See the only exit poll that claims Congress victory


By Muslim Mirror Staff

New Delhi: Till today only established media organisations have been conducting exit polls with all claims of neutrality. However, this tradition seems to fall down in this age of virtual networks.

Amid all kinds of sources claiming the majority of NDA on Lok Sabha seats in 2019 general elections, one Facebook page titled ‘WithRG’ has come up with its own exit poll survey that promises more seats for UPA than NDA.

According to this page, UPA will have 198-208 seats while NDA will get 165-175 seats only. The coalition of Smajwadi Party and Bahujan Samaj Party will get 42-52 seats in UP while TMC will have 28-32 seats in West Bengal and others will be win 109-119.
With approx 8 lakh followers and the picture of Rahul Gandhi on the cover, this social media page has claimed ‘the survey is based on more than 2 lakh rural and urban voter’s views of 524 Lok Sabha seats’. No more details are available about the methods and methodology of the survey.

All other exit polls are giving a near-clear majority to BJP-led NDA at the Centre.
The poll of polls, an aggregate of exit polls released just after voting concluded at 6 pm on Sunday, predicted that the NDA would sweep over 300 of the country’s 543 parliamentary seats while the Congress and its allies manage around 120. It also showed the BJP making deep inroads in West Bengal, winning 13 of its 42 seats, and making big gains in Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Chhattisgarh despite surprise losses in last year’s assembly elections.

3 thoughts on “See the only exit poll that claims Congress victory

  1. Same as Exit poll prediction according to alleged EVM expert Sayed Shuja from US in interview to popular social media channel National Dastak.
    Total figure 171 maximum for NDA,
    MP buying will begin later.

    We will know for sure on 23 rd May.

    Please keep calm whoever wins and let events unfold as per plan of Allah.Have Sabr.

    Fast for Ramadan and pray and be aware of security of musjids and houses and neighbourhood.

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