Siyasi Bedari Forum seeks commitment from candidates on Muslim charter of demands

A meeting
A candle march by Siyasi Bedari Forum

By Muslim Mirror News,

New Delhi:  A Muslim pressure group namely Siyasi Bedari Forum which had been actively trying to create political awareness among minorities particularly in Muslims has appealed Muslims to select such a candidate or political party which is committed to their genuine welfare and progress. The Forum has appealed to Muslim voters to seek commitment from the candidate they want to vote on certain demands of the community.

The Forum has prepared a charter of demands in this regard as below:

(1) Stop arresting innocent Muslim youths in the name of fighting terror.

(2)  What the Party or candidate will do to free youths who have been languishing in jails for many years?

(3)  The draconian laws such as TADA and POTA have been lapsed but the government has enacted much more stringent and harsher law than POTA or TADA that is UAPA. Whether they will repeal it immediately?

(4)  Whether they will set up an inquiry into all fake encounters?

(5)  Whether, they are willing to implement Justice Nimesh Commission and Justice Mishra Commission reports in letter and spirit?

(6) Muslim won’t be forced to recite Vande-Matram as it is against the concept of Monotheism. If the candidate is Muslim, ask him whether, he will avoid reciting of Vande Matarm in parliament or assembly?

(7)  Set up a minority protection force with due representation of the minority members in order to protect them during communal riots. It is bitter fact that minorities bear the brunt in any communal violence.

(8) Get passed the Prevention of Targeted Communal Violence Bill in Parliament fast.

(9) Remove the conditionality of religion from the Article 341 and make it secular.

(10) Muslim community should be given reservation on the pattern of Kerala and Tamil Nadu. All the legal hurdles should be cleared in the way of Muslim reservation as whichever community is getting reservation in the country belongs to one religion or other. Why the Muslims are only singled out in this regard?

(11)  De-reserve constituencies with substantial Muslim population by appointing Delimitation Commission with time-bound.

(12)  Urdu is mother tongue of Muslims; hence an Urdu Talimi board should be constituted on the pattern of Allahabad or CBSE board.

(13)  Babri Masjid should be rebuilt on its original place and all other tombs and shrines which were destroyed, must be rebuilt.

(14) All the mosques and tombs under ASI should be opened for namaz across the country.

(15) Muslims should be given due representation in government and administration but it should not be symbolic.

The Forum asks Muslim voters to unmask secular credentials of candidate or party by asking their position on the charter of demands. If no candidate is willing to commit on this, then opt for NOTA option in the elections.  The Forum further said Muslim voters should seek written promise from the candidates whom they are going to vote.

2 thoughts on “Siyasi Bedari Forum seeks commitment from candidates on Muslim charter of demands

  1. Na reporter ka pata na siyasi bedari forum ke zimmedaron ka. Ye kaisi reporting.
    Ye naya fashion chala hai demands ki list pesh karne ka. Jaise sari parties iss pe amal karne ko betaab hain. Ye parties aap se behtar jaanti hain ki kis cheez se aapka bhala ho sakta hai. isliye wo cheez to qataee nahi dena hai.
    Apni demands puri karaane ke liye apna reliable political structure hona zaruri hai. aaplog wo mehnat harna nahi chahte. dusaron ka bana banya makan dekh kar chahte hain ki enter kar jayen aor khatir ho. aisa kaise mumkin hai?

  2. How do u say that ur communal feeling against hindu and india is unexceptable at all.1.urdu is not the language of all just for north indian muslims in up.2.babri mosque cant build in ayodhya if u want to build in other places its good.3.article 341 cant be remove since its anti-hindu.and last why u dont want a saparate country for muslims as muslims did in past so that all country and pesudo hindus should know that ur mentality towords the hindu and india.

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