Treat Tablighis as terrorists, says Indian doctor close to union minister


By Hasan Akram

An Indian doctor has been caught on camera making highly objectionable remarks about members of Islamic missionary group Tablighi Jamaat. In an apparent reference to Covid-19 patients belonging of the group, she said that instead of keeping such patients in isolation wards and “exhausting resources” on them they should be punished in “solitary confinement” in jails or “sent to jungles and locked up in dungeons”.

The doctor, who has been identified as Kanpur GSVM Medical College principal Aarti Lalchandani, said, “They should be kept in solitary confinement in jail. You are keeping them in isolation ward”.

“We should not say this, but they are terrorists. And we are providing them VIP treatment, providing them food… exhausting our resources on them.” The hospital was “wasting” PPE kits over the Jamaat members. “Those who should be in jail, you are bringing them here for treatment, feeding them food, getting others infected, wasting manpower and kits,” she stated.

After the video showing Ms. Lalchandani making hateful comments went viral several free thinkers came out to virtually denounce her remarks. “Not only this is a blot on the medical profession but a blot on humanity as well,” film actor and director Pooja Bhat said in a tweet. She further asked, “How can one heal another when it is one’s mindset that needs healing?”

Notably, Ms. Lalchandani is the person who earlier had spread the rumour that members of the Tablighi Jamaat were spitting in order to spread Covid-19. She had spoken to mainstream Indian news channels alleging the same. Ironically, those news channels had portrayed her as a witness of the members spitting inside the hospital.

On an important note, members and administrators of the Tablighi Jamaat were criticised for organising a congregation in New Delhi in March that was attended by several foreign citizens, leading to a rise in the spread of Covid-19 in India.

Ms. Lalchandani can also be heard in the video saying that she would talk to Union Minister for Health Dr. Harsh Vardhan on this issue.

44 thoughts on “Treat Tablighis as terrorists, says Indian doctor close to union minister

  1. India ki beizzati karne me koi kasar nahi chhodi Jaa rahi he pade likhe log bhi aisi Baat karte he to uneducated se kia ummid he. Tabligh ko koi bhi bol sakta he lekin trump ko bulane pe sab khamosh he

    1. Bhai Sharafat, Inn jyse log ko, Government kuch nahi karti A Subko pata hai, isliye upar wala, Natural Disaster se, yahan tak Tidde k toofan se inko pareshaan kar raha hai, Aur dekhe Agae agae hota hai kya, Pragya Saadhvi bhi Andhi hogayee. 🤣🤣🤣🤣😂

  2. Whom you are indicating as educated they are worse then zebra. An educated is known by his/her words not by.diffrenciating the please don’t give them a tag of educated even by telling zebra also is a insult to zebra family because they are even better then them. Shane on them they are not belong to human society nor animal society. They should be dumb in cow dunk.

  3. India was the other name of unity in diversity but now it’s this character is getting eroded slowly.It is matter of concern for the country and the world.

  4. India was the other name of unity in diversity but now it’s this character is getting eroded slowly.It is matter of concern for the country and the world.

  5. Don’t spread fake news that Dr is not close to union ministry like any other Dean she is also there. But yes tableeghis and muslims are terrorists there’s nothing wrong in that.

    1. What is wrong with what she says. The way they have behaved they deserve to be in jail.
      And please stop playing this muslim card all the time

    2. Yes you are right, there are 1.7 billion terrorists across the globe. Ohhh My dear blind Bhakth do u really know the meaning of terrorist? Shame on you.

      1. 3 percent muslims in britain- 14 percent in jail

        in france 40 percent jail inmates are peaceful-

        check it out,

        i live in danmark- govt say too many criminals are peacefuls. has plans to
        deport them-


    3. Only ILL minded poeple can speak this way! Thay don t know the history.more than 5,00,000 poeples scrifice there lives@ the time of freedom fight in1947.and for your kind infomation thay are MUSLIMS and most of them are belongs to Tableegh jamaath.can you call them terrorist? One more thing go to india gate delhi read the mortyres names you can found more than 63,000 people are MUSLIMS .are thay terrorists?pls dont blame any comunity or people with out knowledge.this is very dangerous to our country. JAI HIND

      1. in 1946 10,000 hindus were killed by peaceful in kolkutta – direct action urded by jinnah- you bumbs fought and killed for pakistan, and now telling lies you fought for india.

        today your peaceful brothers attack india every day- many peaceful support them.peacefuls hate hindus, and we hate you- that why pak was formed.

        dont be a lier.

    4. A be Chekkeh Asshole P Mishra, A Mishra jaath sale kutte ki Jaath hai kya.. Harami born to 10….😡😡😡

    5. Misra ji aap kaun ho Yeh bhi bata do. Kab tak dharam Kai naam par logo ko thag tai rahogay Yeh Sabko pata hain. Aaj misra logo ki dukandari jo chalana hain dharam Kai naam par. Sharam Karo Aur sachai ko dekho nafarat maat failao. Kahi tum BJP ya RSS Kai it cell walay t nahi ho.

