To protest against hate crimes, Muslim group will organise ‘Resistance Day’ on October 13


By Muslim Mirror News

New Delhi: Volunteers from Muslim community claiming to be devoid of any political affiliations have decided to organise ‘Resistance Day’ on October 13 to protest against the hate crimes in the country. The protest is ‘specifically’ against lynching of Muslims and Dalits in the country

According to the group 84% of the people killed in cow related violence are Muslims and those who involved in killings are set free and garlanded by pubic representatives.

In the appeal the Group has called killings of Human Right Activists, illegal arrests of Muslim and Dalit youths, attack on those who talk about Muslim and Dalits issues and systematic and administrative encouragement of those who attack Muslims as primary reasons for their protest.

“Leave communal parties, even secular parties are not ready to talk on Muslim issues” reads a statement widely circulated on social media.

“The message further reads “Will Indian Muslims just watch the situation and accept their status as second class citizens, or will we use this opportunity to come together and join hands?”

The group has asked people to organise or join a street protest and carry placards, besides ensuring everyone’s  participation – Men, Women, Young, Old, everyone. Apart from that the organising committee has also appealed people to create a Facebook event for a protest in neighbourhood and share the link with the Central coordination team @VoteHamaraBaatHamari.

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  1. Your figures are wrong—15% Indian Muslims and 15% Indian Dalits makes at least 360 million citizens , which is 36 crore citizens!
    Good initiative!

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