After BJP Manifesto,India faces grave communal threats


20101001_INDIA-slide-ICXJ-videoSixteenByNine600By Hem Raj Jain,

Whatever people may think and talk about economic and development issues during on-going Parliamentary elections in India, but India will vote for or against mainly on one issue (that is Hindutva) which is mentioned in BJP Manifesto as Ram Mandir, Article 370, Common Civil Code, cow protection, India being natural home for persecuted Hindus etc:-


First and foremost people should understand that religious communalism (which partitioned India in 1947) still remains politically the most potent issue in India. There is a huge Hindu constituency all over Hindu majority India which is ready to become communal if favorable political environment is there in India (like Modi as PM with this communal agenda of BJP). It is not a coincidence that BJP (which had only two members in Lok Sabha in 1984) gained political ascendancy and power at center and in various States on the issue of Hindutva from the days of Ayodhya dispute and consequent riots and massacres in which thousands of innocent Indians lost their lives.

(2)- People should also understand that every element of Indian State (including its judiciary / Supreme Court) is prejudiced in favor of Hindus in this matter. Anybody who knows anything about law knows that Supreme Court of India (SCI) is under legal obligation to restore the status-quo-ante of Babri Masjid which was demolished on December 6, 1992 in the presence of SCI Observer, but communal SCI has not done it till date.  In 2002 Gujarat massacre cases which SCI is monitoring closely, again Communal SCI never asked to book the then Prime Minister Vajpayee, Home Minister Advani, Defense Minister Fernandez and Military officers despite Section 130 & 131 CrPC, with the result BJP is moving round the country boasting that the judiciary has given clean chit to the Gujarat government functionaries including Modi.

(3)-  With this background of communal India and communal Indian State, especially two Hindutva issues of BJP manifesto (Ram Temple and Article 370) are to be considered. The mention of “within the frame
work of the constitution”   for constructing Ram Mandir at Ayodhya, should fool no one. If after giving affidavit in SCI by BJP government to protect Babri Mosque, if it could be demolished by BJP without any
effective and legally expected action from communal SCI then what thus emboldened BJP would do again to rake-up Ram Temple issue in order to drag India in the bloodbath of riots and massacre of innocent Muslims is any body’s guess.

(4)- As far Article 370 of Indian Constitution (which also maintains the demographic composition of the State of J&K), on the face of it sounds to be a innocuous policy aimed at treating all Indians and all
its States equally. But it is much more than meets the eyes, in order to serve the communal agenda of BJP. The BJP is saying that Dalits and backwards of J&K are suffering due to this Article 370 as they are
denied reservation etc which is available in other States to such people.

(5)-  But the people of J&K go further than that and say that even economic progress of J&K is being hampered due to Article 370 hence causing unemployment as told to me by many in J&K when I visited
Ganderbal and Srinagar in May, 2013 on the invitation of a J&K – NGO to help solve Kashmir problem and the problem of Displaced Kashmiri Pundits (DKP).  But the Kashmiri Muslims also say that they do not want Article 370 to be abolished because then Hindus will flood Kashmir and change the demography of Kashmir and then everybody will forget Pak Occupied Kashmir (POK), though everybody knows that
without unification of Kashmir there cannot be any solution to Kashmir problem or terrorism.

(6)- Kashmiri Muslims were rightly complaining that the Hindu majority India has taken out practically all Hindus (DKP) and left Muslims at the mercy of the guns of Indian military which does not have courage
to take POK militarily (though Pakistan one sixth of India, tried boldly to take Kashmir militarily in 1947, 1948, 1965, 1971, during Kargil etc) but Indian military is showing its ‘bravery’ by training its guns and firing bullets on Indian civilian citizens of J&K (a novel way of taking revenge by Hindus against Muslims, for Muslim invasions, Muslim rules, India’s partition allegedly by Muslims etc). For this reason, these Kashmiri Muslims further rightly complaint that Hindu majority India and its government and political parties and even DKP do not want that (i)- DKP should return to Kashmir and (ii)-  POK should be taken because it will finish most of the terrorism emanating from Pakistan and which will deprive the Hindus of taking said and other revenge against Muslims.

(7)- As a naturally corollary to the above mentioned communalism of Hindus, the Hindu as well as Muslim communal forces will have field day in the coming future of India. But what is more disturbing is that these communal forces (separately or in tandem with each other) may trigger some terrorist attacks in India in near future to further polarize India to the glee of these communal forces (especially in view of thoroughly communalized Indian State and its all the organs).

Therefore not only secular  Indians but the secular global community should be on guard and watch against such highly likely nefarious designs of communal forces (both Hindu and Muslim) in India and from across the Indian border.

(Hem Raj Jain is Author of ‘Betrayal of Americanism’ he can be contactad at Email: )

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