U.S. based psychiatrist tells how to cope with mental health issues during the pandemic


By Unsa Khan

Ever since the coronavirus pandemic outbreak, mankind has been facing several issues along with physiological issues. The second most important problem that the virus has brought with it is of mental health. People have been fighting with mental illness and anxiety disorders ever since lockdown started and social distancing measures were imposed on them.

The fear of losing jobs, not going out, getting affected by the virus and dying with it has led all of us to depression. A lot of youngsters have committed suicide during the lockdown period. Apart from that, several coronavirus patients have reportedly committed suicide due to various reasons, making it an ironical situation.

But this is to be noted that when there is a disease, there is a cure too. A lot of selfless psychiatrists and psychologists have come forward to help the people cope with mental health issues across the world. They’ve been giving free services globally ever since some people sought to commit suicide in order to flee from the virus.

Dr. M. Qutubuddin, a Chicago based psychiatrist   says, “The coronavirus pandemic is not new to us. These global and fatal pandemics have been occurring for a long time now and the most recent one before the coronavirus was the H1N1, commonly known as the Spanish flu, which too had killed about 500 million people and one-third of the world’s population became infected with this virus. So we should not be panic rather tackle it with caution and courage’.

Talking about potential changes in functioning of human brains, Dr.  Qutubuddin stated that in these times of global pandemics, people tend to take a lot of stress; they generate fear and phobia of the disease. At this point, the brain comes into action and starts secreting serotonin, non-serotonin adrenaline, and epinephrine adrenaline to balance and calm down the body to cope with the emergency situations but if the hormones are secreted overly and the body gets overheated and overwhelmed, it results in anxiety, depression, frustration, mood disorders, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) etc.

Dr. Qutubuddin has provided some tips to cope with such a situation. He said that one has to chart out all the activities like exercises, joking around, and playing games that relax the mind and free it from depressing thoughts and get rid of all sorts of negativity. He further advised people to stay connected with friends, family and all positive people while to stay away from negative content circulated on social media.

According to notable medical experts on the human brain, one must stay away from taking too much stress. “Happiness is the key”. People must ensure that they are free of all kinds of stress, pressure and negativity in order to get past this pandemic.

As per mental health experts, amidst such a scenario when youngsters are giving up their lives during the lockdown period, we must keep checking on our loved ones. Positivity and consciousness are the only ways out, he added.


4 thoughts on “U.S. based psychiatrist tells how to cope with mental health issues during the pandemic

  1. Absolutely correct and pragmatic approach for any believing and balanced human being.

    Always stay positive and remain hopeful for divine mercy and relief.

    Live with courage alongwith rational precautions of safe physical distancing, hand-washing with dettol soap and changing home-made washed cotton-masks daily when outside.

    Dr Sajid Hameed Khan,
    Paediatric Physician.

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