9 year old Muslim boy dies allegedly after hospital denies ambulance

Mother with dead body of Afroz

By Muslim Mirror 

Shahjahanpur:  In an incident that has garnered widespread anger and calls for high level enquiry,  a nine-year-old poor Muslim boy died after district hospital allegedly denied him an ambulance in Uttar Pradesh’s Shahjahanpur.


Afroz was brought to the district hospital in Shahjahanpur with high fever, where he was referred to Lucknow for special treatment. But his parents were denied the ambulance for carrying him to Lucknow hospital.

The parents said they requested for an ambulance to take him to take him to another hospital, but were denied any facility.

“He was suffering from fever and we gave him some medicines. After his condition worsened, we got him admitted in Shahjahanpur district hospital. The doctors told us to go somewhere else saying there were no facilities available in this hopsital,” Afroz’s mother was quoted by news agency ANI saying.

They alleged that even they offered all money what they had at that time yet they were not provided with the ambulance.

“We told the ambulance driver and other staff to take all the money we have but they refused to provide us with the facility. There were three ambulances parked in the premises. I do not know why we were denied one,” Afroz’s father said.

Unable to afford a private cab, Afroz’s parents began walking carrying their child. The boy’s mother said he died on the way home.

The Medical Officer at trauma centre and emergency, however, denied the claims made by the couple.

“A child named Afroz came to the hospital at 8:10 pm. His condition was not well, so we directed the parents to take him to Lucknow for special treatment. They scoffed saying they will take him wherever they wish and left with him,” said emergency medical officer Anurag Parashar. “He died on the way, they didn’t return,” he added.

However, it is yet to verify that why the couples were denied of ambulance. An investigation into the incident will bring out the causes and unmask the culprits responsible for the death of the boy.


  1. We will give all my zakaat and sadaqa to Madarsas, will not establish Muslim Crescent charitable Ambulance service and qualified hospitals for our needy Muslims and Dalits who cannot afford a daily meal many times.


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