23 year old Indian American Nabeela Syed scripts history, becomes youngest member of Illinois House

Nabeela Syed

23-year-old Nabila Syed has created history by winning the US mid-term elections. Nabila Syed has become the youngest member to be elected to the Illinois General Assembly. Indian-American Nabeela Syed, the Democratic Party’s candidate, has won, defeating her Republican rival Chris Bose. Nabila Sayed received 52.3 percent of the vote in the 51st district election in the Illinois State House of Representatives.

The information about winning the election has been tweeted by Nabila Syed herself. He wrote in his tweet, ‘My name is Nabeela Syed. I am a 23 year old Indian-American Muslim woman. We’ve just flipped a Republican-held suburban district. She further wrote, I will become the youngest member of the Illinois General Assembly in January.

Nabali’s tweet received an influx of congratulations on social media. Many users have congratulated her on winning and becoming the youngest member. Apart from Twitter, Nabila has also written a long and wide post on Instagram. In which he told what was the planning to enter the election. Syed has said that she won the race because she constantly interacted with people.

Syed said that during the election campaign he spoke to the seniors about the rising prices of medicines. Apart from this, talked to many families about the increasing burden of property tax. She further said, ‘During the election campaign, we spoke to women and assured people that I will protect their rights along with taking care of reproductive health. Also we talked about his desire to strengthen gun safety laws. Agencies


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