Vegetable vendor’s daughter Nagma Mansuri is the topper of Meerut University

Ram Naik, Uttar Pradesh Governor and Chancellor Chaudhary Charan Singh University – formerly known as Meerut University, awarded the Gold Medal to Nagma Mansuri at a glittering ceremony held last Monday for scoring maximum marks in Physics subject. (TCN photo)

By Muslim Mirror Desk.

New Delhi.Surmounting all odds be it financial or cultural,a local vegetable vendor’s daughter Nagma Mansuri achieved a rare feat in her educational career when she topped the Chaudhary Charan Singh University to win a Gold Medal for scoring maximum marks in Physics subject.  

She was awarded the Gold Medal  at a glittering ceremony  held last Monday by Ram Naik, Uttar Pradesh Governor and Chancellor Chaudhary Charan Singh University – formerly known as Meerut University.

Nagma Mansuri,a student of M.Sc ,is fond of teaching and hence wants to pursue Ph.D.

Although her parents are not literate as her father has only studied till 8th and her mother never saw the gate of the school but her parents were aware of the importance of education.Her parents did not allow the economic hardship to come in the way of his siblings pursuing  higher education.

Nagma’s elder sister Tabassum Mansuri  had topped the Meerut University back in 2014 and her brother is studying Computer Science.

Back in 2013 Shamli had  witnessed worst kind of communal riots , following which hundreds of families had migrated to settle in other towns and cities or in relief camps. The town has a very poor female literacy rate.

The feat achieved by Mansuri sisters have made a role model for other girls in the locality.However the small number of girls who were in schools was forced to drop out due to the riots.

“Initially, people were criticizing us for sending our daughters to college. But, after the laurel they brought to the town by their astonishing success, they have become a role model for others.

“There are many girls in the town who want to become like them and come to our house for guidance”, Farzana Mansuri, their mother, she was qouted by Hindi. 

Onbeing asked about her future plan ,Nagma said she want to become a Professor as she loves teaching.



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