    6. Shane on you P. Mishra how can u say muslims and tableeghi s r terrorists have u have any idea of muslims in general?

  6. It’s not person but an ideology which has evolved over a period of time and due to present conducive environ seem to thrive and flourish.Immediate concern is to provide humane therapy to this mindset, ideology and its demands national and collective attention that will be true patriotism and love for our country.why? because these victims of deceit are after all offspring of this very soil of ours and it’s obligation of rest of the citizens irrespective of any distinction or differentiation to help these recover and uproot this catchdisease so that none of our citizens in future may fell its prey.

    1. It’s not godi media I understand that you people have not ability to digest fact and true. You people will go to hell only it’s Reserve for you. Change your mind of hate support the fact do not spread hate.

  7. RSS=BJP School produces only hatred and violence, riots, divisiveness and destruction.

    Don’t expect GOOD and Kindness from these fascist.

  8. Mishra as you said that tablighi and all Muslim are terrorist then what you will say friends of terrorist. Tell your modis uncle to get it back from all non Muslim from terrorist country and tell him to have no any relation with terrorists OK jahil minded

  9. What’s wrong in it? They themselves did not want to be treated. No Need to be politically correct with them. If Pooja Bhat feels for them let her take them home.

  10. How many Tabligis have died of Covid-19. It seems it was pre-planned testing of Tabligis to show them positive if Lakchandani like Doctors tested them. Moreover tabligis are citizens of India and tax payers so it is duty of our state to provide medical facility to all its citizens .. Dr lalchandani should admitted in Mental hospital and treated there for which Tabligis will bear the expenses…

  11. I agree that there is nothing wrong in calling Thabligis, who participated in a religious congregation against the advise of local administration and thereafter absconded themselves hiding in mosques and became super spreaders.

    1. Because this all nounsense news spread by the bikao media and godi media. Who’s agenda to divide the people of India. So no body will ask questions with government .The BJP party is fail to develop the country and give job to youngest generation so now they spread hate among Muslim and Hindu. The government know his capacity that’s they are talk with there media friend to target tabligi drama on channel because how they will hide their failure ness with people. Andh bhakat banay raho .how many Hindu suffer in covid-19 pendamic in gujrat and their own rulling state ,how many Hindi loss their life how the migrant workers supper. How many people of Gujarati Hindu support at least Hindi leave Muslim. Jiskay Dil main nafrat or hate hota hain wah Kabhi bhi kisi ka nahi hota na Waha acha beta ya beti ban sakta na bahan na hi pati Patni ban sakta wah kisi nahi ho sakta hain. Wah katil, hatyara Jarur ban sakta hain. Kisi sai nafrat Uska religion Kai wajah sai Karna ya jati caste kia wajah sai Karna .yeh koi dharam nahi sikata. Please do not spread hate love to all human being. The is the sign of good human being good religious and a good husband, son, brother can enjoy and justice with all relationships.

    2. i believe most afflicted by corona in india r peaceful topiwallahs and begums.
      hindus should not get disturbed- mullahs will help them-

      muslims should realise we hindus hate them- will not give them even a penny of help.
      go to muslim countries- soonest

  12. Instead of demonizing Dr Chandani, these yellow journalists and bleeding heart activists should first think what she said. She criticized the behaviour of noncompliant Tablighi missionaries who willfully defied the instructions of the medical authorities and behaved like depraved minds when confined in isolation centres. What Dr Chandani said is what is felt by many. Before condemning her, let us consider whether she said something about Muslims as such and not confined herself to Tablighi noncompliant mob, than it is objectionable. I have never heard the same journalists opening their mouth when rabid and hateful comments are freely floated against Hindus and RSS. Iam not a member of any organization, but a feel this type of witch hunting should stop.

  13. P mishra sab se badi terrorist tou yeah doctor hai jo poori comunity ko maarna chah rhiii hai terrorist budhiya.bhut jaldi expose ho gyiii thank god.ab apne behan bhai btaa rhii hai muslim ko.are tum jase terroeist mind nafratbaazo ko hum apna behan bhai nhiii maante.ase terorist logo se Aalah bachae..muslims open eyes unite againts these types of terrorist mind people.

  14. Please NO bad words should be used, then what will be the difference between you and born and brought up group or parties by the mother of ruling party. Behave yourself

  15. As of February last… Corona wa diagnosed in India…. Inspite of banning international flights India was welcoming president of America who himself didn’t spend a dollar on Modi’s visit… Indian authority allowed them to come then they came…. All this shit….

  16. reading muslim posts confirm my views- they are people with low dna.
    hindus should avoid them- dont provide medicine, medical treatment to them. boycott them economically. worse one should be jailed- lets see what these peacefuls do.

    hope they start a civil war-will give us a reason to do what mynmaar did with rohingyas..

  17. Notably, Ms. Lalchandani is the person who earlier had spread the rumour that members of the Tablighi Jamaat were spitting in order to spread Covid-19. She had spoken to mainstream Indian news channels alleging the same. Ironically, those news channels had portrayed her as a witness of the members spitting inside the hospital.

    Double game…masterstroke Sanghi venom…
    Ace finisher….starts the LYING blame-game news propaganda and also finishes it based on her own LIES.

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