UP: Activist Afreen Fatima’s parents and sister taken into police custody during midnight raids

Afreen Fatima with her father Javed Mohammad

By Muslim Mirror Staff

Welfare Party of India leader Javed Mohammad, his wife and one of his daughters have been taken in custody by the police in connection with the protest held in Uttar Pradesh’s Allahabad city on Friday.


His daughter Afreen Fatima, who is also known for her unapologetic approach on Muslim issues, said that the police first picked his father from their house on Friday night. Then, they again came at 12:30 AM and took her younger sister and mother with them. The police came for the third time at 2:30 AM and asked her and her sister-in-law to go with them. But they resisted.

She said she is concerned about the safety of her family members. “My sister is just 19-year-old and my mother is a diabetic patient,” she said.

She fears that her house and those belonging to other Muslims may be bulldozed. According to her, there is a presence of bulldozers across the town.

“A lot of Muslim activists such as my father are being harassed, intimidated and we fear that our house will be bulldozed,” she stated.

Prayagraj SSP Ajay Kumar said that Javed Mohammad is “one of the masterminds of violence in the city.” Commenting on Afreen Fatma’s activism, he said she is involved in “khurafaat” [nonsense].


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