Six hospitals refuse to admit, finally DU prof. Wali Akhtar dies


By Hasan Akram

New Delhi, June 11: Professor Wali Akhtar Nadwi, head of the Arabic department at Delhi University (DU) died on 9 June after he was denied treatment at around six private hospitals in Delhi and Noida. He had shown Covid symptoms but the hospitals refused to admit him citing different reasons.

On 2 June Akhtar found out that he was having a fever. Since then his family members approached around six private hospitals including Delhi’s Bansal Hospital, Fortis Hospital, Holy Family Hospital, Moolchand Hospital and Kailash Hospital in Noida. But all of them denied his admission. Some of them said they don’t admit patients having fever and some said they don’t have a bed available.

When hospitals refused to admit

“My ailing brother was shocked and disappointed at the treatment of hospitals more than his ailment . He lost hope even before beginning of the Covid-19 test process,” Prof. Akhtar’s younger brother Jamil Akhtar told Muslim Mirror.

The hospitals Prof. Akhtar sought treatment at are empanelled with the DU under direct payment facility. Despite that, he failed to get any medical help from them.

The security guards of Fortis Escort didn’t even allow Prof. Akhtar and his family members to enter the hospital premises. “This grieved my late brother the most,” Mr Jamil Akhtar said.

“It is evident that the central and state governments have no control over these hospitals and the latter are doing whatever they want. Moreover, the governments’ claims are hollow. In such a situation, a common person has no dignity” Prof. Akhtar’s colleague Mujeeb Akhtar said.

Dr Aditya Narayan Mishra, former president of the Delhi University Teachers Association also criticised healthcare authorities over Akhtar’s death. In an interview with News 18 Urdu, Mishra said that his family members kept running from one hospital to another in their attempt to get him admitted but his life was lost as he was not provided with a bed at any hospital.

Mismanagement at Al-Shifa Hospital

Prof. Wali’s family members finally managed to get him admitted in South Delhi-based Al-Shifa hospital (owned and managed by Jamat e Islami Hind)  with the help of some of their acquaintances associated with this medical facility. However, mismanagement at the hospital left them uncertain.

Prof. Wali was not attended or provided any medical facility and  made to sit at a chair untill registeration  amount was deposited to the hospital, said  Jamil Akhtar , the younger brother of late prof.Wali.

It took almost five days for the hospital staff to get his coronavirus test done. He was admitted at 2 am on 7 June. His sample was taken at 4 pm on 9 June and he died at 6:20 pm on the same day.

But the test report says his sample was collected on 10 June and result was prepared on 11 June.

Moreover, the ICU Prof Wali was admitted into did not have AC facility, Mr Jamil complained. He added that only nurses were wearing PPE but other medical staff weren’t.

47 thoughts on “Six hospitals refuse to admit, finally DU prof. Wali Akhtar dies

  1. Delhi government claims that is doing well for patient where was Kejriwal administration when this professor was running for treatment is this a gimmick to show world or WHO ….really sorry as none hospital provided help .. government should take action against theses hospitals.

  2. Only in a Hindu mobocracy like India would a hospital not admit a person “with fever.” Sick heartless hate filled creatures were more then happy to deny critical care to a Muslim patient. All Hindu doctors overseas should be expelled.

    1. In the first instance I think you are supposed to contact your family physician who helps and guides you to managing your symptoms at the onset. To avoid doing this and become critical and at the last stage expect a hospital to help you when you are critical is expecting too much and this virus recognises no eminence and spares no carelessness. Its a tragedy but not one to be used to abuse insult and denigrate every health worker. There are no ecperts on covid and no one decides who survives who does not. In your hour of grief none og this may make sense layer it might but in the meanwhile only 4 things will work in your favour

      Be safe please

      1. I dont think that is the point. Regardless of history, no hospital should turn away an I’ll person. It’s a complete failure of the healthcare system for a patient to be turned away like this. Absolutely disgusting.

      2. What shit are you commenting Amit. Is any sense in your fucking head. He went and relatives try to get him admitted. 6 (six) hospital refused. Are these hospital or their own houses. Government should close these 6 hospitals

  3. Majoritarian Hindus seem to have become worse in cruelty than even the barbaric Mongols under Modi-Shah-Bhagwat-Swamy-Bisht-Kejriwal the modern blood-drinking “Noyans”…

  4. Muslims should make every endeavor to establish their own private hospitals. It is time that wealthy Muslims establish their own institutions and allow all communities admission to these institutions. The Hindus are not going to relent in their superiority complex attitude. We in South Africa suffered for over half a century under white rule and eventually the whites had to give in.

  5. I don’t think he was denied admission because he was a Muslim! In general our healthcare system has been a let down n unprepared to deal with Covid-19. It is unfortunate we lost a good person and pray for the departed soul. Hope the govt wakes up before it is too late.

