bhushan and Justice S. Abdul Nazeer barred both the print and visual media from reporting on the mediation proceedings.

It also barred those participating in the proceedings from speaking to the media.

The mediation proceedings would be held at Faizabad and would commence in a week.

The order pronounced by Chief Justice Gogoi did not pass any specific guidelines, leaving it to the mediators to take a call, and said that mediators could take any legal assistance that may be necessary.

The court has ordered the mediation to use the time available before the regular hearing of the matter during which all the parties to the dispute have been asked to complete the paper work relating to the dispute.(IANS)


  1. Muslim leadership in AIMPLB is illiterate and idiotic.
    6 months earlier, we had strongly advised these leaders to proclaim in public domain and the court that Muslims are ready to build a charitable hospital for all religions in disputed area.
    But these stupid people ignored, they have no idea how RSS acts and all judges are totally Bikau.
    See babu Bajrani mass killer and rapist released 14th time.
    Even if court did not agree to Charitable Hospital, atleast the whole majority good Hindu population would know that Muslims always have good intentions, and they would stop supporting these hate brigade saffronists.
    It would have been a huge moral victory for Indian Muslims, but leaders have no vision, do not take mashwira…wise counsel..

    Now langoor Sri Sri Sri Sri ravisankar will be one of mediation parties for free publicity and to hide his misdemeanours.

    Best luck with a corrupt Supreme court and Kindergarten brain uneducated Muslim leaders…

  2. You are brainless half mad Anonymous hiding in sheep’s clothing called Anonymous. RSS will kick on your aas if you talk to Hospital. Mr.crackpot, come out of your fool’s paradise.

    • Dear Shaykh, learn to think coolly before you react like a wild animal!
      I challenge you to see the result after mediation and SC result, and then be prepared to swallow your own vomit, as you people don’t have foresight or wisdom..
      May Allah bless you and give good sense to the leaders!
      Also if there were no anonymous system, these leaders will use their clout to beat up or politically silence people speaking for benefit of already downtrodden community, just to run their Madarsas with Zakaat funds and almost zero employment opportunities for the poor Madarsa graduates/Aalims/Haafiz most of whom are not taught Basic Mathematics, History, Geography, Basic English or Hindi,…So they are very easily exploited in life because of gullibility…
      Best luck and do elect a good educated leader in next elections in your constituency, otherwise life will only change for worse!


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