SDPI protest against custodial death and mob lynching of Tabrez Ansari


By Muslim Mirror

New Delhi : SDPI registered a strong protest against custodial death and mob lynching of Tabrez Ansari in front of Jharkhand Bhawan Delhi today morning. In huge gathering SDPI Vice President Avd Sharduddin Ahmad strongly condemned the killing of Muslim Youth in Jharkhand and asked judicial inquiry in this case. As evident that group of people caught victim Tabrez Ansari in the fake case of burglary and beaten for 7 hours that reached to his death.

In protest  national secretary of SDPI Dr Tasleem Rahmani called it brutal and in human. After the return of Modi regime number of such incidents increased. This is against what PM Modi claimed in his maiden speech in 2nd term called Sabka Sath sabka Vikas”.

Rahmani said time for sitting in cosy homes and posting anguish over social media shall be over now.

The video of Tabrez being brutally assaulted has gone viral, and clearly shows the mob asking his name, and on him revealing his name Tabrez, he is shown being assaulted and forced to chant Jai Sri Ram and Jai Hanuman. The inhuman lynching for 14 hours eventually led to his death in police custody.

‘If you are really pained for whatever is misshaping all across the country like continuously increasing incidents of mob lynching and rapes please come out and speak up for such inhuman incidents. SDPI firmly stands with family of victim Tabrez Ansari, he added.

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  1. In modi 1st has started it will continue still worse in his 2nd regime.muslims are helpless since we in minority
    Let us pray for our safety and dignity

  2. Belated protest is okay against no protest. But yet it’s meaningless so far as the victim is concerned. Tabrez was alive for three four days later in hospital which did treat him well and he died. If secular NGOs and political parties run for help in groups collectively many subsequent deaths can be averted. And bogus investigation and false medical reports can be checked. Let’s not take this hindutva terror lying down.


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