A Muslim wheedled, A Muslim hustled – The tale of two protests!


By Shariq Mumtaz Hashmi

On 10th of June, barely two days after the petrodollar rich Muslim monarchies registered their protest with India on the of blasphemous comments made by the ruling party spokespersons, Indian Muslims, being the citizens of this democratic republic, also decided to register their protest with their elected government for the same reason. Protesters hit the street after Friday prayers in large numbers all over the country demanding strict action against the now scapegoated BJP spokespersons.


But the difference in response from the ruling dispensation to these two protests on a similar issue is too glaring to be missed. While the first protest compelled those in power for a prompt compliance, no matter how superficial the move may be, to wheedle the Foreigner Muslim. On the other hand, a brutal crackdown was unleashed to hustle and further subdue the Indian Muslims in reply of their protest, by their democratic government. Bulldozers were called in to raze the protester’s home and hence their willpower, FIRs and cases were registered indiscriminately and even bullets were fired on the protesters, to convey the message of those in power – that the action taken against the blasphemous spokespersons was not because we care about your sentiments being hurt by the contempt of the prophet but to take care of the economic loss that might incur due to the anguish in Arab countries, so don’t dare foolishly express your emotions or demands.

The informal policy implementation of minorities being reduced to second class citizen is there for everyone to see. This repressive environment targets not just Muslims, but also Christians, Sikhs, Dalits, Adivasis, Women, Ethnic minorities from India’s northeast and Liberals, but being the largest minority, it’s imperative for the fascist forces to subjugate the Muslims first and foremost, a project they will never succeed in, In’Sha Allah. That this erosion and subversion of India’s constitutional assurances is being accomplished without adequate resistance by level-headed members of the majority community, political opposition and institutions like courts and the media, provides a sense of affirmation to this inequity which is proving to be noxious not just for the targeted communities but also for the country and its global relations.

Nevertheless, as Muslims, what do we expect from the antagonists, the neutrals and the sympathizers when we ourselves are not concerned enough to stand for ourselves. Recently, a senior scholar & leader heading the oldest Muslim organization of India declared in a huge gathering of Islamic scholars that ‘we, the Muslims of India, are ready to bear the oppression and atrocities for the sake of country’. He even gave an ovation to the ruling party for their farcical action of declaring their own spokespersons as fringe and disowning them. The question, with all due respect to our ‘innocent’ community leaders is that, by handing a Carte Blanche to the oppressors for subjugating us, do you expect them to respect our dignity and that of our religious personalities?

All those satisfied with the farcical action taken by the ruling party and thinking that it’s done and dusted so we can be at ease now must not hallucinate. Albeit delayed, the community is awakening to the reality and its high time that our leaders do the same. The reprehensible violence that took place in the Friday’s protest and the provocative statements made by some politicians is a testimony to the vacuum created by our inefficient leadership which is being misused by the antisocial elements within the community as well as our adversaries. The fact of the matter is that those discarded spokespersons are going to be rewarded sooner than later, but the fascist forces will get a cover to come out in their support if we carry on with such unconstitutional statements and protests. It’s heartening to see the recent Jaipur peace and justice conference, where some of our respected elders from across the sectarian & religious spectrum tried to shape and guide the community in its endeavour for dignified existence by creating a united front. This gathering further cements my belief that one and only factor that can bind this Ummah together despite all its sectarian divide is The Holy Prophet, peace be upon him!

We must keep resisting with our peaceful protests because no outsider will come to help us in our local issues unless WE take a stand for ourselves. The viral Twitter trend in Arab countries that triggered the reaction from their respective governments, ‘Ela Rasul Allah Ya Modi’ means ‘Except Messenger of Allah O Modi’. So appreciate it but don’t get too much carried away and don’t expect that we will get the support of sorts next time when one us is lynched, our sisters deprived of their right to dignity, our homes bulldozed or when we are officially declared a second class citizen!
For sure the oppressors eventually perish but Allah says: Indeed, Allah never changes the condition of a people unless they strive to change themselves (Al Quran 13:11)

-Shariq Mumtaz Hashmi
B. Tech, M. Tech, PG(PMP)
Ministry of Defence, KSA


  1. Assalamo Alaikum. Well written and i agree with you. Our youngsters should abstain from breaking law.
    We should follow our NABI’S (PBUH) teachings.

  2. At the same time Indian Muslim brothers should not be too carried away by the Arab world’s apparently tough stance in this issue. Arab world is well aware of Kashmir, Hijab issue, uighur, myanmaar issue and so on, but has done remarkably well to keep quiet on thise and even facilitate the likes of Modi so far. This issue is merely viewed as an attack on their race and nothing more, nothing less. Sorry to say that.

