The truth behind govt’s claim that “80℅ of total central scholarships availed by Muslim students”


By Muslim Mirror staff-reporter

As per government claims students from the Muslim community received about 80 per cent of total scholarships offered under 20 Central government schemes in 2018-19

According to the National Scholarship Portal of the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, those from the Christian community came in at second place with 7.5 per cent share while it was 5 per cent for Sikhs and 4.7 per cent for Hindus.

Among the students who received scholarships, 88 lakh were Muslims, 8.26 lakh Christians, 5.45 lakh Sikhs and 5.2 lakh Hindus.

There were 1.94 lakh (1.8 per cent) Buddhists and 1.07 lakh (1 per cent) Jains in the list of beneficiaries.

The total amount disbursed under these scholarship programmes sponsored by 14 Union Ministries was Rs 2,157 crore in 2018-19.

Of the total amount, Rs 1,032 crore was spent on scholarships for Muslims students while Rs 183 crore was spent for Sikhs and Rs 128 crore for Hindus.The Ministry of Minority Affairs topped the list of allotments with 77 percent scholarships of the total offered.

Although 80% Muslim students availed the scholarship but   less than 50% of total  scholarship amount were  given to Muslim students.

Muslims are the largest minority group which consists 85% of minority population, as per their population the scholarship amount of  1700 crore should have been given to Muslim students.


  1. Very nice analysis,common musalmaan will be able to understand.this type of authentic post are is a fantastic.moon choudhury, Guwahati, Assam


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