Woman group deplores Rajasthan hospital incident for not admitting pregnant Muslim woman


By Special Correspondent

New Delhi:  Prominent Muslim women group, Women India Movement, (WIM) on Monday deplored the incident of denying admission to Muslim pregnant woman in a government hospital in Bharatpur district, Rajasthan.

The  pregnant woman   had gone to the hospital for delivery in the hospital  but she was referred to women’s hospital in Jaipur, the state capital.  The woman, thereafter, delivered baby on the way in the ambulance and the newborn died soon after delivery.

WIM national general secretary Mrs. Yasmin Islam in a statement charged that the Bharatpur district hospital administration was fully responsible for this unfortunate incident. If the hospital administration had admitted the woman in time the child would not have died, she added.

Mrs. Yasmin lamented the poisonous atmosphere which is being created in the name of religion in the country against Muslims is very regrettable. The hatred against Muslims is causing the community to pay a heavy price in all walks of life. Such an environment will have a heavy bearing on the development of the country due to a hostile atmosphere against a particular community.

She recalled that Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s: “Sab kasath, sab kavikas, sab kavishwas”, call is proving to be completely hollow when such incidents occur due to one’s religion. Earlier too, there was news from Zomato Company that a customer had refused to take delivery of food from a Muslim delivery boy. As such Muslims are being intentionally harassed and hated which will lead to destruction rather than development of the country.

WIM has urged the Central government to direct the state government to investigate the matter of Bharatpur district hospital and take strict action against the hospital administration if found guilty so that such incidents do not occur again.

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