Finally AAP breaks silence, blames Hindu nationalist BJP party for Delhi violence

Family members of Delhi riots pogrom

By Muslim Mirror Staff

In a first, the Aam Aadmi Party has accused Hindu nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) of “engineering” February’s Delhi violence that left more than 50 individuals dead, mostly Muslims.


AAP parliamentarian Sanjay Singh on Sunday alleged that the saffron party had planned a “deep conspiracy” in the run-up to the Delhi assembly polls.

He made these accusations during a press conference about disagreements between Lt Governor (LG) Anil Baijal and the AAP-led government over the appointment of public prosecutors (PPs) for the Delhi violence cases. 

“I said this in Parliament as well that the BJP organised the riots. And the police coming under the MHA [Ministry of External Affairs], did not take any action.” Singh added.

AAP has been at the receiving end of criticism by activists for maintaining silence on the violence. The party leaders have been under fire also for not visiting affected families in the days after the bloody violence.

Singh’s charges against the BJP are a departure from the position the party had taken, including its silence on the questionable police investigation into the riots.

He said, “The police are not filing charge-sheets in some cases, weak charge-sheets in some, strong in some, writing extra things in some cases, hiding the truth in some.” Singh alleged that the BJP was appointing its own lawyers to “suppress the dark deeds and shield the dark faces.”

Singh was accompanied by party legislator Somnath Bharti at the press conference. He said, “Why do they want lawyers who would work as spokespersons of the BJP in court? The appointment of PPs in every criminal case is an exclusive right of the Delhi government.”


  1. Just because no is saying anything you trying to post whatever comes to your mind?
    We are watching you..!
    You will get the response soon..!

  2. Kejriwal is Sadettin Kopek treacherous vulture of Ertugrul Bey times.

    He abandoned weak minorities for political gain and also encouraged Delhi police (by his deafening silence) to slaughter and rape them during the genocide, all for his majoritarian political gains.

    There can be no soft Fascist!

    His treachery cannot be pardoned by Muslims ever who trusted him like a brother. Islam and Constitution demands Justice. Eye for an eye, for straightening the fascist-murderous oppressors , for the sake of upholding Truth, Justice and thereby genuine Peace.

    AAP and their hyenas are now crying “wolf-wolf” probably bcos Modi-Shah seem to have back-stabbed their unholy coalition financially through sycophant RBI, ED, ECI and SC.


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