22 Muslims killed in UP police firing during CAA protests, but no FIR lodged even after two years

Family of those who were killed in police firing during CAA protests sharing their agony after two years.

By Syed Zubair Ahmad

Lucknow/Delhi : “Two years passed, but I can’t forget my son yelling and whining in pain on road after he was hit by police bullet…He was bleeding profusely… died of excess bleeding,” Shareef’s  voice choked in pain while describing about the death of his son Raees (30) who was allegedly killed in police firing during protest against CAA-NCR-NPR in Kanpur on December 21.


He added, “Life has become hell…We are still afraid of police…they harass us time and again, abuse us, force us to withdraw complaints and warn us of consequences.”

Shareef is not the lone sufferer. In his narration, one can realize the pain of other victims family who lost their son.

Meerut-resident Eudul Hassan and many other Muslim families who lost their near and dear ones when the Uttar Pradesh police unleased brutalities on protesters two years ago.

The state government in a compliance report to the Allahabad High Court admitted that 22 persons died, but not a single FIR against any policeman has been lodged yet. Hence, no investigation initiated yet in any case. Further, the report said that as many as 83 persons – general public and protesters –  were also injured in the violence.

Of the 22 deaths across the BJP-run state, one each reported from Varanasi, Rampur, Muzaffarnagar, two from Sambhal and Bijnor, three from Kanpur, five from Meerut and seven from Firozabad. The report said a total of 833 persons were arrested in connection with the violence.

Police harassing victims family to withdraw complaint

Unabashedly, the police blamed protesters for the killing despite the fact that the post-mortem reports suggested injuries and deaths in police bullets. The moot question is then: Who killed 22 citizens?

The victims’ families allege that the “police hands are stained with blood of our near and dear ones”. They allege that many injured protesters died due to police confinement and terror…they left them unattended for hours.

Firozabad -resident , whose son Muqeem  died in Safdarjung hospital,  said, “I rushed to Meerut hospital to see my son, injured in police firing. I saw Muqeet lying unattended in the hospital. After a few hours, he was taken to Agra. From Agra, he was taken to Safdarjung hospital in Delhi where he died…The delay caused his death.

” Firozabad-resident Abrar met the same fate. “Abrar was left injured on the road for hours. He was taken from one hospital to another, but was not attended by health staff. Dejected, we took him to Apollo Hospital in Delhi where he died,” said Abrar’s mother .

Since most of the victims belonged to the labour class, cops have no qualms in mistreating them. They abuse the poor victims and force them time and again to sign affidavits to nullify cases registered against them, said a local lawyer in Kanpur.

‘Policemen are telling me prostitute, harassing my daughter  to take back the case…They are threatening to take my husband to jail if I don’t take the complaint back,”  she added.

“The aggrieved families have nowhere to go. It seems all the doors are shut on them. They are left to fend off to arrange legal aid. They are unable to hire good lawyers making them more vulnerable, said activist Shazi Ali who is trying to help victims family in Firozabad.

Involvement of non-practicing lawyers

Nasir Khan, local leader of Asaduddin Owaisi-led MIM in Kanpur, is looking after the death cases in Kanpur, but the families are not satisfied with the pace of the proceedings. This correspondent called him to know the truth about the allegations, Khan replied that he would ring him back. But he neither bothered  to stand by his words nor did he respond to the call made to him repeatedly. Perhaps, this approach prompted at least five injured victims to take back cases from him.

‘Initially adv Nasir was representing the case of  my  husband,  who was injured in Police firing during protest.But when others took their cases from Nasir , we also changed the lawyer , said Jamil’s wife who was not satisfied with Nasir’s dealing with the case. Now adv. Arif is representing Jamil’s in court.

In Firozabad district which recorded the highest seven deaths, not a single FIR against any cops has been registered.

‘Police had initially registered the cases under 304 section of IPCR, but following court intervention, some cases got registered under 302, said Adv Saghir  who is representing  Firozabad’s seven victims’ family  cases.

According to police theory, Muslims killed themselves during protests

“Muslims were killed, Muslims were killers, Muslim were culprits… Muslims are being harassed by police; their properties are being attached. I think justice has become an illusion under ruling dispensation in India,” said Suboor Ali of AICC .

‘A Gunda had captured the  constitutional post who talks about revenge, in fact Yogi instigated UP police to kill Muslims, all policemen involved in killing of Muslims must be arrested and prosecuted, said Rajeev Yadav of  Rihai Manch.


  1. Up police is as good as hindu terrorists, it is backed by govt. Firing fearlessly on muslim mob with intention to kill innocent protester.


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