AAP manifesto reflects Indian Muslims Road Map

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By Muslim Mirror Staff Writer,

New Delhi: Muslim activists attached with the Aam Aadmi Party have appreciated the AAP leadership and specially its leader Arvind Kejriwal for including genuine concerns of the Muslims in the party manifesto. The manifesto has made a clear specific pledge of creating a non-discriminatory ion environment and mechanism towards the Muslims of the nation.


The document has the real color of nationalistic fear less approach towards making a bold effort to bring transparency and accountability in the system including judicial, police, educational and security reforms.

The activists , who prepared the  document, “ A Roadmap to Indian Muslims’, said it showed the intention to do a most needed bit to build confidence among the backward and the minorities to overcome the insecurity and strictures in politics reforms and making the process of justice, education and development possible.

Dr Fakhruddin Mohammad and Irfanullah Khan claimed that the manifesto incorporated points that were part of the Road Map for Indian Muslims.  The   road map document handed over to Arvind Kejriwal on March 18 at a Convention in Delhi.

Today India faces three serious threats: corruption, communalism and crony capitalism. These threats are destroying the fabric of this country and the life of the Aam Aadmi.

The existing First-Past-the-Post system should be supplemented with Proportional Representation, to improve the representativeness of the electoral system.

Prevention of communal violence is a sacred commitment of the state; state to ensure justice to all victims of communal riots and set up fast track courts where necessary.

Security and Non-discrimination for Muslims as for the last 66 years, the Muslims of our country have voted for Congress, to prevent the BJP from coming to power. This vote has happened due to the fear and the absence of any real alternative. The Congress has ensured that the Muslim community remains backward, so that they can be used as a vote- bank. The betrayal of the Muslim community can be seen in hundreds of major and minor riots, poor conditions of schools and madarsas, imprisonment of youth on false charges, corruption in the Waqf Board, the ‘carrot’ of reservations, a defunct Minorities Commission. Despite a Congress-led Central Government, the Muslims of India live in constant fear.

Aarn Aadmi Party is committed to put an end to communal tension and riots by ensuring equal rights and security to the community. We believe that both the communal politics of the BJP as well as the vote- bank politics of the Congress need to be opposed. The Aam Aadmi Party will further the interests of the Muslim Community in the following ways:

The manifesto says the party will ensure that the practice of police harassment and filing false cases against Muslim youth is put to an end. Police officials found guilty of harassment will be prosecuted. Judicial reforms to ensure that cases are decided within six months. Swift dispensation of justice for Muslim youth arrested on charges of terrorist activity. Strict action will be taken against those found guilty. We will make sure that the innocent are not jailed on false charges.

ii. Large sections of the Muslim community cannot afford to send their children to good private schools due to poverty. We are committed to improving the quality of education in government schools across Delhi. We will also ensure that Muslim children do not face any discrimination while seeking admission in private and government schools.

iii. Today reservation policies are religion-based and therefore, Dalit Muslims and Dalit Christians do not fall under the SC category. AAP believes that reservation should be religion-neutral, and based on actual disadvantage.

iv. Due to the poor educational facilities and inadequate livelihood opportunities, the members of Muslim community are often engaged in the unorganized sector. AamAadrni Party is committed to provide economic security to workers in the unorganized sector, including Muslims, by regularizing their occupation.

v. Control and management of Waqf properties to be de-bureacratised and oriented towards benefits to the community.


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    Let’s unite against three serious threats: corruption, communalism and crony capitalism
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