  3. 1. During the TV debate, when the BJP spokesperson spoke about the Islamic prophet, she was quoting from Islamic scriptures
    2. The spokesperson did so in response to the Muslim spokesperson on the panel insulting her religion by pointing out her superstitions.
    The beliefs of two religions were insulted in that debate, but the followers of only one turned out on the streets in thousands, indulged in rioting, registered police complaints, issued religious diktats and fatwas, threatened to rape and decapitate the spokesperson, and threatened a similar fate to her fellow party members. Right now, the Muslim places of worship are being used to incite mass frenzy and violent actions of massive proportions. In days to follow, violence will occur; it’s inevitable.
    Terrorist organizations have declared that India as a country will be made to suffer.
    Meanwhile, several countries whose constitutional allegiance is to Islam, some of which are suppliers of precious oil to India, pressured India into submission.
    The Indian state buckled because of the two pressures: law and order and the risk to the inflow of cheap oil.
    The freedom of speech is being crushed by India under pressure from recalcitrant followers of a religion. Instead of expressing shock and concern about this, like how we all did during events like Charlie Hebdo, Dutt bemoans that Nupur has supporters who are not likely to back down.>
    Not one news outlet in the West has posted the exact words Ms. Sharma spoke in her alleged insult OR the fact that it was in response to a direct insult to her belief system

  4. Well definitely a strong point – don’t expect that we will get the support of sorts next time when one us is lynched, our sisters deprived of their right to dignity, our homes bulldozed or when we are officially declared a second class citizen!

  5. I agree.
    .”Indeed, We guided him to the way, be he grateful or be he ungrateful.”
    “The truth is from your Lord, so whoever wills – let him believe; and whoever wills – let him disbelieve.”
    -Quran, 76:3

    Allah says in the Quran, He and his messengers tried to bring people to the right path, by showing them all the miracles, punishment possible..just to make them believe in Allah..
    But Allah never forced them to Join ISLAM, It’s just not about joining, IT’s about getting to the right path with ALLAH. If people understand the meaning of right path, they will join..if not, what’s the point on calling them? Allah and his messengers tried their best over the years, trying to call EVERY human being on earth..
    and when they did not accept, Allah told to let them go on their own path..we will not force them. Islam is the religion of peace and love. It encourages to be kind and humble with everyone and offer love to human beings. Forgiveness in Islam is very much appreciated and it is loved by Allah SWT if a person forgives others.
    ..so we see, that Allah never forced anyone to join our religion then why people accuse us?? as if we are doing some wrong to them. Weren’t the messengers trying to guide them to the right path? it’s the people who did not listen..why accuse us then? WE are following the true path, and WE will not let anyone speak bad about it.
    ISLAM is our religion, WE will follow it..Isn’t your religion too very dear to you? the same way is our Islam.
    Since the messenger’s preaching the disbelievers had hurt the muslims physically…but why? Why can’t you just go on with your religion without thinking of us. When WE tried calling you to the right path, you did not listen but we never harmed you..But why harm us then?? what harm did we cause you? any at all? Why can’t you just let us respect our religion, why can’t you just leave us alone?

  6. Anonymous Hindu gutter rat
    Peace isn’t possible with violent murderous rapist filthy Hindu Nazi dogs. Nupur Sharma is just another hate mongering RSS bitch spewing venom, you Hindus as usual aren’t the victims wanting to destroy our masjids with your disgusting shivling penis hallucinations. You started this fight and now we will finish it. Now that whore Nupur is hiding like a rat in the dark. Muslims should quote the vile disgusting hateful filthy rapist pedophilia filled Hindu “scriptures.” to these pagan gutter rats. Lets see how Hindu like that form of “freedom of speech.” Hindus extremists and terrorists like Modi can’t save you now. Talking about charlie hebdo while lynching innocent Muslims for years? Filthy lying Hindu bastards can’t keep their lies and hypocrisy in order. Hindus have turned India into 3rd world fascist Hindu terrorist shit hole and Muslim nations must treat them like that. India will never progress as long as Hinduism is the majority “religion”…the biggest threat to peace, stability and prosperity.

    All Hindus should be expelled from Muslim countries back to their bhangi mata, their temples bulldozed and their idols turned into toilet seats. Hindus have declared war on Islam and Muslims, and its high time Muslims show these cancerous shit eating pagans their place, at the bottom of the gutter. Never forgive and never forget!


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