The face of Delhi Violence caught by Muslims, handed over to police unharmed


By Muslim Mirror Staff

New Delhi, Feb 28: A Hindu youth who became the face of terror during Delhi violence has been caught by Muslims in the same locality on Wednesday while he was rioting. But in a show of goodwill gesture Muslims didn’t do any harm to him and handed over to police .

In a video which has gone viral on social media on Monday, the man who seems part of the violent mob  – was shown abusing Muslims , shouting ‘Muslims should go to Pakistan’ etc  . He was  instigating the mob to attack Muslims. He explicitly claims that they have the support of the police. The man recording the video also shouts, “Police Prashaasan Zindabad” (long live police force), besides slogans declaring his ideological position.

In another video which was shared on social media  the same youth can be seen surrounded by Muslims . One person can be heard saying ‘this is the same person who made  a video while he was chanting Jai  Sriram ,  burning the houses and Mosque of Muslims . We have saved this man risking our lives and didn’t even touch him. We will hand over him to police unhurt”.

When asked ‘Are you the same person who was shouting Jai Sriram in the video‘ he said ‘Yes’.

The man can be seen wearing same T-shirt in both videos.


6 thoughts on “The face of Delhi Violence caught by Muslims, handed over to police unharmed

  1. Ram ji ka nam b le rae aur maa k lie esi word bol rae,kya a sikhata he sanatan dharm,kisiki ki maa lihaj na sahi lord Ram ka lihaj kr lete,q

  2. This tragic & horrific incident is against the basic principle of religion-to attack and hurt others who do not believe what I believe. What is of more concern is if the Government support one side. It is not easy to find real news even in this techno-savvy world. But what is known through media is enough to get upset.

    May Allah save humanity, bring peace and justice in India & the world.

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