After Ishrat and Nazia another Triple Talaq pawn Nida Khan also joins BJP

Nida Khan, Ishrat Jahan, Nazia Elahi Khan

By Hanan Naqeeb, Muslim Mirror

In a move that was on cards, triple talaq petitioner Nida Khan on Thursday joined the Bharatiya Janata Party. Pledging to fight injustices commited against Muslim women on account of Triple Talaq, polygamy and Nikah Halala, Nida called for addressing such issues on ‘national’ level.


Nida was allegedly harassed by her in-laws for dowry and forced to have nikah halala with her father-in-law.

Earlier, Nazia Elahi Khan, lawyer of one of the petitioners against the triple talaq joined Bharatiya Janta Party(BJP) just a few days her client Ishrat Jahan joined the party’s Kolkata unit.

Ishrat Jahan -one of the prominent face in media that stood against instant triple talaq- was amongst the five women whose petitions were heard by the Supreme Court. Her husband had divorced her over the phone from Dubai back in 2014.

Ishrat has often alleged that she has been ostracized by her community after it became publicly known that she had a key role to play in the verdict against Triple Talaq.

On joining the party, BJP’s West Bengal Mahila Morcha chief Locket Chatterjee welcomed her at the party state headquarters.

Party sources also said she is likely to be the BJP candidate for the Uluberia Lok Sabha seat, which will go to bypoll on January 29.

In a media briefing after joining the party Jahan said “I welcome the Centre’s move to pass the triple talaq bill. After this, the lives of our next generations are secured, and they will not have to go through the situation we experienced. I have joined BJP not because it is a political party, but because it supported our cause.”


  1. Alhamdulillah their true face is out in the open for the community!

    These are the backstabbing Munafiqs /hypocrites who conspired with the enemies to disrepute Islam over rare exceptional practices of a few.

    They should be refused burial /janaza in local musjid, till they re-affirm Shahada Kalima in public again.

  2. Triple talaq can be discussed only by Muslims Ulama in the light of Quran and Hadees. We are Muslims because we follow our prophet Mohammed peace be upon him. Christian follow Jesus Christ that’s why they are Christians. Hindus follow books written by their brothers that’s why they are called Hindus.
    If any human being do not want to follow one God, prophet Muhammad and Quran means he or she joins those who follow books written by human beings. It’s very simple that they want to follow what is good according to their thoughts. That means they want to form a parallel religion to Islam.
    If someone does injustice to some Muslim then Muslim brothers should fight for justice in the boundaries of Quran and hadees.

    • Laws regarding divorce have undergone many amendments.. even the last amendment that a divorce cannot happen without atleast a year of separation between the couple was because of the fact that divorces were happening instantly and that it took decades for society to catch up and implement this period so that it prevents misunderstanding s resulting to divorce and truly grants divorces on cases that cannot be resolved otherwise.

      Islams tripple talaq system seems to be much more advance system wherin it allows a couple to be married again if incase a talaaq was seeked. However neither Muslims in general nor society seems to understand it’s benefits and ofcourse the offenders will have no regard for any law and hence abuse the system, unfortunately humans are not yet ready for this.

      The lawn is a pawn, but ask the general Muslim population about what talaaq is.. and you get all sorts of rubbish response.


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