    1. You sound apologetic to make believe that there is zero chance of discrimination in this case. Is it so in India? Numerous doctors across India have been refusing to treat Muslims for something as critical as child delivery and cancer. This is the new normal. You have to live with the shame for eternity.

  6. Let the second majority of Indian population built their own hospitals so that they will get the required treatment well in time. Need of the hour is to do something rather to be in the habit of making lame excuses.

  7. A case must be filed against all of the hospitals which denied the admission and treatment to the professor of Delhi University.A show cause notice should be served by the Delhi and central Minority commission.

  8. The medicare system has failed thousands of people during the current pandemic. On the one hand hospitals are not admitting seriously ill people, including the corona virus related patients, on the other they are not providing corona test results faster so that the lives of positive cases could be saved.
    The fact is, both the govt and the hospital people are avoiding dealing with Covid cases, whatever their alibis.

    1. This is the ground reality of our country! there is no system in place. we all surviving. Not sure, how this will get fixed, a huge challenge for all of us, don’t expect anything with current politicians – most of them are directly or indirectly linked to corruption. Fro the last 1 week, the focus has shifted to show a high recovery rate.

  9. This is not a matter of Hindu..Muslim …it is becoz of our Govt. Failures…..and seriousness for there citizens…… It also shows how our Hospitals are going to convert there duties to a Big Business Houses…..!!!

  10. Such incidents keep alive the hearts of ill fated racists.Indian govt should either help such racists to grow by being blithful or save the nation from these biggest enemies that are prevalent inside the nation.
    Hope that Indian Government will act

  11. Such incidents keep alive the hearts of ill fated racist people. Govt should either help such racists to grow by being blithful or save the nation from these biggest enemies prevalent inside the nation.
    Hope Indian Government will act!

  12. When our leaders and financially sound people couldn’t do some thing special for the upliftment of Muslims in India even Muslims were ruling India like mughals and Nawab’s in past and Muslim institutions in present then we have no right to say against those for whom we left ground

  13. Losing life without getting opportune medical care is bad enough! If that is due to religious discrimination, that’s the worst that could happen in a Democracy! That’s incriminating behaviour too from the concerned!

  14. India govt is not want Muslim people they want only BJP personald. Way not Muslims fighting angensts to govt .the govt is blady mother fucking canary. P.m big theaf and mother fucking him ..

  15. Fortis hospital is in Okhla,n how can they refused to admit a DU professor.? Fortis hospital management must answer.

    1. Shame on doctors, we should spit on these faces, no humanity should cancel their licences.
      Delhi chief Minister should take immediate action.

  16. I am not sure if this is a case if discrimination. But one thing is pretty clear and that is: the hospitals and health givers are no longer be relied up on. The lack of accommodation / beds in 5 hospitals .. one after another does not sound plausible.. is it money then.. ? Of course there are many reports making rounds that Hospitals are charging & making huge sum . It is a tragedy there is none to establish accountability, and set things right to save a few more lives.

  17. The country is being ruled by criminals and thugs. Under them, minorities are suffering the most right now but there will be a time when everyone, even the majority will suffer.

  18. How conveniently some idiots have given it a muslim angle…what more can be expected when it is Muslim mirror and few bjp, hindu blah blah.
    It’s better they look into the mirror. When the doctor’s were getting beaten up how many of u had raised a voice, how many of you had criticized those hooligans. One death and people started playing muslim card…the fact is the patient died in Al Shifa hospital needless to say what does that stand for.

  19. It’s not about religion , it’s the carelessness of Indian Health care system and the govt authorities and bureaucrats itself.
    Shame on indian govt that in such a modern world such incidence are happening, shame on such medical care system
    #shame on such medical care syatem
    # shame on indian govt system

    1. I totally agree with Mansoor, Its Really Shame that we don’t have Enough Hospitals to cope with this type of Pandemic.
      Our Health care System is one of the worst in the world in case patient to Doctor ratio. No one is worried or care about about the Welfare of the people , every party’s ambition will only be to Grab the Power.

  20. Why people feeling, it may be discrimination issue bec, since starting govt and Media blaming one community for corona, its not first case, in across india doctors openly refused to treat muslims, but we shouldn’t generalise, its happening to all people, migrants includes all religion, how many poor died, its a govt failure since beginning, they are masters in diverting the minds of majority community. When there’s failure, immediately divert the minds with others issues, even kids knows this, and they brain washed majority community successfully that, if they opposes govt means opposing themselves, with that mindset everybody is suffering. History tells us, for getting power politicians can go to any extend, they may kill their owns, use religion and more. MEDIA RULE IS VERY DANGEROUS, ALLAH SAVE ALL FROM THEM.

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