Woman thwarts robbery attempt, catches two robbers


delhi-fridayNew Delhi: A 29-year-old woman foiled a robbery, courageously snatching a pistol from a group of four armed robbers who barged into her house, and managing to catch two of them with the help of her neighbours, police said Friday.

Devender Sahu and Santosh were later handed over to police.

The robbers barged into the house of Ekta Batra on Tilak Nagar area of west Delhi around 8.15 p.m. Thursday and tried to overpower her after brandishing a pistol at her.

Batra however snatched the pistol from one of the accused and raised an alarm.

The neighbours responded promptly and succeeded in apprehending two of the robbers, while the other two managed to escape.

Deputy Commissioner of Police Ranvir Singh said that in recognition of her bravery and presence of mind, he will strongly recommend her for a suitable reward.”The absconding robbers have been identified as Mukesh and Shivam. Teams have already been constituted to arrest them,” he said.—-IANS

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