4 Ahmadis killed, 77 detained in 2017 under discriminatory religious laws in Pakistan : Report


By Muslim Mirror Desk,

Pakistan’s marginalised Ahmadi community in a report released on Saturday revealed that 77 Ahmadis were booked under discriminatory religious laws in 2017 and four Ahmadis were murdered in hate crimes in Pakistan in the same year.


Ahmadi community in Pakistan have for long accused state of being hostile towards them.

“Under pressure from religious extremists, the Ahmadis were denied registration in joint electoral lists,” community leaders said in a news release accompanying the “persecution report”.

“The preparation of separate electoral lists being prepared specifically for the Ahmadis in Pakistan is the worst kind of discrimination,” they said.

With a general election due in 2018, politicians from both the religious fringe and established parties have the Ahmadis in their sights.
The Ahmadis consider themselves to be Muslims but their recognition of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, who founded the sect in British-ruled India in 1889, as a “subordinate prophet” is viewed by many of the Sunni majority as a breach of the Islamic tenet that the Prophet Mohammad was God’s last direct messenger.

Legal restrictions began in 1974, following a constitutional amendment declaring Ahmadis non-Muslim. A decade later military dictator General Zia ul Haq barred Ahmadis from identifying themselves as Muslim.

A separate report on Pakistani media listed 3,936 news items and 532 editorial pieces from Pakistan’s Urdu-language media that contained “hate propaganda” against the Ahmadi community.


  1. Who will teach Islam and knowledge to Pakistanis?
    Jews and Christians lived happily and securely under Muslim khilafat rule and under the Prophet.
    Yes Ahmadis should not be allowed to propagate their Qadiani ideology of false prophet Mirza Qadian who died in his toilet suffering from diarrhoea.
    But they should be given equal human rights and security like any other citizen. Imran Khan is affirming to give equal protection to all citizens irrespective of religion or region if he wins this year.

  2. Education for Islam, is most essential rather than criticize the people of Islaam, I will mention the youth to devote he myself to truth and don’t go anyway, be strong and give them the best who are needy and poorer.
    Thank you,
    Ahmed Mushir


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