5,000 Israelis granted UAE citizenship in three months


By Muslim Mirror Staff

New Delhi: The UAE has granted its citizenship to 5,000 Israelis in the past three months after amending its citizenship law. With Emirati citizenship, the Israelis would be able to cross the Persian Gulf and Arab countries without a prior visa, Emirates Leaks reported.

The Israeli has been granted UAE citizenship without the need to give their original citizenship.


After normalizing its ties with the colonial state of Israel, the UAE has overhauled its religious laws, including loosening alcohol restrictions and allowing unmarried couples to cohabitate.

A former adviser to the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi has warned about the potential risk of demographic change in the UAE due to the advent of Israelis in the country.

“Hundreds of those who obtained UAE citizenship recently do not speak Arabic and their children do not make the effort to learn it and have nothing to do with Islam and do not know the customs, traditions and values of the Emirates and were given the right to retain their original nationality and we do not know the extent of their loyalty to the state,” Abdulkhaleq Abdulla said on Twitter.

He added that the UAE’s demographic landscape in the next 50 years will be “dysfunctional” and “strange”.

Several Arab countries, including the UAE and Bahrain, normalized their ties with Israel under US-brokered agreements last year, when former US President Donald Trump was in office.


    • Judaism , Christianity and lslam are Abrahamic faiths and have common prophets. Moreover, both Jews and Muslims get circumcised as their religious rites , both eat Halal food ( called Kosher food by Jews ) , both wear religious caps , both avoid eating pork , Muslims’ first qibla ( direction facing during prayer ) was Masjid Aqsa ( Dome of Jerusalem) which was later on changed to qibla towards Makkah , both perform Wudhu ( washing face before prayer) , both perform Namaz prayer ( both different method) , both believe in ” final day of judgment “. Most of differences are geopolitical rather than religious… Jews’ main prophet Moses ( Hazrat Moosa ) is also prophet of Muslims and Christians. Jews’ religious book Torah ( Torait ) is also acknowledged as holy by Muslims . According to lslamic laws Jew girls and Christian girls are the only 2 religions’ girls with which a Muslim male is allowed to marry . ( e.g. :– lf a Hindu girl / Buddhist girl etc. wants to marry a Muslim boy by lslamic method then before marriage she will need to convert lslam or Christianity or Judaism.).

    • Is it only for Muslims ‘to learn’ or others, especially Israeli Jews also have to learn to live peacefully? The whole world is witness to how Jews have been usurping and illegally occupying (with the help of their colonial supporters in Europe and the U.S.) the Palestinian land, further expanding illegal Jewish settlements, and then their government repeatedly attaking the Palestinian areas to occupy whatever little remains with them. This is the Jews’ way of co-existence.

      Granting citizenship to a large number of Israelis is the most unwise and myopic decision undertaken by the UAE rulers who are too short-sighted to see beyond their immediate interests. It is harmful to the UAE and the entire region in the long run. How can they be oblivious of the history of the Jews occupying the Palestnian land in return of the latter’s benevolence? How can they ignore the probability of these neo-citizens from Israel working as the Zionist agents to undermine the stability of the region? With no precautions undertaken, not even asking the new citizens to forgo their Israeli citizenship, the UAE rulers have put their country and the entire on path to facing serious adverse consequences, which the Emirates’ people should seriously think about.

    • Maggoty Kalia aka OPiNdia Hindu fake news,

      Oh look, Hindu sh1t eater is trying to be sarcastic(reposting the same nonsense from the other thread)….guess they didn’t teach you at your RSS gau shalla that Muslims and Jews have lived side by side for centuries peacefully, that doesn’t apply to Zionist terrorists. The UAE is a western supported dictatorship so theres nothing surprising with them being in bed with the terrorist entity of Israel. The real question is why are Hindus so eager to go work in Muslim countries to clean our toilets?
      What a sad day these Muslim hating Hindu monkey worshippers and brahmin bhanji boys have to clean up after Miya bhais.

    • Muslims had and have existed with Jews prior to the Terrorist State of Israel,for the past 1300 years the Jews sought refuge within Islamic Nations and also rose to prominent positions within the Islamic world time and again. It was only when rogues formed a position in power that Israel was created.

    • Jews have coexisted and integrated with the Muslims for centuries (i.e. Andalusia). When the Spanish inquisition happened, the Jews asked the Muslims to come along with them to wherever they go, and the Muslims brought them along (i.e Morroco, Tunisia, etc…).

      The internet seems to allow the ignorant to have their I’ll advised comments without any limits.

  1. Arabic Mother-tongue Jews ( e.g. Yemenite Jews) and Arabic Mother-tongue Christians ( e.g. Coptic Christians of Egypt) recite their holy text in Arabic language and call their God ( God of Abraham) as “Allah ” in Arabic language.

  2. Thats wrong decision…. jews must first be just and friendly with their palestenian counterparts…. then only some leeway must be given to them

  3. UAE is also part of hannod and yahood group. These Hindu and Jews masquerading as psuedomuslims have dealt a death blow to the Palestinian cause. I request JeI to issue a fatwa against this. Also, I request Indian muslims to not fall for money and get associated with the UAE in any way. I request all muslims in India to get for a mujahideen movement to wipe Israel of the map of this earth. These Arabs have taken us for a ride for a long time.

    • The UAE is casino style sh1thole built on slave labor, run by pro-western Arab tyrants. In about 20 years these traitorous Arabs will be refugees in their own “country.” They will be wiped out either way, and won’t be missed.

  4. I think they will use the passports as movement within other Muslim countries as spy’s and easy movement to be undercover without carrying the Israeli one.This is a very bad move on the traitors of the Muslim ummah.I’m a Yemeni American and have family in uae who have been there since 1980’s in both army and police and still over and over been denied citizenship in this traitor country very sad.The uae and the terror state Israel have also joined on the occupation of three islands near Aden,Yemen.I hope these traitors will be put to a stop soon or end of the uae government under the will of its people even knowing that the Emiratis are too scared.


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