You don’t have the right to disrupt normal life : Arif Mohammad Khan on Shaheen Bagh protests

Arif Mohammad Khan

Panaji: Taking a swipe at anti-Citizenship Amendment Act protesters at Delhi’s Shaheen Bagh, Kerala Governor Arif Mohammad Khan on Sunday said their agitation is not an expression of the right to dissent, but “an attempt to impose views on others”.

“Some people have decided to take the law into their hands and disrupt normal life,” he said on the sidelines of a conference in Panaji.

“This is not the right to dissent, this is an attempt to impose views on others. You have the right to express your views but you don’t have the right to disrupt normal life,” the governor told reporters.

“When you have this attitude that only I am right, then dialogue is not happening. Dialogue happens when you are open to listening. Here, it is being asserted forcefully that we will not get up unless this law is withdrawn. The government is not going to decline dialogue if somebody comes,” Mr Khan said.


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  1. Yes only sycophants like Arif Mohammad Khan have the rights to disrupt Islamic life in India. This RSS slave must be hanged.

  2. Why he didn’t say anything when in earlier agitations public property was vandalized and even recently in UP when Police vandalized private as well as public property. Shaheen bagh protesters are occupying just a small area of a road but traffic police has unnecessarily blocked traffic to create problem for commuters. Have Arif Khan demanded compensation for loss of private property as well as loss of innocent lives?


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