UAE: another Indian kicked out of job for anti-Muslim posts


By Muslim Mirror

Another Indian expat in the UAE has been kicked out of his job for his Islamophobic social media posts.

Brajkishore Gupta, an employee of a mining firm in Ras Al Khaimah, was fired without notice for calling Indian Muslims coronavirus spreaders and hailing Delhi riots, which claimed 50 lives, mostly of Muslims, as divine justice in his Facebook posts, reported Gulf News.

Originally from Chapra, in the Indian state of Bihar, Gupta was employed by Stevin Rock, a mining company headquartered in Ras Al Khaimah.

“This isolated incident involving a junior employee was investigated and dealt with immediately resulting in the termination without notice of this person’s employment with Stevin Rock,” the company’s business development and exploration manager Jean-François Milian said.

“Our company policy supports the direction of the UAE Government in promoting tolerance and equality and strongly renouncing racism and discrimination and we have sent communications to all of our employees irrespective of their religious or ethnic background reminding them that any such behaviour is unacceptable and will lead to immediate dismissal,” said Milian.

Of late, several Indians have faced action in the Arab and European countries for their anti-Muslims posts.

In May alone at least three such “hate mongers” were fired or suspended in the UAE after many tagged their employers in their complaints, who in turn took swift punitive action, reported Gulf News.

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  1. All communal Hindus who r living and earning in the arab countries must be fired immediately. They don’t deserve such good jobs.. Thank God the arab countries have awakened…They must hire from the rest of the world.. but these hypocrites

    • earning a great package is a good job.but showing Rss gundagardi will not be tolerated in any muslim country .these guys deserve it

  2. Similar rule should applied in India.

    Any person who consider hindus as Kafirs and belives in Gajwa e Hind should be kicked out.

    • what rule u fucking india u only know Rss gundagardi which is unacceptable for muslims . due to threat of nehrus concept of secularism.we# muslims hope there will be demarcation of muslim majority area in future

  3. earning a great package is a good job.but showing Rss gundagardi will not be tolerated in any muslim country .these guys deserve it


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