‘Teenager Kabir’s act of self defense stops mob-lynching incidents in Asansole’

Muhammad Kabir

By Syed Zubair Ahmad

Asansole :Teenager Muhammad  Kabir  who killed his attacker Suraj Bahadur in self defence  on July 23 has emerged  as a hero in Asansol area of Bardhaman district in West Bengal.

The incident took place when Kabir was returning to his home in Gulzar Mohalla (BPL colony ).

Kabir who works in a plastic factory as a laborer was stopped by a group of four youths from majority community and forced to chant ‘Jai Sriram’.

A scuffle broke between them but Kabir somehow managed to run away. Meanwhile one of the attackers Suraj Bahadur menacingly chased Kabir and managed to caught him. “Fearing for his life Kabir picked a brick and threw on the head of Suraj Bahadur which resulted into the death of  Suraj’ said Armaan , the elder brother of Md. Kabir.

Many residents of Gulzar Mohallah said that the same group of goons who attacked Kabir used to force school students to chant ‘Jai Sriram’.

The incidents of mob lynching have become a new normal since Modi govt. has come to power  and north Indian states are witnessing the largest number of mob lynching incidents resulting in deaths of many Muslims.

Right activist Syed Muhammad Afroz

“There had been more than 14 incidents of attack on Muslim hawkers in Burdawan district since May. But  no attack  on Muslims were reported  after  Kabir killed   his attacker in self-defense” said activist  Syed Muhammad Afroz  who is assisting  victims’ families legally.

Kabir’s two younger and one elder brother whit mother Soni Khatoon at their one room rented house.

As par school certificate Kabir is a minor and his case comes under the  jurisdiction of  juvenile court which is in adjacent district Burdawan  and Kabir’s case should be taken there but due to lack of resources it’s still in  West Bardhaman (Asansol ) court.

School certificate of Muhammad Kabir

A team of SDPI (Social Democratic Party of India) headed by its vice president advocate Sharfuddin Ahmad and S.M. Anwar Hussain (ex-president AMUSU who also heads Karwan group) visited Asansol to assure all kind of support to Soni Khatoon the mother of Kabir, who is a housemaid.

Advocate Sharfuddin Ahmad , vice president of SDPI with Kabir’s family

‘Mr Sharfuddin Ahmad requested me to take up Kabir’s case in juvenile court at Birdawan and promised that SDPI would bear all expenses of the case, said advocate Iftekhar who is representing Kabir in lower court.

Advocate Iftekhar

‘We have already taken up the case and SDPI will bear all the expenses of Kabir’s case , said advocate Sharfuddin Ahmad.

‘It was really surprising and shocking to know from the family members and the neighbours that no milli organisation including Jamiat ul Ulma e Hind, Jamaat e Islmi, Jamiat Ahle Hadeeth , Milli Council , Majlis e Mushawarat, AIUDF or AIMIM etc ever reached to extend any kind of moral support to the family’ said Anwar Hussain.

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  1. Murder in Self-Defence
    According to the laws of IPC which are mentioned in section 103 and 104 that in a murder in self-defense is not seen as a murder. Any act of protecting yourself is seen as the self-defense and the law understands that the accused did not have any intention of killing, he/she was protecting himself/herself

  2. In India if you want to stay you have to protect your self & family, for self defence no law or anything will panich you mob lyncheing is criminal act but our Indian political parties r not much good they r doing religious politic we hae to stay alert, save all of us from those people.


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