War against terror is fight between moderates, extremists: Jordanian King


New Delhi : Visiting Jordanian King Abdullah II on Thursday said that the global war against terror was not a fight between different religions but between moderates and extremists.

“Today’s global war against terror is not a fight between different religions or people. It is between moderates of all faiths and communities against extremism, hate and violence,” the King said while addressing a conference on ‘Islamic Heritage: Promoting Understanding and Moderation’ here in the presence of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

“What is heard in the news and what is shown about religion is what separates people,” he said.

He added that around the world, suspicions are inflamed by what different groups don’t know about others.

“Such ideologies of hate distort the word of God — to stir up conflicts and justify crimes and terror.

“We need to take these things seriously…they should never be allowed to distract us from the truth that faith should draw humanity together.”

He said faith inspires countries like India and Jordan where different religious and ethnic groups have lived together.

“It is faith that brings together different civilisations together. Compassion, mercy, tolerance are values shared by billions of Muslims and non Muslims around the world.”

“These values put us together to act for our coming future,” he said.

The Jordanian King arrived here on Tuesday on a three-day state visit. Earlier this month, King Abdullah had hosted Modi in Amman.


2 thoughts on “War against terror is fight between moderates, extremists: Jordanian King

  1. The whole world Muslim community (ummah) must ehatsaab theirselves however of Islamic scholar or intellectual nights they are, think twice him/herselves whether they are really following (preforming their Ebadaat) according to the guidance of Allah swt or not. If yes then further please Him by their aamaal e swaleh. If not then need to fear 😱 from Him for the bad fate.

  2. Progressive or Moderate muslims are they who don’t like to obey Allah in details,not even in ” Must do commands ” known as FARAYAZ. They just want to say Islam is good, is for peace, God Allah is one and then want to do whatever they like. They dub ardent followers as fanatics or extremists. In fact in respect of their own idealogy they too are extremists and fantastics. Radical and fundamentalist secularism is driving all to their own religion through out the world. Forcing any idealogy on the unwilling is fanatism and extremism and secularists are doing it throughout the world. They ever crush democracy for this purpose quite shamelessly.

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