Modi’s gift to Muslims: 10,000 incidents of communal violence in the last 8 years

Zubair a victiom of Delhi pogrom (Reuters: Danish ir Siddiqui)

By Abdul Bari Masoud

New Delhi: Releasing a report card on the 8 years of Narendra Modi rule, the Congress on Thursday claimed a staggering 10,000 incidents of communal violence took place in the country, exposing PM’s alliterative dichotomy of Sabka, Saath Sabka Vikas and Sabka Vishwas.  The party said eight year of BJP government epitomised its eight blatant betrayals: inflation, farmers, employment, recession, small businesses, territorial integrity, social harmony and bleeding economy with sinking rupee against US dollar


At a press conference in its headquarters, the Congress released the Modi government’s report card, titled ‘8 Saal, 8 Chhal; Bhajpa (BJP) Sarkar Vifal,’ before the BJP begins its celebrations on the completion of eight years in office.  The report exposes the Modi government’s lies on eight major subjects.

Ajay Makan, a senior Congress leader and former union minister, told the journalists that the country had seen over 10,000 religious riots in the last eight years, with PM maintaining characteristic silence. The government came to power on the promise of “vikas’ (development) but it swiftly indulged in spreading ‘nafrat’ (hatred) in order to divert attention from its gigantic failures, he said.

“Everyone knows that wherever violence or riots took place due to religion, BJP has been involved directly or indirectly,” Maken said.

In view of recent events such as Ram Navami processions violence and the Gyanvapi mosque case, the report expressed concern over increasing sectarian division.

According to the report, the Union Home Minister told parliament on March 30, 2022 that 3,400 incidences of communal violence occurred between 2016 and 2022. The deadliest communal rioting occurred in Delhi, where 53 people were killed, and the majority of whom were Muslims.

The study assessed the Modi government’s performance on a number of fronts, including the economy, national security, foreign policy, inflation, and communal peace.

“One after another, BJP’s bad policies contributed to the devastating slide of the Indian economy,” said Randeep Surjewala, chairman of the Congress media department, attacking the Modi government for adopting disastrous policies. Because of the BJP’s eight years of mis-governance, what was once the fastest-growing economy is now in shambles?”

The BJP government, according to both the senior Congress politicians, is smashing all records in deceiving its own people.

“Are these the ‘achhe din’ you waited for so long?” Congress said, referring to the Modi government’s massive price hikes, mounting unemployment, and Chinese intrusion in the Ladakh area.

The government’s failure to deal with the Coronavirus outbreak was also addressed in the report card.

When this correspondent asked what is the most serious failure of the Modi government, Maken quipped that each one of these failures is bigger than the other.

“Well, we have divided the entire failures into 8 parts and if you look at each one of them, each one of these failures is bigger than the other. So, if we say that inflation is a bigger failure than unemployment, it will be wrong. If we say that failure with respect to farmers is bigger than inflation and unemployment, it would be wrong, because all these 8 things, which we have picked up, all these things, concern each and every citizen of the country. Be it failure to protect our boundaries, be it rising inflation, all these failures are bigger than each other. So, we can’t pick one failure over the other” Maken said.

It’s worth noting that the Modi government will complete eight years in power on May 30, and the party has scheduled massive festivities across the country from May 30 to June 14.

To commemorate the anniversary, the saffron party has organised a number of events.

The following are the eight failures of the BJP government, as compiled by Congress:

  1. Inflation – referring to the data released by the government, Congress said India’s retail inflation surged to a near eight-year high due to the inability of the Modi government.
  2. Unemployment – Congress in its report card said that employment has broken a record of 45 years while inflation has also reached a record high. Rupee against Dollar is historic low and the foreign reserve is also dipping so the country is suffering from an economic crisis.
  3. Downfall of the GDP – Comparing GDP from the time of UPA regime, Congress said GDP in the time of BJP fell to 4.7 per cent while in the time of Congress led government, GDP was 8.3 percent.
  4. Income did not double – Referring to Modi government’s own promise that the income of farmers would be doubled by 2022; Congress pointed out that Modi govt stopped giving bonus of Rs 150 in 2014. Citing NSO data, Congress said debt on farmers has risen up to Rs 17 lakh crore.
  5. Attack on army – Congress in its report attacked the Modi government for not implementing one rank one pension. The Congress also said that there are 122555 posts lying vacant in the army.
  6. No development but communalism – Saying that during the 8 years of Modi government, development did not happen but incidents of the communal riots did. Referring to Delhi riots, Congress alleged BJP leaders fanned communal tensions.
  7. Attacks on SC/ST rights – Congress in its report attacked the Modi government for curtailing OBC rights. Congress pointed out that there is no Dalit CM in 18 states ruled by the BJP
  8. National security compromised – The report card released by Congress attacked the Modi government for compromising national security and Chinese incursion in Ladakh. Congress also mentioned drug seizure worth thousands of crores in Gujarat in last one year.


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