“A dangerous connivance”


bangladeshBy Parwaaz Rahmani,

This is the headline of an opinion article in the English daily The Hindu of 6 April; the writer is Garga Chatterjee. The subject of the commentary is the Bangladesh scenario. The central point is that the Muslims in West Bengal are staging large protests against the verdicts pronounced in the cases against “war criminals” of 1971 in Bangladesh; they are staging demonstrations in favour of “war criminals”. And the government and all political parties in the state are maintaining total silence at this dangerous situation. This commentary strongly supports the cases of the so-called ‘war crimes’ tribunal against supposed war criminals of Bangladesh, the government dramas at Shahbagh, and the government atrocities and excesses against the leaders of Jamaat-e-Islami and other opposition parties. It also levels all possible charges like killings, rapes, demolishing temples and attacking Hindus against Jamaat leaders in the pretext of war crimes. This article also makes the heinous attempt to instigate the state government, political parties and the non-Muslim population on the basis of the extraordinary protest marches staged in Kolkata on 30 March against the oppressive government of Bangladesh and in support of the victims.

This aspect is meaningful

As is usually seen in a big case related to Islam and the Muslim Ummah, the entire national and international media is all out to curb the ground realities in Bangladesh and to spread the misstatements of the government there; media reporters, editors, analysts and selected participants of debates and discussions are active in support of the oppressive government there and the lies of the war crimes tribunal. But it is a matter of surprise that this time even the analyst (Kuldip Nayar) who usually makes neutral commentaries on events and developments, and the magazine (Tehelka) that is famous for bringing realities to the fore are also participating therein. The more meaningful is that even those who do not belong directly to media, but to other fields, are active in this work.Garga Chatterjee belongs to a technology institute. An analysis reveals that most of them are Bengali Brahmins. Their imprint can be seen in the print and electronic media of West Bengal. There is no reporting in the Indian media; or if there is, it is twisted.

Let scholars and intellectuals analyse

Scholars and intellectuals will have to analyse the situation deeply. The Mujib government had declared general amnesty in 1971. The cases of war crimes too had been disposed of. The Hasina government of Awami League had been in the saddles earlier as well. During this entire period this issue had never been raised. Then what is the reason of raising the cases of war crimes after the passage of 42 years in a sudden and extraordinary manner and the entire political mind of India came to the fore in its support? Is it a glimpse of the American campaign on “war on terrorism”, which is indirectly a campaign against Islam and the Ummah? All efforts being made are to ensure that the governance in the eastern neighbour might not be established on Islamic principles, and for this it is necessary to break the force of Islam-loving circles. Exactly the same objective is behind America’s “war on terrorism” viz. to ensure that no such system is established anywhere in the world. Conspiracies are on in places where there are possibilities. The first point of the efforts on the part of Islamic scholars is to create contacts with the ruling class to remove its doubts on the Islamic system of life. Whatever the result be, the demand of Dawah must be fulfilled in any in any case.


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