SC rejects plea seeking women”s entry into mosques

Muslim women in a mosque

New Delhi, July 8 The Supreme Court on Monday rejected the Akhila Bharatha Hindu Mahasabha”s plea that Muslim women should be allowed to enter mosques.

A bench headed by Chief Justice Ranjan Gogoi said: “Let a Muslim woman come and challenge it. Then we will consider.”

The court was hearing a petition filed by Swamy Dethathreya Sai Swaroop Nath, the Kerala President of Akhila Bharatha Hindu Mahasabha.

He has challenged a Kerala High Court order dismissing his plea.

The top court also referred to the Kerala High Court order dubbing the plea a publicity exercise.

“The denial of entry to Muslim women in Masjid for prayers with men is denial of justice to them and deprives them of their right to equality which is a disgrace to modern society,” the petitioner said.

The petitioner had also sought a ban on burqa.


  1. Just for every one information: Muslim Women are allowed in Mosque & yes they do have a separate covered area in Mosque other than Man in same premises of Mosque. This is the practice in all over GCC.
    In India coz Mosque are less and small and i think in my view coz lacking of place/fund/separate area/facilities & also coz Muslim women not going to Mosque in India, that’s why there is no separate area for Muslim women in Indian Mosque.


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