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89 Muslims (6%) among successful BPSC candidates

By Muslim Mirror Staff

New Delhi: A total of 89 Muslim candidates have qualified the Bihar combined competitive exam for the state’s administrative service. They constitute 6.05 per cent out of the total 1,454 successful candidates.

The success rate of Muslim candidates this times is laudable but it is still extremely low in proportion to the community population in the state. According to the 2011 census, Muslims constitute 16.9% population of the state.

It can be noted that the final result of the 64th combined competitive exam was declared by Bihar Public Service Commission on 6 June.

List  of successful Muslim candidates in BPSC-2020

  1. Ashma Khatoon
  2. Md Adil Bilal
  3. Faisal Raza
  4. Md Shahnawaz Akhtar
  5. Razia Sultana
  6. Md Wasim
  7. Aftab Karim
  8. Md Shadab Alam
  9. Md Minhazudin
  10. Shahbaz Hussain
  11. Safdar Rahman
  12. Aaqib Javed
  13. Sohaib Zaman
  14. Amil Raza
  15. Shafqat Taufeeq
  16. Mohammad Zafar
  17. Md Nazish Ali
  18. Saqib Ahmed
  19. Sarina Azad
  20. Kasif Nawaz
  21. Zahid Akhtar Ansari
  22. Md Sabihul Hasan
  23. Nadir Waqar Ayubi
  24. Md Afroz Alam
  25. Md Sarfaraz Ahmed
  26. Aftab Alam
  27. Md Tabish Hasan
  28. Md Athar Jameel
  29. Amir Hussain
  30. Md Asif Hussain
  31. Md Rais Alam
  32. Md Naushad Haider
  33. Siba Sadaf Sadia
  34. Md Saqib Alauddin
  35. Md Ajaz Alam
  36. Sadab Alam
  37. Azmat Ali Ansari
  38. Md Sehbaz Akhtar
  39. Sagufta Praveen
  40. Md Jamshed
  41. Gufran Anwar
  42. Ahmed Hassan
  43. Najmul Hassan
  1.  Mahfooz Alam​​
  2. Md Noman
  3. Md Gufran Mazhari
  4. Simran Azad
  5. Md Azharuddin
  6. Samina Khatoon
  7. Saadi Rauf
  8. Md Sarwar Alam
  9. Shahla Bari
  10. Shamma Praveen
  11. Sadaf Alam
  12. Khushbu Khatoon
  13. Wasim Akram
  14. Nazni Akram
  15. Nuzhat
  16. Md Sarfaraz Ahmed
  17. Md Shahrukh Hussain
  18. Khurshid Ahmed Hussain
  19. Mudasir Saba
  20. Asif Alam
  21. Md Tayyab Hussain
  22. Parvez Alam
  23. Md Imtiaz Ahmed
  24. Sanobar Khanum
  25. Noor Jahan
  26. Zeba Mobin
  27. Tabu Khatoon
  28. Md Ejaz Ahmed
  29. Md Saifullah
  30. Md Kaleem Akhtar
  31. Aftab Alam
  32. Alauddin Ansari
  33. Md Mushfiq Hussain
  34. Md Qaisal Alam
  35. Md Wasim Firoz
  36. Mohibullah Ansari
  37. Md Shaheed Raza Khana
  38. Md Ataul Haq
  39. Rokia
  40. Faujya Ghazal
  41. Ghulam Sarwar
  42. Masoom Khanum
  43. Afroz Akhtar
  44. Khusboo Azam
  45. Shahbaz Tarannum
  46.  Rushda Rahman

9 thoughts on “89 Muslims (6%) among successful BPSC candidates

  1. Not a single boy from khan community qualified baring two girls from that community.that means maximum from quotas are selected

    1. Dube, Chube, Mishra, Sukla…… Singh, Sharma… Verma all are selected in except you….. Next time EWS quota is still awaiting 4 ur performance.

  2. Hope these students get nurtured into good officers who will work for the betterment of society. I wish the good luck in their professional life.

  3. Congratulations to all successful condidates. We hope they will work for the betterment of the society in general and Muslim in particular.

  4. Congratulations to all successful candidates and wish you will do the betterment of society.

  5. Success is success. We congratulate to all qualified candidates for their achievements . I wish they all will serve the state with positive and fairless mind for the betterment of the state. Honesty, Sincerity and Determination should be their goal in their offices. Wish good luck.

  6. Congrats 🎉 🎊 👏 to all.
    My Sister SHAFQUAT TAWFIQUE cracked this exam just in first attempt by self study at very young age.
    She is really inspiration for all.

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