22 Muslim girls who cracked NEET- 2020 fail to take admission in medical colleges


By Hasan Akram | Muslim Mirror

New Delhi : As many as 23 female students of a government school in Jamia Nagar had qualified NEET exam but 22 out of them were not fortunate enough to take admission in any medical institute.


The students told Muslim Mirror that they were not eligible to take admission in any government college as their scores were lower than cut-off ranks issued by the institutes.

However, they were eligible to take admission in private medical colleges but they couldn’t do so because they could not afford education fees mandated by them.

“We are from middle-class family. We cannot afford their fees,” said Madiha, one of the 22 students.

The students were enrolled in Sarvodaya Kanya Vidyalaya, Noor Nagar, Okhla, New Delhi. They are among 569 students of government schools in Delhi who have cleared NEET exam this year.

In October, Delhi ministers had praised the efforts of the NEET qualifiers. Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia had categorically mentioned the Noor Nagar school for the remarkable performance of its students.

Tasneem Parween, one of the students from the aforementioned school, has managed to take admission in B. Pharma at Meera Bai Polytechnic, a government college in South Delhi. However, the remaining 22 students failed to take admission in any college this year but their efforts have gone in-vain totally.

Jamia Cooperative Bank has come out to help these students get proper coaching and perform better in the next exam. The bank has selected top 10 students and paid their fees [Rs. 40,000 per student] to help them take admission in Aakash Institute. Adiba Ali, Shiza Ali, Bushra Midhat and Ariba are some of the lucky students who has got admission in Aakash with the support of the cooperative bank.

Moreover, Dr Shabana Nadim, former principal of the aforementioned school, has provided financial help to two more students to get coaching from Aakash.

Speaking to Muslim Mirror, the school’s vice principal Mudassir Jahan lauded the efforts of Jamia Cooperative Bank and Mrs Nadim.

The remaining students have also started preparation to appear for the next NEET exam. They are considering to take admissions in various coaching centres at their own, said Ms Sadaf Rais, one of the school teachers.


  1. Dear sir, Your valuable coverage of the scanario, the laudable efforts of some other sympathizers are indeed highly laudable. May Almighty Allah bestow upon you, these people His best awards, rewards. May Allah bless his taufeeq, order other leaders, social activists help all needy in time. AAMEEN

  2. Very sad to see that these intelligent girls cannot take admission in medical college due to financial condition. But, it is important to analyze why their financial condition is poor. It is mainly because their parents produce children like animals & hence entire earning is spent to food & shelter.. these girls should hold their parents responsible for this and take a lesson that they will follow 2 child policy in their life.

    • B@sket, do you allow qualified Indian Muslims to get Govt jobs or Corporate jobs according to their merit???
      SHUT UP!!

      First learn to play ”Fair and Square”

      RSS==Saam, Daam, Dand, Bhed—by means fair, but 90% foul and devilish….

      NEET results also managed centrally by govt….as easy as ”EVM” management….

      Better to go into Science—Pharmacology, Microbiology, Haematology, Biochemistry, Chemistry, Physics, OR English literature, Teachers, Lawyers, etc and if possible, go on to do PHds and become academic “Drs” and influential for community and nation.

      Earning sufficient Halaal Income for your married family life, while preserving your Deeni identity is what is important !

    • Perhaps you are not aware of the fees being charged for MBBS by private Medical Colleges. It starts from Rs. 15 Lakhs per annum to Rs. Twenty Lakhs per annum. Means full course would cost around Rs. 60 Lakhs plus. It’s minimum. Even I, having some single child, can’t afford it.

      • There are many private colleges run by Muslim societies all over India. They should have a policy to uplift the community by providing scholarships or fee waiver to such bright but economically weak students.

    • Hmmm, i guess there are 80 ℅ Muslims in Your Country who have breeded like animals, Constituting almost a Billion!!!!. You’re so accurate in depiction of Animalistic Breeders.

    • Idiot, go and see.the many Hindu, admit and obc’s who also have more than 4 or 5 children’s and even some more than 7 .. what are you talking…

    • very sad to see another person trying to put blame on others. Issue is with your parents who has not taught you to differentiate what is going on. You will not ask the government to help out the students, you will not ask the government regarding farmer suicide, you will not ask government regarding low GDP, you will not ask government regarding the thieves who have looted the banks and went abroad, you will not ask government regarding the Chinese aggression at border and many more things.

