The Muslim ‘dealers’ of India


By Dr. Aslam Abdullah

The English language has this word, “prostitution,” used mainly about the practice or occupation of engaging in sexual activity with someone for payment. Its synonyms are whoring, sex tourism, the sex industry, street-walking, escorting, call girls, or the sex workers. In general, all religions and cultures denounce this practice and call it a sin.

But the word has also another meaning. The unworthy or corrupt use of one’s talents for the sake of personal or financial gain is also called prostitution. This second definition is more appropriate than the first one. In the case of the first instance, a person sells one’s body or rents it for some time in return for some payment. But in the second instance, a person or a group of people sells their conscientious, their faith, their ideals for some gains best known to them.

Throughout human history, the people belonging to the second category have outnumbered the people in the first category. Yet, the world, mostly talks about the first set of people and ignore the second. Not only that, but it applauds them for doing so.In general, the people of the second category are abundantly found in religious circles, political movements, politicians, academicians, and social worker as well as in almost every field of life.Among religious circles and politicians, this prostitution is widespread beyond one’s imagination. Recently, in India, two such cases of prostitution have come to limelight. One involves a religious person and the other a politician. The name of the religious person is Arshad Madani, who is often known as Maulana (Our Lord), Arshad Madani and the second one is known as Arif Muhammad Khan. Interestingly, both are Muslims and have in two words that are associated with a religious figure always described by his followers as the perfect human being, i.e., Mohammad and Madani.

Madani is a scholar of Hadith and also the President of an organization called Jamiat Ulama, Hind, or the Council of Scholars of India. Khan has been a former President of the student union of the most prestigious Muslim university, the Muslim University of Aligarh as well as the member of India’s parliament and a cabinet minister. Recently, both 0f these people prostituted or sold one of the most precious human commodity known as conscious for some visible and invisible gains. Khan accepted the governorship of an Indian state and Madani announced his decision to work with an organization whose declared policy is to make India free of Muslims and other minorities and who is viewed as a terrorist organization. The institution Madani represents is often accused of a promoter of terrorism.

The RSS and its political wing have watched with applause the lynching of Muslims and Dalits in India. They both are committed to restoring a Hindu order in India that establishes a hierarchical system based on the birth of an individual and institutionalizes inequality. They both are responsible for creating the world’s largest concentration camp in Kashmir, where Muslims have been forced to live in pathetic sub-human condition for their political views.

Khan and Madani have joined their ranks and endorsed their policies. Khan has already been rewarded. Madani’s reward would be in the form of concessions and financial handouts to Dar Ul Uloom, Deoband. The reason Madani also prostituted his conscious also involves his ties with the despotic rulers of the Gulf and their prostituting scholars. Saudi Arabia and the Gulf countries recently awarded the leader of the RSS and BJP their highest national civilian award endorsing the lynching, the killing, and violence against innocent people. Madani was inspired by his religious masters in the Gulf and agreed to prostitute his and with him the consciousness of his kind who run thousands of Muslims seminaries in India. With, this prostitution common among the body of Islamic scholars in India, the Muslim community of India is now being led to a future that it is unable to fathom and figure out.

5 thoughts on “The Muslim ‘dealers’ of India

  1. Well done on retracting.

    Dirty politicians don’t deserve any respect at all!

    But Maulana Arshad Madani saheb should be careful as he is one of our seniormost Ulema of India.

    Hope Maulana corrects his mistake as an intelligent seniormost Aalim.

  2. Jo musalman naam k Hoga uspr Allah dushman musallat krdega lekin jiske Dil m imaan Hoga uski mdad v Allah khud farmaega

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