Shaheen Bagh crowd swells on UN team visit rumour


Shaheen Bagh crowd swells on UN team visit rumour

However, it turned out to be a rumour.

”There is one very good news – Coming Sunday on 12-01-2020 ko sham (evening) 7:30 pm per Shaheen Bagh protest main UN team is coming to analyse the protest and the present scenario of the country,” read a message that went viral on social media.

”All citizens are requested to come in more numbers at Shaheen Bagh on Sunday before 7:30 pm to show your presence and strength in front of the UNO team,” the message read.

Earlier in the day, the protestors had arranged a ”Sarv Dharam Sabhava” to highlight unity among religions and communities. The inter-faith ceremony, witnessed traditional Hindu-style ”havan” and Sikh ”kirtan”.

A replica of the India Gate was also placed near the protest site with names of people who have lost their lives during anti-CAA protests across the country inked on it.

One of the residents Zulqarnain said the crowd was massive and Shaheen Bagh had not seen such a crowd. Rven peripheral roads were packed with people who had come to show their solidarity with the protesters.


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