Shah Alam granted bail in Delhi violence case as court doubts credibility of police witnesses


By Muslim Mirror Staff

New Delhi: A Delhi court granted bail to Shah Alam who was arrested in a Delhi violence case after it cast serious doubts on the credibility of police witnesses.

Additional Sessions Judge Vinod Yadav granted bail to Shah Alam, who was accused in the case in which a 19-year-old man sustained gunshot injuries.

The court said that the injured Prince Bansal “did not specifically name the applicant in his complaint dated 02.03.2020”.

It further raised its concern over the credibility of two police constable who happened to be police witnesses.

Yadav said he was unable to comprehend why the beat constables waited till the recording of their statements under Section 161 CrP.C to name the petitioner when they had categorically seen and identified him rioting on the date of the incident and the petitioner/accused was previously known to them.

“Being police official(s), what stopped them from reporting the matter then and there in the PS or to bring the same in the knowledge of higher police officers is beyond comprehension.  This casts a serious doubt upon the credibility of aforesaid police witnesses”, the judge said.

The court pointed out that even no call at number 100 was made by the witnesses on the date of the incident.

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