    • What a derogatory remark “their parents produce children like animals”. You are brainwashed to believe in such nonsense. The birth rate of Muslims is the same as any other religion. Its bad governance and lack of welfare schemes which creates poverty.

    • Do u know the population of Hindus in India??? If u don’t know then I’m telling u.. total population of Hindus in India r almost 90 crores… Imagine.. total population of muslims of Saudi Arabia+pakistan+Turkey+Iran is almost half of total Hindus in India… Now u need to tell ur parents about it. .. only a communal person like u can can comment as u

    • Can you pay 20 lakh per year for your any child.
      Private medical colleges fee is very very high dear.so do not use such foul language

    • Just go through the statistics issued by government of India which says fertility rate of Hindus and Muslims is almost same , so saying that they produce children’s like animals shows you are a blind bhakt who just follows the RSS rhetoric blindly .

    • With due respect to Women folk & Human Morals , please avoid such language as produce like animals ;etc. This is not a cultured method to address sensitive issues in the community. kindly use an appropriate & dignified approach when referring to such matters. Thank You . Jai Hind!

      • may be 3 oe even less than 3, but they narrow minded people hold charge of common community in town by holding position of Imam in Mosque, they are just for religious ritual performers , simply a traditional practices they spread with their own sect of school they passed out. they are not broad minded people for the whole community . they are parasite just they use religion as tools of their living .

        • It is easy to call poors and marginalized parasites. Send your broadminded kids to Madarsa. Will you? No, because you are an apologetic muslim. These girls are also from the very same poor background family who certainly go to Masjid more in comparison to rich. Please do if you can something for the betterment rather cursing. Madarsa is not a preference but compulsion.


  4. The so called “haves or economically sound” indian Muslims must come forward to bail these bright children out of this financial crisis in the same way as other minority communities like Sikhs, Christians, Zorashtrians, Jewish, Buddhists do as Muslims community too has a good number of rich & philanthropists else it (Muslim Community) wl continue to suffer as it’s suffering now a days. And the day is not distant when so called rich Muslims too wl suffer in the same way poor Muslims r suffering presently if they (rich Muslims) don’t come forward to help the poor Muslims in academics as is the case mentioned in this article

  5. Delhi has just 9 medical colleges, including 1 AIIMS and one deemed university college(Hamdard).
    The number of NEET aspirants from Delhi is just a little less than a state like Bihar.
    Additionally, the Delhi students score highly in the exams like NEET.

    Also, Delhi being the national capital, students from all over India eye a seat in a Delhi college which are good in ranking also and hence the cut-off for the admission in Delhi goes the heighest in the country.

    Just qualifying a NEET exam (which is quoted in this news item), means nothing. One has to achieve the minimum cutoff marks to achieve admission in a college. There is cut-off for the private college also, which is again very high. Just qualifyung the NEET exam can not secure a seat obviously.

    • This news item should have quoted the
      NEET scores of those 22 girls also who could not get admission and the 1 who got admission, for this new item
      to be more meaningful.

        Just Passing an exam is NOT cracking!

        Anyways corruption at political and financial bribing ( even upto a crore) is rampant too!
        Remember VYAPAM in MP, and so many other instances which were hushed up….

        Better accept ”Qadr of Allah”, and do your best in whatever admission Allah gives you near your home.

        Use extra Ummah money for charity to orphans, labourers, sick, indebted, those in prisons, judicial cases for innocent, etc….

        • Dear member. Please open a bank account and ask for help. Within a week all student fee can be collected .
          Inshallah we all we help our sister.

  6. These girls should not leave hope and should carry on with( SABR AND SALAH IN SHA ALLAH HELP WILL COME) as every member of MILLAT should take notice of these requirement and join hands too to support the cause.

  7. I am the Managing Trustee of Sana Shaheen PU Science College in Hubli Karnataka. We are giving aggressive coaching for Long Term NEET Repeaters.. if àny of these 22 students require free coaching with hostel facility we are ready for it.. Please contact me on 9243264525

  8. Students who have cleared NEET exam or without NEET can go abroad to study in Europe, Malaysia etc. for MBBS , BDS n other medical courses, we can help to get admission and we represent direct university, Fess around 7 lakhs / .. kindly contact 7305784201 for further details, spread the message to help students , All the best.

  9. This website should either have the wherewithal to moderate comments or disable them altogether.
    Barring a few exceptions, all are literally sick and reflective of baser instincts spewing venomous bile against each other.

  10. Please let us know more details as to how we can go about helping these girls. We can help circulating to others as well for help.
    This message is not duplicated. I am sending it for the first time.


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