Shameful : Crowd loots mangoes from a Muslim street vendor in Delhi


By Muslim Mirror Staff

New Delhi: In a shameful incident a crowd looted unattended crates of mangoes worth Rs 30,000 left behind by a fruit seller in North Delhi’s Jagatpuri area. The incident took place after a fight erupted near a neighbourhood school and a group of people asked the Muslim vendor, Chhote, to move his cart away.

Chhote shifted his cart to an palace but dozens of crates full of mangos were yet to be shifted. Taking advantage of the situation, some people pounced upon his crates and carried all that they could.

“It’s a shame to see that People (Monkeys) Loot Mangoes Worth Rs 30,000 From Street Vendor In Delhi.Don’t call them Middle Class, they have No Class.  Someone please find the seller, we need to compensate him somehow & make his day. This is the worse to happen to someone”  wrote a Twitter user  Amit Bhawani.

An eye witness recorded the video of the entire incident and put it on social media. According to an NDTV report, he had 15 crates of mangoes worth Rs 30,000 and all of it was gone. Riders hoarded mangoes in their helmets and shopping bags whereas others called out like a hawker and asked the rest of the crowd to help themselves.

The fruit seller, Chhote has lodged a complaint with the police but no action has been taken as of yet.

26 thoughts on “Shameful : Crowd loots mangoes from a Muslim street vendor in Delhi

  1. Dear Muslim Mirror – Here you see religion of the vendor because it favours your agenda..

    Else where you call it “single source”

    🙂 🙂

    1. Why your powerful Modia is not giving full name of Hindu brother?
      Why lapdog Modia only mentions ” Chote” ?
      You need to ask questions to the govt and powerful chaatukaar modia, not to minorities!
      Brute Devil Sanghi paid IT troll with false names.

    2. You people may find hindus are using muslim names to comment against Muslims …just like using tableeq jamat name or similar one

    1. It is a shame to loot the fruits from the guy whether he was a Muslim or a Hindu.
      All these against Muslims in India are taking place because of the current BJP lead RSS mentality government. The culprits know they will not be punished for doing anything against Muslims as an example see what the hindu rerrorists did to Muslims during late February with backing of the police force, did ever any action was taken against the Hindus who torched and killed dozens of innocent civilians?
      India boast to be the largest democracy in the world. In fact Muslim communities in India are now under threat and treated like 2nd class citizens under the Modi’s BJP rule.
      Where the real democtacy works with respect to the minority religions and communities.

  2. People like Amit Bhawani is bring and brought up with 100% pure money (HALAL) where as those who looted the mangoes are bring and brought up with impure money (HARAM).

    That is the difference of good and bad.

  3. What does kejrival intend to say, question is not to take a mockery step the police is not within your control, if you direct the police to have FIR in the matter of tabligi jamat, what you say

  4. Kejriwal ne apna asli chera batadiya
    Ye bhe RSS aur bajrandal ki sounch wala insan nikla satta hasil karne k bad BJP se hat milaliya aur muslim per zulm karne walon ka sat dera

  5. You people may find hindus are using muslim names to comment against Muslims …just like using tableeq jamat name or similar one

  6. Jaisi awaam waisa Hakim(ruler/govt)…. If people are corrupted, theves, shameless, cheaters, deceiver, liers….so is the rulers….

    To change fate of Inida or any country people must correct themselves in first place……

    Those who looted, upon them be curse that their proportionate property or money be looted as per their capacity Vs the vendor’s capacity

    Kindly Help that poor person…

  7. EVM power Sanghi “Paatal lok”…
    Where Muslims are only as good as scavengers and rabid dogs to be looted and killed…
    UAE wants IPL tamasha to be played in their country. Hypocrites shedding crocodile tears..Not stopping cheap oil exports..and cheap human labour import…
    OIC and UN….puppies….

  8. In this falling secularism in our nation few true Hindus like Mr. Amit Dhawani still keeps the hopes of the Muslims of India who are trying to marginalized in to second class citizen’s of India as planned by the RSS founders written documented in ‘Bunch of Thoughts’.
    After more than $5 billion ‘Beef trade’ has been forcefully taken over by BJP government in the name of ‘Gau Raksaha’ to economical weaken the community, now even small traders are being targeted in the second leg planning.
    I appreciate those who came forward and generously make donations to recover the losses of this vendors.
    In the future I would suggest both the communities to help each other regardless of his religion. This is the best way to defeat the divisive forces in their plans.

    Jai Hind

  9. What happened was wrong, but giving it a name of religion is worse people who looted the mangoes can be hindu Or muslim, we should condemn the activity not the religion.
    Being a hindu Or a muslim and spreading hate is exactly what even media is doing so we are no different. The more you talk about religion the more you will se and hear related activities.

  10. 70% people of India did not vote for the BJP which is political arm of RSS and its affiliates. What we see today in India is Ravan Raj under BJP who had told lies that they will bring Ram Raj if voted to power. Intelligent ones knew BJP is habitual liers like RSS and affiliates. They did not vote for them.
    BJP will loose next election and Ram Raj will return.

  11. Muslim mirror same on you..There is not point to see hindu muslim. Agar apko dekhna hi hai to ye bhi dekho ki us fruits vaale ki hai logo ne 8 lakh rupye ki madad bhi ki hai. Or kisi ne uska religion dekh ke madad nhi ki… Really same on u. Tum jaise log hi Muslims ko badnaam karte ho vo bechare tum jaise logo se jyda dukhi hai.

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