Shia separatist leader summoned by NIA


Srinagar : Senior Shia separatist leader Aga Syed Hussain Badgami was on Thursday served a notice by the National Investigation Agency (NIA) to appear before the agency on Friday.

A notice was served to the separatist leader by the Superintendent of Police (NIA) which said: “… You are directed to appear on November 2 at 10 a.m. at Police Officers Mess (in) Srinagar in connection with the investigation.”


2 thoughts on “Shia separatist leader summoned by NIA

  1. NIA should send him to his beloved Pakistan… then see what happens to him..Or what they do it SHIAs. As Burmese did to Azadi seeking his brothers throw him across the border and hear him begging to come back. India is too liberal, Modi too week. Had this been Bush, Trump, Putin, Aug Sui, Xi or Serbia, he would have in heaven by now.

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