RSS wants to stifle every Dalit voice: AAP


By MM Special Correspondent,

New Delhi: The people of India were today witness to the brutal face of the Delhi Police with the video clearly exposing the cruelty of the police force on students. The two-day old video of police action against the protesting students in front of RSS headquarters in clearly shows the high handedness and atrocity of the Police under direct control of Narendra Modi against the student community in Delhi.


“The nature of the Police in the National Capital has come to be exposed through this video. The Police are acting under strange but obvious provocation. They are under the orders of the BJP and RSS. A force which is suppose to stand by the people of Delhi are acting brutally against the student community to defend the in-defendable bosses in RSS and BJP,” AAP leader Sanjay Singh said in a press conference here today.

Men in Khaki are supposed to be those who stand by the people in need. But in blindly following the diktats of the BJP bosses, Delhi Police has stooped to the extent that they are not even sparing the innocent students, he added.

“There were no female police personnel involved while an overwhelming number of students were girls. The police not only manhandled the students but also allowed goons to join them in bashing the students. The videos clearly show the presence of non police men beating up students,” AAP leader Ashutosh said.

The situation is very worse, here you have a situation where a union minister repeatedly writes to the university forcing action and causing a student to commit suicide. And now the central government uses its police to muzzle the voices which want to protest, he added.

Aam Aadmi Party categorically states that the anti –dalit views of the RSS are now in clear manifestation. They want to stifle every Dalit voice and any organization or people who stand by them, he added.

Delhi Police is being used as a private army by the BJP and the RSS and the party is committed to expose this unholy alliance of Police and the central government against the people, party leader Dilip Pandey said.

It is not the first time; Delhi Police have been consistently registering false cases and coming down heavily on AAP protests. We want the responsible officers to be punished and the Central government needs to answer the brutality of its Police. Aam Aadmi Party will leave no stone unturned to expose the Delhi Police, the Central Government and their atrocities on the people of Delhi.


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