14 arrested in Assam over social media posts supporting Taliban takeover of Afghanistan

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By Muslim Mirror Staff

New Delhi: The Assam Police have arrested 14 people for alleged social media posts supporting the Taliban. The police said they are monitoring social media and taking legal action against unlawful posts.

The arrests were made since Friday night and they have been booked under different sections of the Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act, IT Act and CrPC, a senior police officer said.


Deputy Inspector General Violet Baruah said the Assam Police is taking stern legal action against pro-Taliban comments on social media that are harmful to national security.

“We’re registering criminal cases against such persons. Please inform the police if any such thing comes to your notice,” she tweeted.

Special Director General of Police GP Singh shared a list of the arrested people on Twitter. He added, ”People are advised to be careful in posts/likes etc on social media platforms to avoid penal action.”


  1. They would be congratulated had they supported lynchings by Hindu terrorists instead. So much for “freedom of speech,” in the Hindu run fascist 3rd world sh1thole.


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